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Boston StreetStyle | Harvard Square Accessories Report

Plaid Shoes, Oversized Bags, Colorful Umbrella

Trend Report: Plaid Shoes, Oversized Bags, and Colorful Umbrellas

Fedora Hat and Belt with Hardware Detailing

Trend Report: Fedora Hats and Belts with Hardware Detailing

Sport Sneakers and Belts with Hardware Detailing

Trend Report: Sport Sneakers and Belts with Hardware Detailing

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Boston StreetStyle | Harvard Square Trend Report

Boston Street Style Printed Fabric

Trend Alert: Printed Fabrics

Boston Street Style Shorts

Trend Alert: Shorts (Huge on the Spring 06 Runways)

Boston Street Style Natural Neutral Colors

Trend Alert: Natural, Neutral Colors

Boston Street Style Skirts

Trend Alert: Knee-length Skirts (especially in White!)

Boston Street Style Cropped Pants & Oversized Bags

Trend Alert: Cropped Pants and Oversized Bags

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Spring 2006 Trend: Knit Caps

Trend Importance Factor: Medium.

Wearability Factor: Medium.

How to Wear It: This season’s knit cap goes beyond the traditional urbanwear beanie. With detailing such as an oversized shape, and bills in contrast fabrications, the knit cap exemplifies Spring 2006’s focus on eclecticism.

Show your individuality by pairing your urban-styled knit cap with something other than casualwear—perhaps an uber-feminine outfit.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Early. Knit caps are a basic part of one’s wardrobe, but this season’s more eclectic styles merit a trend classification of their own.

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Spring 2006 Trend: Fedora Hats

Trend Importance Factor: Medium.

Wearability Factor: Medium.

How to Wear It: The menswear-inspired fedora hat provides a nice counterpart to the predominantly pretty, feminine looks out on the runway. And for men, it provides a gentlemanly accessory for otherwise casual outfits. On the streets, we’ve seen a few Fedora Fashion Formulas for women that we adore:

Fashion Formula 1: Fedora + Cropped Sweater + Tank + Shorts.

Fashion Formula 2: Fedora + Lacy Camisole + Pinstriped Pants.

Fashion Formula 3: Fedora + Ruffled Blouse + Embellished Belt + Jeans.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Early.
This season’s focus on eclecticism has spurred a renewed interest in accessories, and fedora hats are one of fashion’s hottest hat styles.

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Boston StreetStyle | Newbury Street Accessories Report

Boston Street Style Color

Trend Alert: Colorful Umbrellas, Oversized Bags, and Printed Bags

Boston Street Style Preppy

Trend Alert: Two-tone, Preppy Tote Bags (and Flip Flops!)

Boston Street Style Sport Sneakers

Trend Alert: Striped Sport Sneakers for Men

Oversized Bags and Sport Sneakers for Women

Trend Alert: Oversized Bags and Sport Sneakers for Women

Oversized Sunglasses

Trend Alert: Oversized Sunglasses

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Designer Denim: What’s it worth?

Seven Jeans
We got a question from a reader named Steph: At what dollar amount are there are diminishing returns on having your butt look great in a pair of jeans?

Susannah thinks that there are diminishing returns after $200 or $250, but she notes that this figure is at once completely arbitrary and wholly personal. Trisha places her personal estimate at a slightly lower figure–maybe $175 to 200ish.

We could go all Econ 101 on this and talk about percentages of disposable income, because where diminishing returns hit would vary with household income level. Maybe for you a pair of designer jeans is worth 5% of your monthly paycheck. Maybe it’s 10%. Or maybe it’s 2%.

But does this help? It’s true that it’s a very personal question, and where these diminishing returns hit depends on many factors, a few of which could be: household income, affinity for luxury, and how difficult it is for you to find a pair of jeans with an excellent fit. One person may say $225 is the limit, another person, $500…and yet another person may value designer denim to the price tag of $1000.

Our rule of thumb, though, is that a pair of jeans is too expensive when a glance at the price tag brings a frown to your face.

Your thoughts?

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Spring 2006 Trend: Trenchcoats

Trend Importance Factor: Medium.

Wearability Factor: Medium High.

How to Wear It: As we noted for double breasted styles, the petite, the full figured, the curvy, the broad shouldered, and those with a full bust should wear trenchcoats with caution. Oversized lapels can overwhelm small frames and emphasize width in the shoulder area.

Belted trenchcoats can work wonders on boyish figures, as they help give the waistline some definition. Those with narrow shoulders will also be flattered by the trenchcoat’s horizontal emphasis at the shoulder.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Early. Last Spring, cropped jackets and single-breasted styles were all the rage. Now it’s time for the double-breasted trenchcoat to shine.

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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 10.7.05

Issue XIII of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a compilation of some of the cutest and coolest stuff Style Intelligence Report saw out there this week.

For women…

Foley + Corinna Shirred Corset Top
Foley + Corinna Shirred Silk Jersey
Corset Top in teal $286 at ShopBop

We can’t imagine any woman wearing this and not looking like a Greek Goddess. Not to mention that it also happens to be perfectly on trend.
And for men…

Foley + Corinna Shirred Corset Top
Yoko Devereaux Fleece Blazer NSP
in Black $240 at Active Endeavors

For the man who can’t compromise comfort for style, herein lies an incredibly happy medium.

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Spring 2006 Trend: Multi Tiered Styles

Trend Importance Factor: Medium High.

Wearability Factor: High.

How to Wear It: This season’s take on tiered styles is less voluminous—it’s less of the peasant skirt look and more of a modern take on the dresses of the 1920s. Furthermore, this season, tiers can be found not only on skirts, but also on tops. Indeed, the multi-tiered look appears fresher on tops, as evidenced by Doo Ri’s tiered halter (above, center).

Tiers are extremely wearable, as evidenced by their massive popularity earlier this year. Tiered tops can cover up a larger tummy, and voluminous tiered skirts are almost universally flattering. This season’s thinner tiered skirt silhouette, however, works best on tall women and those without extremely wide hips.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Late. Tiered skirts were all the rage for Spring and Summer 2005. We’re a little tired of the look, to be completely honest.

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Shopping Guide: Tie-Neck Tops

There’s something about these tops that we’re drawn to. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s put together, but not too put together. Or nice, but also a little suggestive (isn’t the demure bow just waiting to be untied?) Or sophisticated–like wearing a blouse with a stylish scarf–yet requiring far less effort.

Or maybe all of the above. Yeah, that’s it.

Inspiration: Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary
Photo Credit: Lions Gate Films
Mason Secretary Blouse
Mason Secretary Blouse $265 at blaec
Banana Republic Cashmere Tie-Neck Sweater
Cashmere Tie-Neck Sweater in Plum Swirl $128 at Banana Republic

Stretch Merino Tie-Neck Sweater
Stretch Merino Tie-Neck Sweater in Azalea $39.99 at JCrew
Elie Tahari 'Clover' Blouse
Elie Tahari ‘Clover’ Blouse $94.99 at Bluefly

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