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Stylish Sales: Two Versatile Sweaters

It’s raining in Northern California, which means….more time for Shopping!

Not to overload on A&F, my current guilty pleasure, but I spotted two great sweaters there…versatile and stylish, And on Sale! I’m a big fan of these two, having bought them over a month ago on covert trips to the mall post-work. I can honestly say that both made it to Wardrobe Foundation status, at least for this Spring!

The Sasha Shrunken Cable Cardigan is soft as can be, as it’s made of silk and angora. Its cropped length fits in perfectly with the silhouette of the season–think cropped blazers and voluminous pants and skirts a la my "It Items" post. The thin cable knit also gives an outfit wonderful texture. The only downside? Like any cute, fluffy animal, this sweater sheds. Not a lot, but just enough to be annoying.

Sasha Shrunken Cable Cardigan
Sasha Shrunken Cable Cardigan | Courtesy of A&F

As for the Ramona Full-Zip Sweater, it’s a semi-chunky sweater that does double duty, as it is perfectly functional and fashionable on both cold and warm days. The chunkiness is of enough texture and enough weight to be fashionable, yet it does not go overboard into the "this makes you look wider than you are" realm.


  • The versatile collar: you can leave it standing, or you can roll it down for a more casual look,
  • The two-way zipper: allows for the ultimate in adjustments, as you can zip up or down as much as you please, from both the top and the bottom,
  • The tiny front pockets: just a nice touch, and it adds visual interest to what might otherwise be a nondescript sweater, and
  • The contrast rib side panels: the larger rib allows for both textural interest and extra Stretch–which translates into a more accurate fit for you!
Ramona Full Zip Sweater
Ramona Full-Zip Sweater | Courtesy of A&F

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