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College Packing Hotlist | Women’s Edition

Your best bet for collegiate style: combine style with casual comfort by looking for special pieces in established categories like denim, knit shirts, and the like. The key is to purchase versatile pieces that will take you from your dorm to class to social events.

But what should you be packing for school? Look no further, and check back tomorrow for the men’s packing list!

  • Denim: A variety in different fits, washes, and colors will do you well. They’re a fashion staple for college and beyond.
  • Knits: Knits are great for fitted casual tops, sweaters, and even skirts and dresses. Look for fashion forward cuts with interesting detailing. Cropped sweaters are and will be hot for Fall 05.
  • Tank Tops/T-Shirts: Great for casual days, and you can dress them up or down depending on the situation. Look for fitted cuts in fashion forward colors, such as teal, white, and leafy green. Layered tees were very Summer 2004—to update the layered look, try mixing two knits with different textures.
  • Camisoles: Perfect for dressing up jeans during the day, and they’re party-friendly as well.
  • Flowy tops: For going out at night. One extremely common fashion formula: Flowy top + Jeans + Heels.
  • Lightweight jacket(s): Cropped blazers, bomber jackets, etc.
  • Overcoat: Especially in colder climates.
  • Casual pants: Corduroy, cargo pants, cropped pants, etc. From Bermudas to Clamdiggers, cropped pants are not only fashion-forward, but also easily adaptable to a casual college wardrobe.
  • Skirts: Mini, A-line, and Full skirts are preferred to the restrictive and formal pencil skirt. Many are found in casual fabrics, such as cotton or denim.
  • Sundresses: A perfect daytime look. Wear with casual shoes so as to not overdress.
  • Casual shoes: Chic sandals that are both flattering and walking-friendly. Stylish sneakers. Flip flops. Lots of flats.
  • A few pairs of dressy shoes for going out.
  • A great-looking messenger bag or backpack.
  • Formal dresses: A few formal dresses for events like dorm dances and dates. Have one long dress and at least two shorter dresses.
  • A few good-looking pairs of PJs for when get lazy and wear them to class.

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