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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 7.29.05

Issue VI of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a compilation of some of the cutest and coolest stuff Style Intelligence Report saw out there this week.

This week, we’re paying homage to our fair city of San Francisco with items from local designers: a crazycute set of button earrings from Good Together, a mother-daughter design duo out of Oakland, and an absolutely Mesmerizing t-shirt design from Da Hee Projects, a design firm that makes graphic clothing to generate money for social and political projects.

For women…
Button Dangle Earrings
Button Dangle Earrings | $40 at Good Together

Amazingly cute earrings made from buttons, of all things. They also have a button necklace for $40.

And for men (and women!)…
Around and Around Tee
Around and Around Tee | $27 at Da Hee Projects

Chaotic but captivating. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I like the bunny.

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Ready Made Outfit: Chic Friday | Men’s Edition

An outfit perfect for the most fashion forward guy in the office:

Fashion Formula = Polo over Sport Shirt + Slacks + Casual Shoes.

East Creek Polo
East Creek Polo | $49.50 at Abercrombie and Fitch

Simmons Pond Shirt
Simmons Pond Shirt | $69.50 at Abercrombie and Fitch

Straight Fit End-on-End Pants
Straight Fit End-on-End Pants | $19.99 at Gap

Urban Driving Loafer
Urban Driving Loafer | $118 at Banana Republic

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Ready Made Outfit: Ballet Class

You don’t have to be a dancer to dress with the graceful ease of one. Case in point:

Fashion Formula = Wrap Sweater + Satin Camisole + Airy Skirt + Ballet Flats.

Wendy Hil Crochet Wrap Sweater
Wendy Hil Crochet Wrap Sweater | $61.90 at Nordstrom

Maxstudio Silk Cotton Satin Camisole
Maxstudio Silk Cotton Satin Camisole in Cream | $28 at Amazon Apparel

Tufi Duek 'Pitty' Skirt
Tufi Duek ‘Pitty’ Skirt | $170.10 at Bluefly

Xhilaration 'Annie' Gold Ballerina Flat
Xhilaration ‘Annie’ in Gold | $10.99 at Target

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Ready Made Outfit: Chic Workweek II | Men’s Edition

More chic for the workweek:

Fashion Formula = Cardigan + Sport Shirt + Khakis + Loafers.

Pima Cotton Zip Cardigan
Pima Cotton Zip Cardigan | $59.50 at Banana Republic

Simmons Pond Shirt
Simmons Pond Shirt | $69.50 at Abercrombie and Fitch

AE Vintage Destroyed Khaki
AE Vintage Destroyed Khaki | $44 at American Eagle

Suede Loafer
Suede Loafer | $128 at Banana Republic

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How To: Stay Manly While Wearing Traditionally Feminine Colors

You’ve been eyeing that pale pink dress shirt in the mall. Or perhaps it was an effortlessly au courant purple polo. Maybe it was a baby blue t-shirt.

Whatever it was, you want to wear it. But you want to retain your manliness, rather than serving it up on a silver platter as a sacrificial offering to the style Gods.

No problem.

While these colors are seen as more feminine than masculine, you can wear them without being labeled as a woman. Just follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Limit potentially feminine-looking garments to one per outfit, unless you’re a stylist/actor/metro/etc.
  2. Balance out such outfits with garments with masculine elements.

Let’s put theory into practice:

Situation: You want to add a chalk stripe pale pink sport shirt into your wardrobe.

Three possible solutions:

  • Tone the shirt down with a sweater or pants in another, more manly, color such as grey.
  • Add an overtly masculine garment, such as a tie, vest, or dress pants.
  • Focus attention elsewhere with a unique accessory, such as an oversized belt buckle.

Before I close out this post, I’d like to share a couple of common sense guidelines that will serve you well when taking a walk on the wild side.

  1. If you’re planning to wear a potentially questionable color, make sure you pick a shade that works well with your skin tone. People will notice how radiant you look, not how pink your shirt is.
  2. Finish your outfit off with a whopping dose of confidence! I can’t say this enough, and this advice applies whether you’re wearing a pastel purple shirt, a traditional suit, or manly military garb. If you don’t feel good about what you’re wearing, it’ll show. Even if it’s the most stylish and expensive outfit in the store. And conversely, the easiest (and might I say cheapest!) way to elevate a cheapchic outfit is to hold your head up high and walk, speak, and act with confidence.

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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 7.22.05

Issue V of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a compilation of some of the cutest and coolest stuff Style Intelligence Report saw out there this week.

This week, we’re mixing it up with a silver sandal and a perfectly preppy men’s polo.

For women…
Ipanema Sandals
Ipanema Sandals | $150 at JCrew

The silver charm chain elevates this sandal from so-so to simply gorgeous.

And for men…
Penguin Jersey Stripe Polo
Penguin Jersey Stripe Polo | $49 at Nordstrom

A snug-fitting polo with artfully chosen colored horizontal stripes.

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Ready Made Outfit: C(ity)-Scape

For an au courant work look that’s as refreshing as a breath of sea air:

Fashion Formula = Fitted Blazer + Tank + Full Circle Skirt + Heels.

Gibson Denim Jacket
Gibson Denim Jacket | $148 at Anthropologie

Dip Dye Tank
Dip Dye Tank | $19.99 at Gap

Linen Blend Circle Skirt
Linen Blend Circle Skirt | $34.99 at Banana Republic

Suede Tango Heels
Suede Tango Heels | $278 at Anthropologie

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Working Out in Style: Making a Splash

It’s summer. It’s sweltering. Why don’t you go for couple of laps in the pool? Swimming burns up to 790 calories per hour and has relaxation benefits, too.

Sure, we understand why you might have some reservations. Goggles make you feel like a lab nerd all over again, and with those racing suits with unsightly prints are always so lacking in taste.

Our suggestion: Reconcile your differences with this outfit, which should appease both the underwater torpedo and the fashionista in you.

TYR Lycra Swim Cap
Lycra Swim Cap in Black | $8.00 at TYR

SpeedoUSA Mirrored Sengar Goggles
Mirrored Sengar Goggles | $14.00 at SpeedoUSA

Speedo Platinum Collection Halter One-Piece

Speedo Platinum Collection Halter One-Piece | $105 at Victoria’s Secret

Finis SwiMP3 Underwater Music Player
Finis SwiMP3 Underwater Music Player | $199.99 at Swim 2000

Speedo Watershed Chamois
Watershed Chamois | $14.00 at SpeedoUSA

Nike Fitness Bag
Fitness Small Items Bag | $20.00 at Niketown

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Trendscape: Tunics

This season’s hottest trend, the tunic, shown here from A to Z.

A sheer tee below, by maven Michael Stars.

Michael Stars Sheer Caftan
Michael Stars Sheer Caftan in Blue | $54 at Amazon

Crisp white for seaside strolls.

J.Crew Metallic Thread Embroidered Tunic
Metallic Thread Embroidered Tunic | $58 at J.Crew

Encrusted with beads, this saffron number
evokes images of sipping spiked lemonade poolside.

Liz Claiborne Beaded Tunic

Beaded Tunic in Curry | $69 at Liz Claiborne

For someone who wants more
than a mere trend, this simple tunic is timeless.

Tory by TRB Short Tunic with Contrasting Stitching
Short Tunic with Contrasting Stitching | $178 at Tory by TRB

Love comes to mind here with the lilac
georgette, cinched detailing and ruched sleeves.

Vivienne Tam Lilac Chiffon Cinched Tunic
Vivienne Tam Lilac Chiffon Cinched Tunic | $145 at Bluefly

Nothing could be as unique as this top
with silk-trimmed French lace inserts.

Ilana Moses Marrakesh Long Sleeve Blouse
Ilana Moses Marrakesh Long Sleeve Blouse | $220 at RavinStyle

Overflowing with images of crystal-clear waters.

Ascension Caftan in Aqua
Ascension Caftan in Aqua | $97.99 at Blush

Zealous about this year’s tunic trend? Nothing spells pure
luxury like this exquisitely adorned Tory by TRB number.

Tory Linen Tunic with Mirrors
Tory Linen Tunic with Mirrors in Brown | $598 at Tory by TRB

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How To: Mix and Match Shirts and Ties

While Mondays can be dreary, your work wardrobe doesn’t have to be. Say goodbye to plain shirts and plain ties, and say hello to the world of pattern!

Easier said than done.

But Style Intelligence Report is here to walk you through the basics of mixing and matching patterns. Let’s look at the shirt and tie combos case by case:

Case I: Patterned shirt + Plain Tie
Best Bet: Repeat in the tie one of the colors in the patterned shirt. Alternatively, choose a tie in a color complementary to the dominant color of the shirt.

Two-Color Stripe Premium Barrel Cuff Shirt
Two-Color Stripe Premium Barrel Cuff Shirt | $78 at Banana Republic

Solid Repp Tie
Solid Repp Tie | $39.50 at JCrew

Case II: Plain Shirt + Patterned Tie
Best Bet: Have one of the pattern colors in the tie echo the color of the shirt. Alternatively, choose a shirt in a color complementary to the dominant color of the tie.

End-on-End Shirt
End-on-End Shirt | $59.50 at JCrew

Tonal Paisley Tie
Tonal Paisley Tie | $59.50 at Banana Republic

Case III: Patterned Shirt + Patterned Tie: Same Pattern
If you’re mixing two of the same pattern, say, two stripes, vary the size of the pattern. Choosing patterns of the same size and type can look too matchy-matchy. Show that you’re in the know by choosing one large and one small stripe.

Classic Stripe Shirt
Classic Stripe Shirt | $65 at JCrew

Regimental Striped Tie
Regimental Striped Tie | $59.50 at Banana Republic

Case IV: Patterned Shirt + Patterned Tie: Different Pattern
If you’re mixing two different patterns, say, a dot and a check, keep the size of the patterns on the same level. If you mix two patterns of two different sizes, the results will be overwhelming to the eye. Unless you’re going for a super eclectic look, choose two patterns on the same scale.

Green Check Shirt
Green Check Shirt | $69.50 at JCrew

Multi-Dot Tie
Multi-Dot Tie | $59.50 at Banana Republic

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