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Fashion Week Notebook | John Varvatos

Key Takeaways: As usual, John Varvatos gave us a fresh take on some classic garment classifications: sport shirts, motorcycle jackets, trenchcoats, cardigans, and even one-piece jumpers (don’t try that one at home!). Always mindful of the details, Varvatos’ key statements for the season included zipper detailing, rolled up and pushed up (or tsuzjed up, as Carson Kressley would say) sleeves, and a possible return to ombre.

Color Palette: Browns, Tan, Shades of White, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue. Great color combo: Yellow + Light Blue.

Silhouettes: Classic looks. Vests and Ties are back, with button down shirts with rolled up sleeves. Cardigans and pullover sweaters. The Trenchcoat also made an appearance, along with a variety of single (2 and 3 button) breasted and double breasted jackets. Rolled up sleeves are big on Varvatos’ agenda.

Accessories Report: Ombre scarves, Sneakers with big laces, Slip-on Shoes, and Caps.

What’s Wearable: Just about everything. We especially like the motorcycle jackets.

What’s Not Wearable: Mid-calf length shorts, and exceedingly long blazers. They distort even a model’s figure. Also steer clear of the one-piece jumpers. Somewhat interesting in a fashion spread in Vogue, but they’ll elicit thoughts of “what Are you wearing?” in Real Life.

Most Directional Look: Vest + Tie + Sport Shirt with rolled up sleeves.

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Fashion Week Notebook | United Bamboo

Key Takeaways: Grown up innocence, for lack of a better term. United Bamboo juxtaposed little girl type detailing: scalloped detailing at the waist, rounded Peter Pan collars, button-ups, and patch-type pockets with hardware: sinuous body hugging zippers, buckles, and snaps.

Color Palette: Black, grey, and white, with yellows and blues. Touches of purple, orange. Great color combination: yellow + orange.

Silhouettes: Unexaggerated volume, empire waistlines, high-waisted pants, double-breasted jackets, trapeze dresses.

Accessories Report: Looks like topsiders are back.

What’s Wearable: High-waisted pants (great for the long waisted/people with short legs), empire waistlines (almost universally flattering), and double-breasted jacket styles (for the tall). Peter Pan collars are a maybe, depending on how you wear them. The rounded collar, for example, is Adorable on a tailored princess line coat.

What’s Not Wearable: Scalloped detailing at the waist, which looked excessively cartoonish. Looking like you walked out of a Disney movie is generally not a positive fashion statement. The body-hugging zipper detailing was also a look that should be seen Only on the Runway.

We Love this Color Combination: Yellow + Orange.

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Fashion Week Notebook | Imitation of Christ

Key Takeaways: For the debut of Imitation of Christ’s denim line, Tara Subkoff went Dark Americana. The IOC show mixed innocent pieces like jumpers and little girl sundresses with come hither High red heels, racy lace-up detailing, and bondage-style handcuffs. As the show progressed, the clothes lightened up, first with distressed denim looks. The show finished with a ballet of retro-style chiffon dresses.

Color Palette: (Denim) blue, white, red, and black.

Silhouettes: T-shirts and jeans, with heels. Little girl styles: jumpers and sundresses. Retro-style chiffon dresses. Cropped pants: short shorts, mid-calf length pants, and ankle-length pants.

Accessories Report: Fedora hats, Slouchy boots (continuing trend), High heels.

What’s Wearable: Most everything. T-shirts and jeans—very white bread. The sundresses are adorable. The chiffon dresses are also party-able.

What’s Not Wearable: We’re a no-go on the mid-calf length shorts. Some of the distressed denim is a bit extreme. Also, leave the handcuffs at home.

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