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Fashion Week Notebook | Nanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore

Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways: As always, Nanette Lepore enjoys experimenting with various shapes, sizes and colors, and isn’t afraid to try something new. This season, we think she was going for Granny Meets British Punk.

Color Palette: All shades of plum, complemented by black,  grey, brown and purple. Silver lamé made a comeback. As far as prints go, polka dots were paired with plaids in an effort to achieve mismatch chic.

Silhouettes: Long blazers,
loose trousers, buttoned-down silk shirts, fitted sweaters, voluminous
skirt suits, flowy dresses, short trench coats and bell sleeve
boat-neck dresses.

Accessories Report:
NP incorporated patterned silk scarves into the collection, along with brooches in the hair and cuff bracelets to complement evening gowns. Red
tights also replaced the traditional black ones we’ve been spotting

What’s Wearable:
The evening gowns are red-carpet worthy. The knit sweaters, tweed skirt
suits and kimono-style silk dresses can also be translated from runway
to reality.

What’s Not Wearable:
The neck scarf looks more like a men’s necktie, and although we women
strive for equality, we’re not ready to alter our wardrobes. A plaid
pantsuit is flattering on the body but hard on the eyes.

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Fashion Week Notebook | Chaiken


Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways: This season, Chaiken is about minimal — but by no means drab — wardrobe essentials for her, with basic solid colors at the forefront. Staples like black pants turn from plain to powerful when paired with cropped jackets and crisp white shirts, and the LBD is pure class.

Color Palette: Almost exclusively black, with bits of red, grey, white and beige.

Silhouettes: Comfort is key, as reflected in roomy coats, straight, loose trousers and shapely below-the-knee dresses.

Accessories Report: This season’s simple Chaiken gal needs not jewels but deep red ankle-length pointy boots to spice up her wardrobe.

What’s Wearable: Wear all of this collection’s relaxed trousers, oversized turtleneck sweaters and black sequined dresses without any fussiness.

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Fashion Week Notebook | Iisli


Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways: The Iisli enthusiast can be a dancer, a matron, a schoolgirl or a vixen, depending on the piece she sports. She doesn’t dress with simplicity, but rather sports layer upon feminine layer of clothing.

Color Palette:
Though the collection consists of  little color, ensembles are rarely all one hue. Instead, silver, beige, black, grey,
brown, olive green, maroon and blue are worn together.

Silhouettes: Loosely pleated short dresses underneath knit jackets;
deep v-neck stretch dresses; chiffon blouses with
long sleeves that bubble from shoulder to wrist. The only hint of tight
is black and grey leggings.

Accessories Report: Pointy-toed oxfords were everywhere, whether with daring thigh-high socks or with long, thin  scarves.

What’s Wearable:
A glittery silver wrap jacket is the perfect way to spice up a
colorless outfit.

What’s Not Wearable:
Silhouettes too fussy for the eye, such as a schoolgirl jumper; bunched-up,
high-waisted skirts that exaggerate the feminine pear shape; an overly
bulky olive green minidress; leggings with everything.

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Fashion Week Notebook | Luca Luca

 Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways:  Luca Orlandi has opted for cleaner lines, flowier pieces and an entirely different set of colors, resulting in an uncharacteristically neutral fall collection.

Color Palette:  A refreshing spectrum for fall: winter white, watercolor blue, chocolate brown and cream set against steely greys and neutrals.

Silhouettes: Buttonless coats, skinny trouser pants, pencil skirts, ruffled blouses and tie-neck tops.

Accessories Report: Leopard stoles, oversized ombre enamel necklaces.

What’s Wearable: A simply elegant wool camel coat reminiscent of Zoran.

What’s Not Wearable: Oddly smocked empire waist cocktail dresses. You don’t want to look like an oversized preschooler!

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Fashion Week Notebook | Bill Blass

 Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways:  Cinch your waist with a bow, an obi or a skinny belt for a flattering hourglass shape.

Color Palette:  Steely greys and neutrals, with pops of rich color such as garnet and charmeuse.

Silhouettes: Dresses and skirts with wide belts with exaggerated buckles. Tulip skirts and cropped jackets are both here to stay for at least one more season. Stiffer, more ornate fabrics — like embroidered silk and jacquard — replaced flowy spring fabrics.

Accessories Report: Uber-wide belts are back! This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to put your skinny belts away — both are wearable this season. Bows were huge at the show as well, manifesting themselves as large ties at the neck and also as cute adornments elsewhere on the body.

What’s Wearable: An above-the-knee strapless dress with black-and-white chevron stripes. So classically Bill Blass.

What’s Not Wearable: Full-sized ballgowns with wallpaper patterns.

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The City Bakery’s LA Outpost is OPEN

News Flash (by way of Traci and Daily Candy): the much-anticipated City Bakery in Los Angeles is now open! 

The girls of Omiru can’t get enough of the cold hot chocolate and the chocolate tarts (deeply rich chocolate filling surrounded by a slightly flaky chocolate pastry crust!).  The melted chocolate cookies are also divine.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. 

And I’m glad I don’t have to Jet Blue it over to NYC (3 W. 18th St, at 5th Ave…a couple of doors down from the Express) to get my fix!

The City Bakery
Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th Street at San Vicente Boulevard, Santa Monica

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[Spotlight Post] Ready Made Outfit: Out for a Latté

Even if you’re just meeting the girls for a quick latté at the corner coffee shop, you’re going to want to look great.  Maybe not Dressed Up chic, but definitely casually gorgeous.   

After all, you never know who else you might see there.

Fashion Formula = Peacoat + Cute Casual Top + Cropped Pants + Carry-Everything Bag + Casual Flats.

Diesel Estitchyn Jacket

Diesel Estichyn Jacket | $290 at CoutureCandy

Iisli Lace Hoodie

Iisli Lace Hoodie in Black | $228 at CoutureCandy

BCBG Cropped Linen Pant

BCBG Drew Relaxed Linen Pant | $126 at CoutureCandy

Botkier Stirrup

Botkier Stirrup Handbag in Twilight | $615 at CoutureCandy

Gee WaWa Solid Weave Flat

Gee WaWa Solid Weave Flat | $90 at CoutureCandy

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Editor’s Note: Yup, that’s right…this is Omiru’s First Ever advertisement.  To mark this occasion, we wanted to let you into our conversation about how we think about advertising. 

We strongly believe that advertising can be helpful.  We know people who buy the Sunday newspaper just for the ads!  And don’t tell us that you’ve never clicked on a Yahoo or Google text ad because it seemed like the best answer to your search!  With that belief in mind, our goal is to make our ads as useful as possible.  Hence the design of this post like a "Ready Made Outfit."

That said, we want to make the distinction between editorial and advertising plainly obvious.  In case it wasn’t already clear, this post is sponsored by our friends over at In this case, and in all advertising going forward, we’ll note these special posts with a "Spotlight" tag in the headline. 

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Omiru’s Updated Fashion Week Trend Roundup

Here’s our update to Omiru’s Mid-Week Fashion Week Trend Recap:

Oversized Collars: We’re talking HUGE collars here.  Overwhelmingly Large Lapels.
Doo Ri, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Willow, Marc Jacobs

Short Sleeved Dresses: And they’re not even matronly!
Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Narciso Rodriguez

Asymmetry: We’re seeing this trend play out beautifully on coats with asymmetric closures. 
Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs

Fur Trim: Seems to be the status symbol du jour.
Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Zang Toi

Shearling: I suppose this counts as an offshoot of the fur trend.
Oscar de la Renta, Lacoste

Powerful Working Woman: Nicely cut pantsuits and skirt suits…great for the office!  BTW–if you want to check out a group of powerful women bloggers, stop by  Disclaimer: I’m pitching in over there as the Fashion and Shopping co-editor.
Carolina Herrera, Zang Toi, Luella Bartley, Tuleh, Narciso Rodriguez

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Fashion Week Notebook | Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2006
Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways: Last season was about controlled volume, and while this season continued that theme, it was more about volume and less about control.  Key trends include (1) Bubble skirts, (2) Waistline emphasis, (3) Oversized collars, (4) Voluminous Sleeves, (5) Asymmetry, (6) Ruffles, and (7) Boatneck necklines, and (8) Fur trim detailing.

Color Palette:  Mostly neutrals and muted colors, with splashes of red, blue, and gold.

Silhouettes: Three major silhouettes: (1) Slim all over, (2) Full over slim, (3) Slim over Full.  Perhaps the most memorable silhouette is the bubble skirt with fabric gathers at the waistline.  Oscar also showed oversized collars, boatnecked styles, cape-like jackets, tuxedo detailing, poufy sleeves, and an overwhelming emphasis on the waistline.

Accessories Report: Long gloves, trunk-like purses, necklaces with giant beads, and clutches.  

What’s Wearable: Eveningwear Standouts: A little black dress (shown above) that’s anything but ordinary–short sleeves, cinched belted waistline, and an cross between a boatneck and a funnel neckline.  And that sexy black lace strapless number that accentuates a woman’s hourglass figure.

What’s Not Wearable: A blouse with a leg of mutton sleeve…reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld’s "Pirate shirt."  The bubble skirt, as is, is going to be a tough one to pull off.

Want more Fall 2006 trend information?  Check out Omiru’s Mid Fashion Week Trend Recap!

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Fashion Week Notebook | Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Fall 2006
Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways:  Carolina Herrera’s collection encompassed both business-appropriate daywear and eveningwear.  Key trends from this collection included (1) Emphasis on the waistline (throwback to Spring 06), (2) Voluminous sleeves (seems to be a Big Thing this season), (3) Natural to High waistlines, (4) Square sunglasses, (5) Boatnecked styles, (6) 3/4 length coats, and (7) Tights.  Embellishments included fur trims, beaded styles, and bows (also So Spring 06).

Color Palette:  Both warm (red, orange) and cool (turquoise, lilac) colors complemented Herrera’s base of neutrals.

Silhouettes:  Waistlines were either at the natural waist or above, though bottoms came in both fitted and baggy varieties.  Sleeves tended to be voluminous, either at the shoulder or at the wristline.  Herrera seems to have a thing for asymmetry–and 3/4 length styles (both coats and sleeves came in this length).  

What’s Wearable: Personal standout: An exquisitely detailed pintucked black sheath dress.  We also appreciated her asymmetric suits, her slim pencil skirts, and her boatnecked jackets.

What’s Not Wearable: Huge medallions around your neck…what are we, on the Sopranos?  The Victorian-inspired getup with the pouf sleeves and Full skirt isn’t going to win anyone any Best Dressed awards.   Traci would also frown upon the vinyl-ish black and clear polka dotted dress. 

What’s hot for Fall 2006?  Check out Omiru’s Mid Fashion Week Trend Recap!

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