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Profiles in Style | Megan and Tyson

Megan and Tyson

Names: Megan and Tyson
Found: Patiently waiting outside H&M Powell, well within the first hundred people in line.
Arrived at H&M: "6am, but our friends got here at 4am."
At H&M for:
Stella McCartney, of course. Megan: "The jumper and the jeans." Tyson:
"The men’s dress shirt that was transformed into a dress."

Personal style: Megan: "I just throw on whatever’s clean, whatever’s comfortable." Adds Tyson: "I’m all about comfortable."
Last Words: Tyson: "No Uggs, no pajamas, no LV pochettes, no knit Uggs, no Jessica Simpson, no Ashlee Simpson, no ruffled miniskirts."

Thanks, Tyson. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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H&M SF Grand Opening Madness

H&M Logo

at H&M Powell at 9am this morning to scope out the scene. Pure
craziness. The line, as expected, snaked around the block, even
zigzagging back and forth over on Geary.

not line people, so we just ended up hitting up H&M Post later that
day once the line had died down to a mere half-block. Saw some
interesting items (mostly left only in Large sizes), but we saw a good
amount of the merchandise a couple of months ago on our NYC/Boston
"working vacations."

What will Trisha be wearing to the office next week? A particularly cute grayed jersey blazer with clipped seams ($29.90).

Our good friend Goldie
made a comment about the expectant crowd: "The people waiting fall
under one of three categories: (1) The Uber-trendy people who decked
themselves out for the grand opening, (2) The Blah people who dressed
very plainly, and (3) The Frighteningly dressed people whose outfits
didn’t quite make it."

To see a particularly uniquely dressed example from Category 1, check back in a bit for another episode of "Profiles in Style!"

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