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Fashion Week Notebook | Perry Ellis Menswear

Key Takeaways: Reminds us of a crisp day out on the water in New England. Boating shoes, flip flops, shorts…very East Coast preppy. Of note was the emphasis on patterned fabric, rather than striped fabrics.

Color Palette: Mostly muted, with white, shades of cream, grey, and some black. Splashes of color included light blue with lime green, mustard yellow and blue, and orange.

Silhouettes: Rolled up sleeves, shorts of all lengths, from short shorts to knee-length to mid-calf. Blazers and bomber jackets. Straight legged pants.

Accessories Report: Boating shoes, flip flops, D-ring belts, Fedora hats, and oversized sunglasses that had an almost Prada ad-like feel.

What’s Wearable: Most everything, including the knee length shorts, rolled up sleeves, straight legged pants, and the standard blazer-sport shirt-trouser combination.

What’s Not Wearable: Just say no to short-shorts. Mid-calf length shorts also tend to be unflattering.

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Fashion Week Notebook | Kenneth Cole

Key Takeaways: The collection struck us as a modern take on Old Hollywood, with classic garments ranging from high-waisted wide legged trousers (channeling Katharine Hepburn, perhaps) for women to bomber jackets for men. Kenneth Cole chose the waist as the focal point for this collection, featuring a wide selection of belts, and a distinctively high waistline.

Color Palette: Muted for the most part, with shades of brown and grey. Yellow was also seen in abundance, along with shades of blue. Greens, purples, and red were sprinkled in as well.

Silhouettes: High waistlines, tailored looks mixed with loose fitting garments.

Accessories Report: Oversized squarish sunglasses, bags with hardware detailing, trapezoid-shaped bags, Belts!

What’s Wearable: Most looks, especially the high waisted trouser (for those of us that are longwaisted) and knee-length shorts (perfect for even petite proportions).

What’s Not Wearable: The blazer + shorts combo that started off the show is a no-go for most folks, especially for work. The short-shorts for men is also probably something to shy away from.

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Fashion Week Notebook | Nicole Miller

Key Takeaways: Overtly feminine with a Pretty vibe. Riffs on a few of the trends from the past couple of seasons, such as cropped jackets and full skirts. White and gold were seen in abundance.

Color Palette: Purples and Yellows, Pale Blue, Turquoise, White, Gold.

Silhouettes: Empire waistlines, halter necklines, cropped jackets, gathered skirts.

What’s Wearable: Turquoise + Purple color combo, the flattering empire waistline (perfect for those with boyish figures, petite women, and those with a small bust or large tummy).

What’s Not Wearable : The skirts gathered at the bottom. It’ll only work if you’re shaped like a runway model.

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Introducing the Fashion Week Notebook

Style Intelligence Report is pleased to present the Fashion Week Notebook!

Vicariously (and thanks to the amazing photographic coverage of the fashion shows by New York Metro and, we’re reporting on the fashion trends that you’ll be seeing come Spring 2006.

True to our mission of providing an intelligent look at fashion trends, we’ll be analyzing the fashion shows for trends—in silhouette, color, and garment classifications. And because of our strong belief in Real Style for Real People, we’ll be sorting out the runway-only looks from the wearable ones to give you insight into what you will actually want to be wearing come spring.

Ideas? Suggestions? Leave us a comment, or email us at

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