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The Best: Sequined Sweaters

While sparkly knits have always been a popular option for the holidays, this year sequined sweaters have really been at the forefront. Besides being glitzy enough for a night on the town, they also happen to be a perfect alternative to the ubiquitous LBT at holiday parties.


Shine Sequin Stripe Sweater

Shine Sequin Stripe Sweater in Heather Grey | $132 at Nordstrom


Bloomingdale's Dolman Sweater

Dolman Sweater in Copper | $99 at Bloomingdale’s


ECI Sparkle Sweater Blazer

ECI Sparkle Sweater Blazer in Silver | $148 at Nordstrom


Sequin Cardigan

Sequin Cardigan in Heather Pewter | $158 at J.Crew


Walter Pointelle Scoop Back Sweater
Walter Pointelle Scoop Back Sweater in Gold | $231 at Nordstrom

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Fashion as an Expression of Individuality

In our own biased opinion, we
consider fashion to be the ultimate visual expression of one’s self.
Consciously or unconsciously, your fashion (or anti-fashion) choices
determine how you present yourself to the world…and therefore
contributes to how the world sees you.

We believe that your individuality comes through in three ways:

  • What garments you choose,
  • How you choose to combine these garments, and
  • How you wear that garment combination.

first of the three is the most obvious and shouldn’t require much
explanation. If you favor glamour, you might consciously pick a
dramatic top or a slinky skirt. Or if you favor conservatism, on the
other hand, you might choose a high-necked top and/or neutral colors.

you choose to combine garments gets a little more interesting. You
might, for example, make a statement by combining a flirty, feminine
skirt with a masculine, military-inspired jacket. Or combining flip
flops with a jet black suit. How you combine garments sheds more
insight into who you are, but at a less conscious level.

how you wear that garment combination is perhaps the most telling of
all. You might wear the flip flops + black suit combination with a side
of confidence. Or you might wear it with a sense of indifference. We
believe your attitude is your most important accessory, and it beats a
status handbag, a bewitching pair of pumps, and a sparkly diamond
necklace any day of the week. But to our point, because it is the most
unconscious of your fashion choices, the attitude with which you wear
your outfit offers the most genuine view into who you are.

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