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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 7.15.05

Issue IV of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a compilation of some of the cutest and coolest stuff Style Intelligence Report saw out there this week.

This week, we’re mixing it up with a dreamy dress suitable for a summer date and a subtly chic men’s charcoal sneaker.

For women…
Sojourn Dress
Sojourn Dress | $128 at Anthropologie

Between the frothy tulle, pintucks, rhinestones, and embroidery, we haven’t seen a dress more perfect for a balmy summer evening date.

And for men…
Gola Contact Mesh Sneakers
Gola Contact Mesh Sneakers | $75 at Kitson

Love the shades of grey on this sneaker. Just a great, stylish shoe.

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Ready Made Outfit: Chic Workweek | Men’s Edition

Look no further for an outfit that’s both professional And comfortable.

Fashion Formula = Half-Zip Sweater + Dress Shirt + Utility Pants + Suede Shoes.

Cotton Half-Zip Sweater
Cotton Half-Zip Sweater | $55 at JCrew

Earth-Stripe Premium Dress Shirt
Earth-Stripe Premium Dress Shirt | $68 at Banana Republic

Poplin Utility Pants
Poplin Utility Pants | $49.50 at JCrew

Sydney Suede Shoes
Sydney Suede Shoes | $138 at JCrew

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Working Out in Style: Sun Salutation

The art of yoga may be several thousand years old, but that doesn’t mean you should practice it dressed in frumpy, worn-out attire.

Why not show an attitude of gratitude with an outfit that embodies joy and playfulness in a contemporary way? With the ensemble below — a canary-colored support tank, cropped pants with personality, no-slip socks and a bag in a shade reminiscent of dusk – you can pay homage to the sun’s positive energy.

Who says spiritual insight can’t be achieved in vogue?

Victoria's Secret Long Bra Top Cami
Long Bra Top Cami in Dandelion | $19 at Victoria’s Secret

Gaiam Border Pant
Border Pant | $48 at Gaiam

Crescent Moon ExerSocks
ExerSocks in Black | $9.99 at Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon Spa Weekender Bag
Crescent Moon Spa Weekender | $129.99 at Crescent Moon

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Ready Made Outfit: Professional with Panache | Men’s Edition

Perfect for adding a little panache to a conservative workplace wardrobe, while still maintaining a polished, professional image.

Fashion Formula = Dress Shirt + Tie + Slim Cut Dress Pants + Leather Boots.

Alternating-Stripe Premium Barrel Cuff Shirt
Alternating-Stripe Premium Barrel Cuff Shirt | $78 at Banana Republic

Square-Dot Tie
Square-Dot Tie | $59.50 at Banana Republic

Class Roberto Cavalli Dress Pants
Class Roberto Cavalli Dress Pants | $142 at Yoox

“On Time” Leather Boot
“On Time” Leather Boot | $170 at Kenneth Cole

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How To: Wear White

Avoiding white in the summer? Wearing bright whites shouldn’t play out like a chapter in Homer’s Odyssey. Today, we’re sharing some tips so that wearing white doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

Stick to sunny days…
To keep your summer outfit looking clean, fresh and white-hot, avoid wearing white outfits on rainy days. You don’t want to be splattered with muddy water, or, worse yet, caught in a wet T-shirt-esque situation. Need we say more?

Stay dry
Load up on antiperspirant before you get dressed to avoid difficult-to-remove sweat stains.

White goes best with contrast
White goes best with tan (skin, that is). Wearing a white dress is one of the best ways to flaunt a fabulous tan. Accessorize with contrasting colors like beige, browns and metallics.

Don’t commit the ultimate white fashion faux pas
White outfits are fitting for most summer daytime occasions. The exception: Unless you’re the one getting hitched, don’t wear bright white to a wedding. You’ll upstage the bride.

Be prepared for the worst
Oh, no! You’ve spilled mustard on your beloved white pants…or worse yet, barbecue sauce on your brand new shirt. Fear not, for you’ve come armed and dangerous with Shout! Wipes. These individually-wrapped, portable moist towelettes are safe on all colorfast washable and dry-cleanable fabrics, and don’t contain enzymes, so you won’t damage your outfit if you have to wear it for the rest of the day.

While white fabric is probably the most susceptible to stains, those stains are oftentimes the simplest to remove. If your garment is made of a sturdy fabric like cotton, you can try laundering it individually with the recommended amount of chlorine bleach. Be warned, though, that while bleach usually combats even the most stubborn of stains, it is also abrasive to your clothes. For a small spot, I apply a tiny amount of bleach to one end of a Q Tip and then treat the stain individually before tossing the garment in the wash.

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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 7.8.05

Issue III of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a compilation of some of the cutest and coolest stuff Style Intelligence Report saw out there this week.

This week, we’re mixing it up with an embellished cardigan and one of the most mesmerizing striped men’s shirts we’ve ever seen.

For women…
Villa Cardigan
Villa Cardigan | $98 at Anthropologie

One part prim and proper, and one part sassy, this cardigan will give a jolt of style to any wardrobe. The triple rickrack stripes of trim along with the mother of pearl button set this cardigan apart from the legions of other cropped sweaters out in the market.

And for men…
BDG Drive In Dobby L/S Western
BDG Drive In Dobby L/S Western | $49 at Urban Outfitters

Mesmerizing stripe placements make for an eye-catching look. Wear with caution: this isn’t the shirt you want to be wearing when you’re flying under the radar.

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Shopping Guide: Espadrilles

First spotted on the border between France and Spain, espadrilles have been a mainstay of casual chic for centuries and have made a huge comeback this summer. While traditional espadrilles are made with a canvas or cotton upper with a sole made of hemp or rope (like Steve Madden’s Espana, below), there are some great updated versions out there in leather. Particularly trendy this season are wedges, which have been seen on everybody from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lopez.

Some of my favorites:

bebe Nail It Espadrille
Nail It Espadrille Sandal in Bronze | $98 at bebe

Dr. Scholl's Twine Espadrille
Dr. Scholl’s Twine Espadrille in Natural | $65.95 at Zappos

Tommy Girl Holly Espadrille
Tommy Girl Holly Espadrille in Ice Purple | $65.95 at Zappos

Nine West Bodkin
Bodkin in Gold Leather | $69 at Nine West

Steve Madden Espana
Espana in Lavender Fabric| $44.97 at Steve Madden

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Working Out in Style: Make a Run for It

In the heat of the summer, the fashionista has only one goal: to look effortlessly hot.

But for most, having a firm figure to flaunt requires a bit more effort than simply frolicking in the sun. So I present to you an outfit that’s both functional and fashion-forward for your next round of sprints.

Because you never know when you’ll run into someone.

Serena Williams Collection Brazil Cowgirl Warm Up Jacket
Serena Williams Collection Brazil Cowgirl Warm Up Jacket | $95 at Niketown

Serena Williams Collection Ultra Tank
Serena Williams Collection Ultra Tank | $45 at Niketown

Dri-FIT Track Pant
Dri-FIT Track Pant | $55 at Niketown

adidas Supernova Control Women's Running Shoe
adidas Supernova Control Women’s Running Shoe | $89.99 at Sportmart

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Shopping Guide: Patterned Shirts for Men

After a couple of seasons with striped shirts at the helm, the fashion world is slowly migrating towards the next In Thing: the patterned shirt.

Fear not, the striped shirt isn’t going anywhere—it’s too versatile and flattering to leave the style scene. The patterned shirt, on the other hand, can be less versatile and somewhat less flattering (no strong vertical lines to elongate your silhouette). However, what the patterned shirt lacks in these areas, it more than makes up for in personality. See for yourself:

Triple 5 Soul Jacquard S/S Shirt
Triple 5 Soul Jacquard S/S Shirt | $68 at Urban Outfitters
What it says: I’m a little quirky, a little offbeat.

Regal-Paisley Premium French Cuff Shirt
Regal-Paisley Premium French Cuff Shirt | $41.99 at Banana Republic
What it says: I’m creative, fun, and the life of the party.

Lumber Road
Lumber Road | $59.50 at Abercrombie and Fitch
What it says: I’m woodsy, preppy…or both.

Textured Bias-Check Premium Barrel Cuff Shirt
Textured Bias-Check Premium Barrel Cuff Shirt | $49.99 at Banana Republic
What it says: I’m organized and in control. Always.

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How To: Combat the Summer Pant See-Through Effect

Picture this:

You’re in your favorite store, you’ve picked out The perfect outfit for your friend’s beachfront soiree, and you’re confident that everything fits perfectly.

But then you look in the mirror and you see…it. Maybe it’s just that you can see the pockets through your pants, or maybe you can see *ahem* more than just your pockets down there.

The ugly underbelly of the summer pant, the see through effect, strikes again!

You’ve seen this before—on unsuspecting people going about their day, and undoubtedly in the fitting room. But while you can’t save everybody from the see through effect, you can save yourself. Depending on the severity of the problem, you have two main options: add a full lining, or just cut out the pockets.

Add a full lining
If you’ve got a bad case of the see throughs, my recommendation is to add a full lining. Or, if you don’t love the pants, donate them. If you want to save the pants, take them to your favorite tailor and add a thin allover lining in the same or lighter color than your pants.

Cut out the pockets
If you have a mild case of the see throughs, in that you can just see the pockets through the pants, all you have to do is cut out the pockets. Snip out the pocket linings carefully so that you don’t cut the actual pant. Follow up by sewing the pocket openings shut.

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