Fashion Week Notebook | Marc by Marc Jacobs

September 14th, 2005

Key Takeaways: Layering is Hot. Marc Jacobs facilitated the layering process via foundation bodysuits upon which you can layer more clothing. Interesting combinations included a voluminous short dress over a jumpsuit, with a scarf tie, and a bustier over a tee.

We also noted Marc Jacobs’ fascination with fastenings. Buttons, ties, zippers, buckles, suspenders—you name it, this collection has it.

Color Palette: Muted neutrals with touches of blue, pink, purple, coral, yellow, and green.

Silhouettes: Bodysuits and knit foundation garments. Layering volume and shape upon body-hugging garments.

Accessories Report:

  • Hats and caps—from Civil War style hats to Peter Pan style hats to newsboy caps, they’re on Marc Jacobs’ radar.
  • Across-the-body bags also hit it big, along with a fanny pack worn diagonally across the back.
  • Socks covering the ankle and lower leg, as well as arm warmers.
  • In keeping with the season’s emphasis on the waistline, belts were featured prominently as well.
  • Also interesting: the next big jewelry trend just may be the multiple dogtag look. Dogtags have been on the radar for awhile, and Marc Jacobs’ dogtag collage necklace just may be the next step in the evolution of the trend.

What’s Wearable:
The layering concept, but less extreme. We also appreciate the focus on fastenings, since we’re big fans of hardware.

What’s Not Wearable: Bodysuits, by themselves. Leotards for anything other than exercise. The suspenders as a halter tie look, unless you’re feeling avant garde.

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