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The Future of Fashion Advertising, Part Deux

Julie of Almost Girl asks, "What will fashion advertising look like and where will it come from?"  While the future is hazy (at best) to us as well, we’ll offer up our two cents.

Question 1: What will fashion advertising look like?
Fashion advertising, as discussed in Part One of this post, will likely be a combination of branding and direct response advertisingand more heavily weighted toward direct response than it is now.  As for what it’s going to look like, we’ll throw our hat in the ring and offer up a few ideas:

Branding isn’t going to go away.  The “slick expensive ad campaigns shot by expensive photographers with exotic models” described by Julie aren’t going to end.  However, the measurability of direct response is likely going to affect the way branding campaigns are run. 

We predict that these branding campaigns (the ones with the beautifully blasé looking models) will be held to a higher standard, one that involves metrics in some shape or form.  The fashion industry is waking up to the potential of the Internet, and though the industry will inevitably face a rocky road on its quest to embrace these online opportunities, they’ll get there.

Direct response fashion advertisements aren’t going to look like your standard Google text ad.  For one, they’ll have to include imageseven a lengthy description of that perfect oversized teal sweater is far less compelling than a thumbnail image of the garment. 

Question 2: Where will fashion advertising come from?
Right now, fashion advertising is dominated by Big Companies with Deep Pockets.  Completely natural, given that they’re the ones that have the dollars to shell out on these expensive branding campaigns.  Take a look at the latest Vogue (or other fashion magazine of your choice).  Who do you see advertising?  Luxury brands, big name designers—most, if not all, with financial backing.  After all, that Versace ad with Halle Berry can’t have been cheap to produce.

Fashion, however, is becoming more democratic (in part, thanks to the scores of up and coming designers looking to make their mark, and as The Fashionable Kiffen notes, thanks to fashion bloggers).  Advertising in the future, especially as the industry shifts towards the scalable, affordable direct response ads, will include more of these voices.  While the majority of fashion ads might still be from the Louis Vuittons, the Versaces, and the Calvin Kleins of the world, smaller designers will be able to speak as well.

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Trendscape: Brightly Colored Shoes

Whether you’re into not-so-mellow yellow, outrageous orange or eye-piercing purple, flats, pumps, or mules, there’s an easy way to determine which shoe will shine brighter on your fabulous feet.

If your pain threshold is below zero, your obvious choice is a flat shoe. If you can strut, groove, and kick butt all while in your 4-inch stilettos, choose one of the wedge styles. If you’d rather go for a walk than sit and read a book, let sneakers do the hiking for you.

Warning: If you tend to be shy and despise attention (even if it’s only to your feet), stay away from the following pairs.

Prada Brightly Colored Flats

Prada Leather and Patent Leather Butterfly Peep Toe Flats | $133 at Designer Exposure


Metallic braided wedge
Metallic Braided Wedge | $48 at Urban Outfitters


Gucci sneakers

Gucci Orchid Suede Brown Logo Sneakers | $316 at Bluefly

Miss Sixty heals 

Miss Sixty Harold Heel | $170 at Urban Outfitters

Metallic flats

Jeffrey Campbell Metallic Yellow Leather Rounded Toe Flat | $49.99 at Bluefly

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