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Trendscape: Tiered Skirts

I’ve just been seeing these skirts Everywhere. Department stores, chain stores, boutiques, and most importantly—on people. Kind of reminds me of that time when Everybody and their mother was wearing a peasant blouse.

Tiered skirts are one of the latest takes on the Full Skirt phenomenon that’s hitting the stores this season. And while they are fun, I feel responsible for telling you that they won’t be around forever—I predict they’ll be around for the next year and a half, maybe two. Wear them now, have your fun, and then be done with them until the fashion people decide that they’re “the thing to wear” again in ten years, plus or minus a few.

The plus side to the tiered skirt is that its full shape can be forgiving to many figure types. If you happen to have big hips or ample thighs, go for a slightly draped cut that skims your figure. If you’re petite, steer clear of ankle-length ball-gown-esque skirts: they’ll only make you look shorter than you are. Instead, try a skirt that ends at the knee. Another note for petite girls: avoid skirts with loud, large patterns. There’s a very real chance that those skirts will wear you, instead of the other way around.

A few tiered skirts worth mentioning:

Banana Republic Tiered Skirt
Ankle Length Tiered Skirt | $118 at Banana Republic

Urban Outfitters Tiered Skirt
Dip Dyed Tiered Skirt | $59.99 on sale at Urban Outfitters

The Urban Outfitters skirt looks like a shorter version of an ankle-length dip dyed skirt by Candela. You can find the Candela version for $150 at

American Eagle Tiered Skirt
Crinkled Silk Tiered Skirt | $44 at American Eagle

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