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How To: Wear Ballet Gear Without Looking like a Character from “Center Stage”

Center Stage Movie

If your parents never put you through ballet school and now you’re trying to make up for your lack of pirouettes by ballet pieces like ballet flats, leotards, and leggings, just make sure you wear them right or else you’ll look like a dancer with two left feet.

Ballet flats: If you’re not exceptionally short, ballet flats can be a treat not only to your eyes but also to your tiring feet. Paired with opaque tights or your bare skin, they can make any outfit look instantly stylish. Opt to match your pair with jeans – perhaps a bit tattered. The contradiction of a rugged piece (the jeans) with a delicate one (the flats) will be nice. Ballet flats can also be paired with a skirt, short or mid-length, but make sure the colors match. In other words, don’t wear a loud red skirt with pink flats.

Leotards: Usually dancers throw any old pants over their leotard when leaving ballet practice, but you should pair a black short-sleeved leotard with light-colored ripped jeans and black flats. Several strands of funky pearls around your neck might not be a bad idea either. Stay away from wearing bright-colored leotards; you don’t want to resemble a ballerina on crack.

Leggings: Leggings can be tricky because they automatically scream 80’s. If you think you can carry off that look, be our guest, but as a favor to “Flashdance” and “Dirty Dancing,” don’t buy them in purple, pink, orange, or any other wacky color. The act of sporting tights is a tad funky already, so opt for a mute color like black, gray, or navy blue. Also, realize that leggings are a pretty casual statement, so don’t try wearing them with a fancy skirt at the opera. Rather, throw them on during your latte fix with skin-tight jeans, round-toe flats, and a simple white t-shirt.

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BCBG Floral Halter Top

BCBG Floral HalterThe DIY aesthetic hits the runway…and the mall with this adorable halter top.  It’s Very Spring.

$75.99  (sale) at Bluefly.

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Runway to Reality: Like a Rolling Stone

Don’t take this homage to the Rolling Stones literally or you’ll be the laughing stock of your circle. Instead, take key pieces – the t-shirt and the blazer (in a different color) – and make your own more wearable version that will translate better on the streets.

Rolling Stones Model

 Photo Credit:

 Cotton Plaid Two-Button Blazer

Cotton Plaid Two-button Blazer | $250 at Banana Republic

Rolling Stones T-Shirt

Rolling Stones T-shirt | $19.95 at Choice Shirts

Banana jeans

Distressed Black Premium Straight-leg Jeans | $128 at Banana Republic

Robeson Shoe

Robeson City Shoes | $99.99 at Aldo

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Introducing….Dino-Ray Ramos and Melody Nazarian!

We’re pleased to announce that Omiru is welcoming two editorial interns to our team.  Please give a warm welcome to Dino-Ray Ramos and Melody Nazarian!

In their own words…

I am a freelance, storytelling writer with a specialty in style and entertainment.  As a pop culture junkie, I am always exploring fashion- what’s hot, what’s not and what should be banned from retail stores everywhere. From haute couture to ready-to-wear, I have this viewpoint of style that is slanted, yet professional.  I am a family-taught amateur designer that is constantly curious with the industry. Whether or not I am the best amateur designer, I thoroughly enjoy writing about fashion - from the obscure to the big time; I aggressively explore everything to stay on top of the fashion game.

Melody: While most kids my age were watching Saturday morning cartoons in the third grade, I opted for Fashion File with Tim Blanks. Although I have no formal fashion education, I have a naturally keen eye for style and can spot fakers (translation: those who try to be trendy but either overdo it or don’t even get close) from miles away. When I wear funky outfits (which is more often than not), I’ve been told, “Only you would be able to pull that off.”

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