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How To: Combat the Summer Pant See-Through Effect

Picture this:

You’re in your favorite store, you’ve picked out The perfect outfit for your friend’s beachfront soiree, and you’re confident that everything fits perfectly.

But then you look in the mirror and you see…it. Maybe it’s just that you can see the pockets through your pants, or maybe you can see *ahem* more than just your pockets down there.

The ugly underbelly of the summer pant, the see through effect, strikes again!

You’ve seen this before—on unsuspecting people going about their day, and undoubtedly in the fitting room. But while you can’t save everybody from the see through effect, you can save yourself. Depending on the severity of the problem, you have two main options: add a full lining, or just cut out the pockets.

Add a full lining
If you’ve got a bad case of the see throughs, my recommendation is to add a full lining. Or, if you don’t love the pants, donate them. If you want to save the pants, take them to your favorite tailor and add a thin allover lining in the same or lighter color than your pants.

Cut out the pockets
If you have a mild case of the see throughs, in that you can just see the pockets through the pants, all you have to do is cut out the pockets. Snip out the pocket linings carefully so that you don’t cut the actual pant. Follow up by sewing the pocket openings shut.

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