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How To: Wear black without looking gothic or uncreative

Unless you’re purposefully trying to look depressed and angry, there’s no need to drown yourself out in black gear that has no personality. Although the LBD trend is back in full force, you don’t want your outfit to scream “blah.” That said, your black side of the closet doesn’t have to sit and sulk while the rest of the colors get all the attention. Paired with the correct accessories (shoes, jewels, handbags), a black outfit can rock the world like no other color.

To add zest to your ensemble, wear one (key word: one) of the following:

Pointy red mules: Imagine the surprise of onlookers the minute they look down at your fabulous red shoes.
Chain-link bracelet: With a black dress, black shoes, and bare neck, sport a chunky chain link bracelet (preferably one with two tones like dark red and gold) that stands out on your wrist.
Long, layered necklace: Whether they’re pearls or beads, long necklaces are in. Sport this look only if the neckline of your dress is conducive. Try the look with a turtleneck, crewneck or plunging neckline.
Colorful handbag: The contrast of the black with the rich color will automatically put you on the fashion map.

Bottom line: Always add a spice of color when going black.

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Top 5: Unflattering Pieces for Women with Curves

Curves. All women have ones they want to emphasize and others they’d prefer to downplay. But how do you know you’re not downplaying the good curves and highlighting the bad ones?

While most people won’t tell you if you’ve made an unflattering choice, we here at Omiru know that a good friend never lies. Unless you’re a six-foot tall model with a washboard stomach and legs for days, we suggest you stay away from the following:

#1. Expectant mother tops. We know a tall, slender woman who got asked if she was expecting…when she wasn’t. The culprit? You guessed it–the awful Expectant Mother Top. Stay away from pieces that tent out under the bust, especially those with extraneous, bulky fabric.

(Photo Credit: Active Endeavors)

#2. Shants, gauchos and culottes. They hit at the widest part of the calf, making your legs look shorter and fatter.

 (Photo Credit: Blush)

#3. Overly tight microfiber or spandex. We don’t think this looks flattering, ever–even on a slender bod. We do, however, think it looks slutty.

(Photo Credit: Arden B.)

#4. Crop tops. They spotlight the "pooch" above the groin, especially when sitting down (like the model below).

(Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret)

#5. Tea-length skirts. Refer to #2. Instead, try to aim for a longer skirt, or try our favorite length: just below the knee.

(Photo Credit: J. Crew)

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Club Style | Mr. Smith’s Nightclub

Hats worn indoors

Trend Alert: Sporting Hats Indoors

Oversized Bags

Trend Alert: Oversized Shoulder Bags


Trend Alert: Trenchcoat as Club Gear

Woven Belts

Trend Alert: Woven Belts

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Animal Glass Pins

Animal Glass PinsAgain, my love of animals gets the better of me.  They have rabbits!  And squirrels!  And a mountain goat! 

I want a penguin.

$9  at Cut+Paste.

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Ready Made Outfit: Maritime Fun at Forever 21

Our colleague Agathe over at StyleBytes wrote about how the everpresent Nautical trend is starting to grow on her.  We’ve been fond of it since the beginning, and we found some particularly sailor chic items while browsing at Forever 21 over the weekend.  Our two cents?  Keep it casual–lest you look like you belong at sea.

Fashion Formula = Striped Tank over Polo Shirt + Jeans + Flip Flops.
Forever 21 Sleeveless Sweater Top

Sleeveless Sweater Top | $17.80 at Forever 21

Forever 21 Glitter Polo

Glitter Polo Top | $13.80 at Forever 21

Forever 21 Straight Leg Denim Jeans

F21 Premium Straight Leg Denim | $29.80 at Forever 21

J Crew Classic Wedge Flip Flop

J Crew Classic Wedge Flip Flop | $16.50 at J Crew

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