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College Packing Hotlist | Men’s Edition

Without further ado, we present the men’s packing list:

  • Denim: For a more versatile look, go for darker washes.
  • Sport shirts: Casualize them by rolling the sleeves up, just so. But please don’t pop the collar. Stripes are flattering but also very common. For a sport shirt with more personality, try a patterned shirt.
  • Cargo pants/shorts: Casual bottoms provide a great foundation to the college man’s wardrobe. You can get away with wearing more dressy tops (e.g. sport shirts) without overstyling your outfit.
  • Khakis: Look for flat-front pants in a color that flatters your skin tone. Generally, I find that sand colored khakis flatter more than the yellowed variety.
  • Corduroy: Look for corduroy with a medium-size wale, as it’ll be more versatile over time.
  • Sandals or flip flops: especially if you live on the West Coast.
  • Polo shirts: For a more distinctive take on this collegiate classic, try an eye-catching color and/or a slimmer fit.
  • T-Shirts: But beware of the career fair t-shirt…it’ll peg you as anti-fashion, and not in a trendy way.
  • Sweaters: Have a few on hand in both crewneck and v-neck styles. For a more fashion forward look, go for a zip up.
  • Casual Jacket: Try an interesting cut in a versatile color. One of my current favorites is a bomber-style jacket in black nylon.
  • Overcoat: Especially in colder climates.
  • Sneakers: If you’re not an athlete, look for sport sneakers with style, such as Adidas’ classic Samba shoe.
  • A great-looking messenger bag or backpack.
  • Blazer, Dress Shirts, Ties, Slacks and Formal Shoes: Have a couple of sets on hand for the social occasions that will inevitably arise—dorm dances, dates, and the like. Make sure to have more than one set of dress shirts and ties so that you won’t be “the guy with one set of clothes” when you review photos of your college life.
  • A few good-looking pairs of PJs for when you roll out of bed and head straight to class.

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