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Ready Made Outfit: Swanky Dinner and a Play

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day having dinner at a fancy restaurant and seeing a local play, you need a more refined outfit than if you were going to a regular dinner-and-a-movie date. Since you already have enough on your plate (raiding the mall for that perfect V-day present for your honey), leave the outfit planning part to us!

Dressing the Part = Lime-Green Dress + Lace and Pearl Necklace + Brown Tweed Coat + Brown Boots.

Cotton ribbon-tie dress

Cotton Ribbon Tie-dress | $128 at Banana Republic

Lace and pearl necklace

Lace and Pearl Necklace | $28 at Urban Outfitters

Tweed jacket

Via Spiga Brown Tweed Funnel Neck Coat | $429.99 at Bluefly

Brown boots

Stitch Detail Boot | $288 at Urban Outfitters

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Trendscape: Tie Waist Pants

Scrubs aren’t the only things these days with a tie waist. Wait–before you close the page because it reminds you of why you passed on medical school (You wouldn’t be caught dead in wide purple oompa-loompa pants!), realize that tie waist trousers have gained a whole new – and gorgeous - meaning.  Whether you’re a dress-up kind of gal or more of a laid-back chick, there’s a pair for you…

Gaucho pant with sash

Ruby Gaucho with Sash | $54.99 at Bebe


Checkered pants with sash

Checkered Gabardine Capri | $22.80 at Forever 21


black slacks with sash

Kateryna Trousers | $88 at Anthropologie


Camel-colored pants with sash

Xoxo Camel Pant with Sequined Belt | $34.99 at Macy’s


April Wind Culottes

April Wind Culottes | $68 at Anthropologie


Theory Crunch Pammy Pants

Theory “Crunch Pammy” Pants | $250 at Nordstrom

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Women’s Ready Made Outfit: Dinner and a Movie at Home

If a pricey dinner followed by a cheesy box office movie sounds too cliché for your latest Valentine’s Day tastes, go for a cheaper, more romantic version by cooking with your cupid and renting from the local video store–all without leaving your humble abode.  Now, just because you’re not stepping foot into the outdoors doesn’t mean you should look ragged. Au contraire – take this opportunity to look a bit sexier than you could outside your house.

Fashion Formula for a Romantic Night In =  Kimono Shrug + Sexy Lingerie-as-Top + Brown Bermuda Shorts + Peep Toe Wedge Shoes.

Bebe Kimono Cardigan

Pleated Kimono Cardigan | $69 at Bebe


 Lingerie Top

Silk Georgette Halter Babydoll | $68 at Victoria’s Secret

Brown Bermuda shorts

Rubbish Pleated Back Pocket Bermuda Shorts | $38 at Nordstrom


Peep toe wedge

Croc Peep Toe Wedge | $120 at Urban Outfitters

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Ben Sherman Cream Dot Sport Shirt

Ben Sherman Cream Dot Sport ShirtDots are hot on the scene, and a welcome retreat from the stripes seen each season.

$59  at Bluefly.

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Ben Sherman Cream Striped Slim Sport Shirt

Ben Sherman Cream Striped Sport ShirtLike stripes?  Try this slim cut striped shirt.  If, however, you’re more of a dot guy, go for Ben Sherman’s dotted version.

$59  at Bluefly.

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Men’s Ready Made Outfit: Dinner and a Movie at Home

Chances are you’re already a Valentine’s Day veteran and have done the whole dinner-and-a-movie thing a trillion times (ok, maybe that’s pushing it). Still, since there aren’t that many things you can do to impress your woman on a Tuesday night, put a new spin on dinner-and-a-movie by doing it at home!

Fashion Formula for a Homey Stud = Pink button-down shirt (c’mon, for the sake of love!) + relaxed jeans + brown loafers.


Pink button-down shirt

Solid Oxford Casual Shirt | $59.50 at Banana Republic

Gap jeans

Straight Fit Dark Authentic Jeans $44.50 at Gap


Brown loafers

Bacco Bucci Parsen Loafter | $135 at Nordstrom

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Ready Made Outfit: Boutique Shopping Ballerina Style

Reminiscing about your ballerina days is as easy as dusting off your old black leotard (or buying a new one if you threw it away), pairing it with light-colored ripped jeans, and a pair of (real or pseudo) ballet slippers.

Where to sport this look: If you still attend ballet classes, you can wear it to the studio, but for those who’d rather look like a ballerina than act like one, wear this casual look while shopping, getting your hair cut, or having lunch with an acquaintance.

Adult Short Sleeve Leotard

Adult Short Sleeve Leotard | $10.35 at Discount Dance Supply

Hudson jeans

Hudson Overside Seam Stretch in Heavy Broken Jeans | $143 at Design By Stephene

black ballet shoes

Romeo Ballet Slippers | $37 at Capezio

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Michael Kors Coffee Stripe Sweater

Michael Kors Coffee Stripe SweaterNow these are stripes worth mentioning!  For men of average to above average height onlythe strong horizontals don’t do any favors to shorter men.

$105.30  (sale) at Bluefly.

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Ready Made Outfit: Art/Fashion Show

Shorts in the middle of winter may sound ludicrous (especially if you live in a windy, foggy, snowy, and/or rainy city), but with some heavy-duty tights and major confidence, you can pull it off without looking like you missed the memo about winter.

Where to sport this look: Just because you’re in shorts doesn’t mean you need to frolic in a field of greens. This sophisticated look can be worn to a chic restaurant, the theatre, an art/fashion show, but never on an ice-skating date with your new man (even opaque tights can rip).

Blue Target tank top

Fiorucci BBQ Studded Sleeveless Tank | $10.49 at Target

Double Breasted Vest

Double Breasted Vest | $68 at Nordstrom

Johnson tweed brown shorts

Johnson Couture Short Shorts | $220 at Shop Intuition

Opaque Control Top Tights

Nordstrom Opaque Control-Top Tights | $9 at Nordstrom

Gucci black flats

Gucci Black Suede Ballet Flats | $288 at Bluefly


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How To: Wear Ballet Gear Without Looking like a Character from “Center Stage”

Center Stage Movie

If your parents never put you through ballet school and now you’re trying to make up for your lack of pirouettes by ballet pieces like ballet flats, leotards, and leggings, just make sure you wear them right or else you’ll look like a dancer with two left feet.

Ballet flats: If you’re not exceptionally short, ballet flats can be a treat not only to your eyes but also to your tiring feet. Paired with opaque tights or your bare skin, they can make any outfit look instantly stylish. Opt to match your pair with jeans – perhaps a bit tattered. The contradiction of a rugged piece (the jeans) with a delicate one (the flats) will be nice. Ballet flats can also be paired with a skirt, short or mid-length, but make sure the colors match. In other words, don’t wear a loud red skirt with pink flats.

Leotards: Usually dancers throw any old pants over their leotard when leaving ballet practice, but you should pair a black short-sleeved leotard with light-colored ripped jeans and black flats. Several strands of funky pearls around your neck might not be a bad idea either. Stay away from wearing bright-colored leotards; you don’t want to resemble a ballerina on crack.

Leggings: Leggings can be tricky because they automatically scream 80’s. If you think you can carry off that look, be our guest, but as a favor to “Flashdance” and “Dirty Dancing,” don’t buy them in purple, pink, orange, or any other wacky color. The act of sporting tights is a tad funky already, so opt for a mute color like black, gray, or navy blue. Also, realize that leggings are a pretty casual statement, so don’t try wearing them with a fancy skirt at the opera. Rather, throw them on during your latte fix with skin-tight jeans, round-toe flats, and a simple white t-shirt.

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