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February 6th, 2006


Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways: No one can mess with this season’s DKNY followers, because even if they’re not tough, their clothes sure are. Black, a longtime staple for the rough and tough, is a common theme here, as is a solemn face. Whether in skirts or pants, men or women, you better think twice before approaching these models because they look more than sharp.

Color Palette: BLACK, with an occasional maroon, hot yellow, teal, white, gray, brown, and green.

Silhouettes: Contrary to what we’re used to, this time baggy is reserved for the women and it’s rockstar tight for the men. Don’t worry, Donna Karan hasn’t pulled a fast one on us and put the women in men’s clothing. The men rocked their traditional trousers a tad tighter and slipped a vest underneath their coats, while the ladies layered and let loose.

Accessories Report: Hats and black opaque tights for the women, skinny ties for the men, and skinny black scarfs-as-necklaces for both sexes.

What’s Wearable: Almost everything is wearable if one doesn’t mind having unstylish people have an occasional laugh at their expense.  But the layering will probably have to be toned down a bit for the real streets.

What’s Not Wearable: The only piece that would conjure up some major laughs is a high-waist flannel skirt that folds at the bottom, especially when it’s paired with the matching hat.

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