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Olive Martini Bracelet

Julie Garland Olive Martini BraceletOur latest find?  Jewelry from Julie Garland that is both affordable And chic!  With her down-to-earth prices and her focus on timeless styles that complement any look, what’s not to love?  We have an eye on her Olive Martini Bracelet, shown at left.

$37 at Julie Garland.

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The Surreal Life: Rebel Yell Launch Party

Rebel Yell Invite

During my whirlwind LA fashion tour, I stopped by the Rebel Yell launch party at Kitson on Sunday.  Here’s the scoop:

Who Showed Up: The celeb-studded event featured, among others, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Danny Masterson (That 70s Show), Chris Kattan, and David Spade.

Fashion Trends: The scene was casually cool and unmistakably LA…

  • Rebel Yell gear, of course.
  • Sunglasses Worn Indoors: So very Hollywood…and I suppose it worked well on Ashton.
  • Oversized Sunglasses: The glam oversized look hasn’t yet given way to the latest trend: Small and Square Sunglasses.
  • Wide Ties: Danny Masterson is bucking the Narrow Tie trend.  Way to be different.
  • Wispy Scarves: Great for decoration, bad for keeping warm! Seen on both men and women.
  • Paint splattered items: For an I-just-painted-a-house-today look.  
  • Velvet Blazers: I guess this trend is still going strong.
  • The Denim Miniskirt: What can I say…it’s LA.
  • Studded Belts: Yawn.

Really, fashion-wise, it was Everything Goes.  I
can’t tell you how many people I saw in a hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans
(designer denim, of course!).

The Food: All American Classics: Mini Sprinkles cupcakes, tiny hot dogs in buns, curly fries, ice cream sandwiches, and of course, an open bar.

The Swag: A Rebel Yell duffel bag, limited edition T-shirt and socks, and a scented candle.

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Trendscape: Tiny & Square Sunglasses

To the dismay of Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Ritchie, and hordes of bug-eyed wannabees, the Jackie-O-style sunglasses are being downsized to a much smaller dimension this Spring and Summer. Tiny & Square is the new look so start tucking away the oversized shades before you look expired. Speaking of ancient, don’t be surprised if this new look conjures up fond memories of the plastic rectangular 3-D lenses you once sported at Universal Studios in your childhood. Note: If you have a big face, Tiny & Square shades might make you look silly, so try before you buy.

retro stripes shades

Retro Strips | $19.99 at Any Sunglasses

Bluefly Fendi Grey Tint Slim Rectangular Sunglasses

Fendi Grey Tint Slim Rectangular Sunglasses | $120 at Bluefly

Target Swell Rectangular Black Frames with Brown Lens Sunglasses

Swell Rectangular Black Frames with Brown Lens Sunglasses | $12.59 at Target


Neiman Marcus Miu Miu Butterfly Sunglasses

Miu Miu Butterfly Sunglasses | $140 at Neiman Marcus


neon pink shades

Times Square Neon | $12.99 at Any Sunglasses

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