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San Francisco International Fashion Week | Joseph Domingo

Photo Credit: Ling Kong

Lights, Camera, Action! Hot Chocolate’s sixties hit "I Believe in Miracles" brightened the room as the show started off with swimwear such as plunging, space-dyed maillots for women, and super-short swim trunks for men in psychedelic citrus shades.

Photo Credit: Ling Kong

Key Takeaways: The show was full of references to nature, such as water-blue chiffon dresses, floral-print suits and jackets in earthy colors.Domingo also succeeded well in doing what he does best–couture gowns–as well as suits for women and edgy jackets for men. Overall, Joseph Domingo’s show was one of the top highlights of SFIFW.

Photo Credit: Ling Kong

Silhouettes: In swimwear, plunging maillots for women and supershort trunks for men; Fitted skirt and pantsuits for women; boxy jackets for men, worn on a bare chest; deep-V dresses for women; flouncy cocktail dresses with tiered prairie skirts or accordion pleats for women. We loved the thoughtful details, like the green "leaves" that made up the sleeves of this dress:

Photo Credit: Ling Kong

Accessories Report: Necklaces and bracelets made of clusters of resin beads; silver dagger necklaces (one of which Domingo himself wore); flower-shaped costume jewelry; glass beads. Models wore their hair long and loose.

One way to turn heads:

Photo Credit: Ling Kong

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Shopping Guide: The Best Men’s Lightweight Jackets, Part I

Part I of Style Intelligence Report’s guide to Men’s Lightweight Jackets, brought to you by the request of Mat.

We’re splitting up this article into two sections because of the large number of great jackets we saw out there while perusing the racks. In this post, Part I, we present the best Casual jackets. In Part II, we’ll bring to you the best in semiformal jacket options. Happy shopping!

Nylon Fill Jacket

Nylon Fill Jacket | $125 at Banana Republic

The quintessential fall weather jacket, with versions found at BR, Gap, Express, etc. year after year after year. Basic, but functional. The selling point? It works with everything in your wardrobe.

CK Jeans Bomber Jacket

CK Jeans Bomber Jacket | $98 at Macy’s

What can we say, we just love the look of bomber jackets on men (and women, for that matter).

Canvas Safari Jacket

Canvas Safari Jacket | $145 at Armani Exchange

What’s great about this jacket? The oversized pockets (good for storing your keys, wallet, iPod, cell phone..), the drawstring waistline, the stand collar, and the tailored seamlines.

Avant Zip Up Track Jacket

Avant Zip Up Track Jacket | $89 at Ben Sherman USA

Track Jackets are the New hoodie, remember? They’re great for a sporty, youthful look. Plus, they’re comfortable. We like the contrast striping on the arms on this jacket–a nice alternative to the standard across-chest striping.

G Star Studs Twill Jacket

G Star Studs Twill Jacket | $190 at Urban Outfitters

We love the architectural look of this streamlined motorcycle jacket. The front zipper is slightly offset and the two side pocket zippers are intentionally uneven for a distinctive look. If your style is a little off the mainstream, this jacket is for you!

Paul Frank Bomber Jacket

Paul Frank Bomber Jacket | $140 at Urban Outfitters

This jacket feels very 1970s chic, but in a good way. We appreciate the contrast collar, the shoulder yoke, and the color (we heart Green). And hey, quilted jackets are Hot right now.

Members Only Jacket

Members Only Jacket | $59 at Urban Outfitters

Classic Americana, and it can be Yours for well under $100! This coat stays true to the original, with the tabbed collar, soft elastic at the cuffs, hem, and chest pocket, side slit pockets, epaulets, and of course, the Members Only logo patch.

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Return of the Friday Fashion Hotlist | 10.28.05

No, we haven’t forgotten about the Friday Fashion Hotlist, our weekly compilation of the cutest and coolest stuff Style Intelligence Report saw out there this week.

The falling temperatures make us long for a beautiful New England Autumn, and we’re feeling particularly Prep School Chic this week.

For women…

Paige Zip-Up | $69.50 at Abercrombie and Fitch

Essentially a re-issue of a sweater Abercrombie designed for last Spring. Trisha owns this sweater in Heather Grey, but this time around, she’s looking to buy the cream version. Or the chocolate brown. Or both. This sweater will help keep you warm during the Winter months, but it’ll also be perfectly on-trend come Spring, what with its clean lines and neutral color.

And for men…

Tasty Waves Polo in Glengreen | $51.99 at Penguin Clothing
Let your inner nerd out! We love the tiny striping on this classic Penguin polo shirt. Remember, it’s Good to be Nerdy. At least that’s what Trisha told herself during Math Club meetings back in high school.

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San Francisco International Fashion Week | Cari Borja


Photo Credit: Ling Kong

Background on Cari Borja:
This Gen Art San Francisco Fresh Faces alum started her collection
while getting her doctorate in anthropology in Berkeley. After her
collection — a compilation of more than 40 outfits — was presented at
fashion week, a very pregnant Cari stepped out to receive an
overwhelming round of applause.

 Photo Credit: Ling Kong

Key Takeaways: "I
was inspired by my daughter," Borja told us after the show. "She’s two
years old and she dresses herself in [different] shapes and colors."
Borja captured youth through her choice of colors for the collection,
as well as with the playfulness of ruffled hems.

Silhouettes: Tiered ruffle babydoll dresses, ruffle cardigans with ruffled sleeves, hooded, ruffled camisoles. Did we mention ruffles?

 Photo Credit: Ling Kong

Accessories Report:
Gold sandals on every model, dangly earrings, bunches of tangled
necklaces and bracelets, gold necklaces with tassles. We also saw
various-sized pom-poms made of yarn and worn in the manner of flower

What’s Wearable: A gold babydoll dress with tiered ruffles.

 Photo Credit: Ling Kong

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Cotton Inc. Fall/Winter 2007 Color Trends, Part Two

Expression Color Theme Expression
  • This color theme is inspired by the youth market.
  • Think of chenilles, plaids, and chunky, textured knits.

  • Think of Track Suits of the 1970s (doesn’t that sound like a bad documentary?).
  • Bold prints and patterns.
  • Quilted fabrics and double layered fabrics.
Triumph Color Scheme
Destination Color Scheme Destination
  • Earthy color palette.
  • Think of modernized batik fabrics.
  • Perfect for bottomweight fabrics (e.g. fabrics for pants and skirts) with a soft hand, or feel.
  • All about Authentic, Natural color, possibly with a Natural Wrinkled look.

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Happy Holidays, and Happy Decorating

For us at Style Intelligence Report, the holiday season is a time to celebrate…and a time to decorate.

As we’re hosting a few holiday parties, we thought it was a good time to scout out some new additions to the apartment. So over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to take a few “research” shopping trips to bring you the Best not only in fashion, but also in home decor!

Today, however, we have our rundown of the cutest and coolest home stuff at Anthropologie. See for yourself…

White Coral Lamp | $248 at Anthropologie

Just for the record, we loved coral Before it was a hot commodity among interior decorators.

Juldagen Cups | $32 at Anthropologie
We adore the old-fashioned shape of the cups, as well as the color scheme of the painted images.

Patisserie Candlestick | $28 at Anthropologie
We just love the elegant, sculpted lines creating the silhouette of this piece.

Gold Caspian (top) and Indochine Chrysanthemum (bottom) Pillows | $48 each at Anthropologie

Perfect as statement accent pieces for a neutral-colored chair or couch.

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Gen Art San Francisco Fresh Faces in Fashion | Elena Vasileva

Elena Vasileva
Photo Credit: Cary Wun

Background on Elena Vasileva: As a child in Russia, Elena Vasileva learned to knit. A degree from FIDM and many years later, she proffers a line of knitwear made exclusively with yarn.

Elena Vasileva

Photo Credit: Cary Wun
Key Takeaways: This was by far the most creative collection we saw in the Fresh Faces show. Knitting’s obviously not just for grannies anymore!

Color Palette: Space-dyed fabrics and burnt orange, pewter, lavender, burgundy, cream and taupe.

Silhouettes: Exaggerated puffy sleeves, super-short skirts, and, for once, a new take on enhancing the bosom: Rather than doing the traditional low-cut top, Vasileva decided to make full use of undercleavage.

Elena Vasileva
Photo Credit: Cary Wun

Accessories Report: Medusa hair and superlong extensions; knitted leg warmers; separate neck adornments

What’s Wearable: Shrugs.

Is this the vision of a space-age cowgirl?

Elena Vasileva
Photo Credit: Cary Wun

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Gen Art San Francisco Fresh Faces in Fashion | Rachel Mara

Photo Credit: Cary Wun

Background on Rachel Mara: Rachel Mara, which debuted in Spring 2002, looks to rare fabrics for inspiration. The result: a very wearable collection that feels both organic and feminine.

Photo Credit: Cary Wun

Key Takeaways: The most wearable collection of the entire show. Indeed, we loved the fabric, most of which we couldn’t identify from the audience–its texture added dimension to some of the otherwise ordinary clothing.

Color Palette: Neutrals, and the basic black and white.

Silhouettes: We spotted lots of bermuda shorts. (A possible trend for Spring 2006?)

Photo Credit: Cary Wun

Accessories Report: Long beaded necklaces, pearl chokers, string belts, gloves.

What’s Wearable: Everything.

Is there too much going on here? You decide:

Photo Credit: Cary Wun

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Cotton Inc. Fall/Winter 2007 Color Trends, Part One

Intrigue Color Theme Intrigue
  • This color theme is all about neutrals, with an added element of mystery.
  • Think of James Bond and high tech finishes on fabrics.
  • But these colors can also be found in classic fabrics such as textured tweeds.

  • This color palette has strong red and yellow undertones, with a dark chocolate brown as a background accent color.
  • Think of a return to Romance.
  • The textured fabrics inspired by this palette will include pointelles, loose knits, jacquards, tweeds, and perhaps even fabrics with a polyurethane finish.
Provocateur Color Theme
Muse Color Theme Muse
  • This color palette is soft and neutral.
  • Fabrics will be heavily textured to make up for the neutral palette.
  • Look for textured yarns with slubs, luxury blends of cotton-wool and cotton-silk, corduroy with wide wales (striping), pointelles, crochet knits, and metallic linings.

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Gen Art San Francisco Fresh Faces in Fashion | Hengst

Photo Credit: Cary Wun

Background on Hengst: Susan Hengst’s innovative line of clothing hails from the Mission district of San Francisco.

Key Takeaways: As
sexy mood music played, models sashayed down the runway in everything
from pantsuits to pleather hot pants. Designer Hengst enjoys combining
designs with unexpected fabrics–a windbreaker made of silk taffeta,
for instance.

Color Palette: All colors–the bolder, the better.

Silhouettes: Arabian-inspired pants and culottes; shirred jersey separates; sporty windsuits.

Photo Credit: Cary Wun

Accessories Report:
Belts in gold rope or leather, cinched with a geode belt buckle;
aviator sunglasses. Our favorite was a random gold-and-pewter stuffed
pleather ball that looked like it might have been a pet’s toy before it
made the show.

What’s Wearable: White wide-leg pants.

We definitely noticed these green pleather shorts, held together by a bow-tie:

Photo Credit: Cary Wun

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