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Spring 2006 Trend: Neutral Colors

Trend Importance Factor:

Wearability Factor: High.

How to Wear It: Spring 2006 was reminiscent of mid 1990s Calvin Klein in its bringing of neutral colors back to the fashion forefront. White, black, grey, beige, tan, and sand became dominant colors–rather than supporting players complementing more vibrant shades. Whites look exceedingly fresh, albeit hard to wear while keeping clean (Scotchgard to the rescue!). Blacks continue their reign of popularity from the Fall 2005 season, though the color is more than a bit harsh for springtime. Shades of grey are perhaps the most wearable, and light grey looks particularly stylish with orange and yellow shades. Sand, which proved to be one of the most important colors of the season, is easy not only to wear alone, but also to combine with other colors. Pair sand with oranges, yellows, and greens.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Neutral colors have provided the color foundation for wardrobes since the beginning of fashion history–this trend should truly be classified as a classic. However, this season really highlighted the possibility in working with a neutral palette, a complete reversal from the vivid color imagery from the last few years.

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Spring 2006 Trend: 1960s Innocence

Trend Importance Factor: High.

Wearability Factor: Medium.

How to Wear It: The youthquake and innocence of the Swinging 60s was evoked by babydoll dresses, tent dresses, high-waisted sheath and A-line looks, Jackie O style oversized sunglasses, colorblocking, cutouts, and the elegantly oversized overcoat. Keep your look modern by including no more than two (and preferably just one) of these elements in any given look. Remember, it’s 2005–not 1965.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Fashion’s eternal fascination with decades past, combined ith the new decade’s push for eclecticism and individuality means that we’ll be seeing modern takes on 1960s styles for some time. The 60s aren’t really anything new–this trend resurfaced on the runway in a big way for Fall 2003 with Marc Jacobs’ colorful mod-inspired collection.

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Spring 2006 Trend: Waistline Emphasis

Trend Importance Factor: High.

Wearability Factor: Medium High.

How to Wear It: Get the look with thick belts, yokes, and other forms of waistline detailing. This trend is great for boyish body types, as it helps to create the illusion of a waistline. Avoid this trend if you have a large tummy, as it will direct attention towards your midsection.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: While the idea of focusing on one’s waistline is definitely not new, it’s been given a new lease on life this season. We expect to see this trend at least for the next few seasons.

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Spring 2006 Trend: Preppy Minimalism

Trend Importance Factor: High.

Wearability Factor: High.

How to Wear It: Embrace your inner East Coast preppy side with cardigans (both shrunken and oversized), layered pullovers, tees, and sport shirts, sweatercoats, and vests. Preppy Minimalism is easy to wear and friendly to all body types.

For a bit of flair, mix up your accessories. Pair a dressy outfit with casual flip flops, or match your polo-and-shorts look with a statement necklace.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: This trend should truly be classified as a classic–think of Ralph Lauren’s timeless style.

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Spring 2006 Trend: Bright Yellow

Trend Importance Factor: Medium.

Wearability Factor: Medium.

How to Wear It: Mimic the warmth of the sun with the addition of bright yellow to your wardrobe. The color looks especially fresh paired with orange, white, or a spring green. Fair skin tones should steer clear of pale yellows and go with a more vibrant shade so as not to look washed out. Beware of yellow on Asian skin; choose darker or more vibrant shades. On darker skin tones, however, yellows of all shades are extremely flattering.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Shades of yellow have been on the fashion scene over the last few seasons, but this season’s emphasis on the color reflects a larger move towards more pastel shades.

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Spring 2006 Trend: Floral Prints

Trend Importance Factor: Medium.

Wearability Factor: Medium.

How to Wear It: Large floral prints work well for statement pieces–a breathtaking dress, a fun tote bag, or a stunning skirt. For best results, keep these large floral prints in two, or maximum three, colors. For smaller floral prints, you can afford to include more colors. Smaller prints also tend to work on more petite women, as they don’t overwhelm small frames.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Early, though this floral trend is a logical outgrowth of fashion’s larger movement towards natural colors, fabrics, and prints.

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Emmys 2005: Style Intelligence Report’s Worst Dressed List

Sandra Oh
Photo Credit:

Sandra Oh in Nina Ricci.
Why it was a poor choice: Spades, anyone? With her pointy-toed shoes, red-and-white background and the harshly geometric lines of her dress, Sandra Oh looks like she belongs on the face of a queen of diamonds playing card.

Tess Smith
Photo Credit: MSN Entertainment

Tess Smith in L.A. designer Sylvia Danese.
Why it was a poor choice: This dress is missing a lot of things, most notably a touch of class. Truly provocative dressing always leaves some room for the imagination.

Debra Messing
Photo Credit: E! Online

Debra Messing in Elie Saab.
Why it was a poor choice:We think Debra Messing is one of the most naturally beautiful women in Hollywood. But a brown curtain to the Emmys? Even Hollywood’s funniest darling can’t do justice to that.

Charlize Theron
Photo Credit: E! Online

Charlize Theron in Chanel.
Why it was a poor choice: Ugh. Enough with the 1920s-themed outfits already! We’ve seen you pull it off already, it’s tired and overdone, and that beading adds another 20 pounds to your figure.

Paula Abdul
Photo Credit: People

Paula Abdul in Kevan Hall.
Why it was a poor choice: Paula has made one fashion mistake after another. Quite frankly, we think she resembles a bit of an Elvis impersonator sans chest hair.

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Emmys 2005: Style Intelligence Report’s Best Dressed List

Eva Longoria
Photo Credit:

Eva Longoria in Angel Sanchez.
Why it was a good choice: Dress color is crucial. Eva’s
coral gown was the perfect way to highlight her St. Tropez glow.

Halle Berry
Photo Credit:

Halle Berry in Emanuel Ungaro.
Why it was a good choice: The gown’s regal hue is perfect for the occasion, and the strapless sweetheart neckline emphasizes her feminine shoulders.

Marcia Cross
Photo Credit:

Marcia Cross in Elie Saab.
Why it was a good choice: Emerald
brings out Marcia’s green eyes and auburn hair.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Photo Credit:

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Dolce & Gabbana.
Why it was a good choice: This classically flattering dress is predictably JLH, but if anyone can pull off dressing like a certain Hepburn, it’s her.

Mariska Hargitay
Photo Credit:

Mariska Hargitay in Carolina Herrera.
Why it was a good choice: Mariska looks ten years younger in a
sexy, vibrant orange gown and her hair down in sexy waves.

Star Jones
Photo Credit:

Star Jones in Marc Bouwer.
Why it was a good choice: Center ruching in velvet
works on Star — it accentuates curves in all the right places.

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Fashion Week Notebook | Calvin Klein

Key Takeaways: Ethereal 1960s chic for the modern woman. Some looks evoked the ladylike Jackie O, while others appeared more fit for Twiggy. Graceful fashions for the modern elegant.

Color Palette: Predominantly white and cream, with black, beige, and light grey. Jolts of color were added with bright blues, greens, and yellows.

Silhouettes: High waistlines, babydoll dresses, and A-line shapes. Necklines were either high on the neck or strappy and low. Dresses were beautifully draped and tailored, and many featured the idea of controlled volume. Coats were oversized, and they were matched with Jackie O-inspired embellished sunglasses.

Accessories Report: The notable accessory of the show was the embellished sunglasses.

What’s Wearable: Almost everything. We loved the 60s style big coats, the babydoll dresses, and the unexpected patterned fabric that was integral to the show’s success.

What’s Not Wearable: A particularly blousy dress with an exaggerated lapel. It even made the model look chubby.

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Fashion Week Notebook | J Mendel

Key Takeaways: While much of this collection catered to the gala dinner set–J Mendel’s primary clientele–it also featured unusual pairings (shearling with sheer pleats) and cocktail dresses with barely-there layers that will no doubt show up on A-list celebrities this spring.

Color Palette: Ice Queen colors–pearly pastel blue, pink and purple–and beiges.

Silhouettes: Fitted jackets with dress shorts or flowy skirts; wispy gowns; shearling jackets; ruffled column dresses.

Accessories Report: With barely-there dresses, skin was the accessory of choice.

What’s Wearable: The singular suit of the collection, a brocade, half-sleeve skirt suit.

What’s Not Wearable: Tank tops with randomly attached fur.

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