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Trendscape: Birds on Shirts

During my LA fashion tour, I noticed a distinct avian trend…and not just in the sky.  Birds on men’s shirts were Everywhere, most notably at Modern Amusement’s room in Fred Segal. 

Want to get in on the bird-on-shirt action?  Look no further…

Modern Amusement Crowsicle Tee
Crowsicle Tee | $42 at Modern Amusement

Palmer Cash Bird Cage T-Shirt
Men’s Bird Cage T-Shirt | $20.97 at Palmer Cash

Urban Outfitters Brown Sound Fly Lower Tee
Brown Sound Fly Lower Tee | $32 at Urban Outfitters

Hollister Boomer Beach Surf Tee
Boomer Beach Surf Tee |  $15.50 at Hollister

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Summer Fashion Forecast | Celine Goes Golfing

Summer may be four months away, but it’s never too early to learn about upcoming trends. Even if you’ve never swung a golf club in your life, it would be to your stylish benefit to sport Celine’s Summer 2006 Open Golf line. Inspired by the Couture Sportswear initiated by Madam Vipiana (aka Celine, the founder of the line) and fused with urban practicality, Open Golf ensures that all chic women, golfers or not, can don this half sporty, half preppy collection outside of the putting range.

Color Palette: Tangerine, white, khaki beige.
Silhouettes: Inverted pleats, tartan skirts turned up, Bermuda shorts, cardigans, polo shirts.
Accessories: Beige leather sneakers marked by CELINE logo, ankle socks, beige bag with canvas flap and tangerine leather band, solid white or orange visor.
Where to Buy: In Celine stores mid-March.

Celine Golf Open

What’s she wearing?  White Cotton Polo, White Jacquard Chain Print Sleeveless Cardigan, White Cotton Short Pants with Bicolor Belt, Coral Cotton and Linen Canvas C Sulky Long Strap Bag, Khaki Lambskin Glove.

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Random Review: The City Bakery LA

I’m in LA for the long weekend, and I finally made it over to The City Bakery in Brentwood.  Since I’m here, and I have my laptop and cellular Internet, I thought that I would share:

The City Bakery LA verdict?  Good, but incomplete.

The Good:

  • Actual food foods (as in not dessert): nice selection, including salmon, their classic Mac & Cheese, and even a fruit bar (scary to me).
  • The Classic City Bakery Hot Chocolate.  Rich, viscous, and oh-so-good. 
  • Decor: Nice, airy, clean atmosphere…and they have laminated cork tables.   I heart cork.
  • The Melted Chocolate Chip cookies.  Pricey at $3, but excellent.

Needs Improvement:

  • No Cold Hot Chocolate on the menu.  But then again, it’s not rocket science to make.  Ask for a cup of ice with your Hot Chocolate, and mix.  Tastes the same.
  • No Chocolate Tarts: They’re my favorite…and it looks like I’ll have to trek over to NY to get these, at least for now.  

The City Bakery

Brentwood Country Mart

225 26th Street at San Vicente Boulevard, Santa Monica


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Lola Lola Blouse

Lola Lola Blouse at Anthropologie

Thanks to the latest black fad, clothing stores are carrying chic dark items again.  You no longer just need bright colors to reflect your vibrant personality! Sport this short-sleeve button-down top at the office or happy hour.

$78 at Anthropologie

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Project Runway Season 2: The Calm Before the Storm

All photos courtesy  of

Fans of the fashionista reality show can rest a little bit easier now that the final three have been announced: Daniel V., Santino and Chloe.  This past Wednesday, the final four designers (the three, plus Kara) had to design an evening gown suitable for Iman, the majestic supermodel/diva/wife-of-David Bowie.  With such a daunting challenge before the honorable opportunity to show at fashion week, you’d think the designers would pull out all the stops – but think again.

I have to agree with the judges when they said they were “underwhelmed.”  The pieces they showed were flat out boring.  Take a look:

Chloe’s Dress:  Yawn…

 Santino’s Dress:  Didn’t they already do the figure skating costume challenge?

 Kara’s Dress:  Double yawn.  I understand why she was eliminated.

Daniel V’s Dress:  I guess it’s a "winner."

Out of all of them, Santino (although it was a bit horrendous) had the most interesting gown.  Everyone else had pretty designs, but as Santino said, they were “safe.”  They were as exciting as watching curling on the Olympics.  It’s as though the designers thought too inside of the box, and they put all their focus on the schematics of tailoring rather than vehicular creativity.  

Nonetheless, there HAD to be a winner. Daniel V. took the golden pin cushion on this challenge.  After seeing the Project Runway collections at fashion week, I am sure a lot of people are going to be a little bit disappointed.  We shouldn’t compare them to those of last season, but after seeing ingenious collections by Jay McCarroll and Kara Saun, it’s kind of hard not to.

The outcome will certainly be interesting.  Daniel, Santino and Chloe’s collections shown last week all managed to stay in the same vein.  But if I had to choose a winner, I am going to go with Daniel…or Chloe…or maybe Santino.  I have no idea.  Stay tuned for the winner!

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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 2.17.06

Issue XXVIII of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a weekly compilation of the
cutest and coolest stuff Style Intelligence Report saw out there this

FFH is back after Omiru’s massive Fashion Week coverage, and this
week, we’re going gaga over printed tees, with two styles (one cute, one adorably nerdy) available for both men and women.

Actualize Artefacture Tee

Artefacture "Actualize" Tee| $28 at Artefacture

We like birds (well, minus Dino).  But we all like shirts.

Think Geek Geek Love Poem Tee
Geek Love Poem Tee | $14.99-$16.99 at Think Geek

Awesome.  Just…awesome.

Want a more comprehensive look at What’s in and What’s Out?  Susannah’s got you covered.

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Trendscape | From the Trenches to the Safari

Once again, the dictators of style have proved that what’s old is new.  Based on some of the looks at this past fashion week in New York (not to mention the stylish ones I recently saw at Zara), trench coats seem to be the “in” thing.  To go beyond the confines of the flattering cinched waists of these coats, safari-style jackets seem to be inching to the forefront as well.

Nonetheless, these pieces of outwear are suitable for the office or for a night on the town.  For both men and women, trenches and safaris are definitely a good way to spruce up an outfit to make you look sophisticated, stylish and most of all, keep you comfortable in mild weather.

Halogen Belted Safari Jacket | $78 at Nordstrom

Burberry Belted Violet Belted Trench | $840 at

Perry Ellis Belted Safari Jacket | $94.99 at Macy’s

Cole Haan Double Faced Safari Jacket | $158.09 at

Burberry Tan Trench | $995 at Bergdorf Goodman

Burberry Yellow Trench | $1,295 at Bergdorf Goodman

It looks like the frenzied check-patterned Burberry (the women’s violet is uber fancy) is the leader when it comes to chic outwear (no surprise), but it is a bit disappointing that there is a lack of belted safaris (not trenches) when it comes to the men’s side.  Even so, the white Cole Haan is clean and tight, while the yellow trench is a modernized hip makeover of the yellow raincoat.  I am sure as the word gets out, these jackets will invade the world like a “London Fog” – pun intended.

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[Sponsored Post] Ready Made Outfit: Night Out on the Town

Sometimes browsing stores in all corners of the web can get tiring. Sometimes it’s nice to find everything you need in one place. Whether you’re planning a girls’ night at the club or a fun dinner date, all the pieces of this outfit can be found at

Fashion Formula = Cute Top + Jeans + Metallic Bag.


Blousy Tank in Black/Silver by Development | $191 at CoutureCandy


Twiggy Jean by Joe’s Jeans | $173 at CoutureCandy

Hayley Bag in Sterling Silver by Moe – C.L.I.C.K. Bags | $143 at CoutureCandy

At CoutureCandy, you can shop all the hottest designers in one place.  You can read the latest industry news, get the inside scoop on the designers, and even keep up on (and purchase) what celebrities are wearing. You can share ideas and connect with other members of the CoutureCandy community via the exclusive "Couture Talk" Forum or get inspiring wardrobe advice from their "Personal Stylists."

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The Coolest Shoes EVER

9 West Fold Up Shoes

We’d normally feature these shoes in our shopping blog but we happen to think they are groundbreaking news for the modern working woman. Not only are these folding shoes some of the coolest-looking around, but they also come in a nifty folding pouch that isn’t even the size of one of your old, smelly sneaks. Perfect for throwing in your gym bag, purse or even carrying in hand, these shoes will silence your complaints about walking to work forever.

$59.99 at Nine West

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Boutique Review | Clair de Lune

Clair de Lune Boutique

Bubbly champagne, heart-shaped chocolates, and sweet sugar cookies—no, they weren’t the Valentine’s Day excess of a posh socialite. Rather, they were treats served at San Carlos boutique Clair de Lune’s Baubles & Bikinis Valentine’s Day Party. Although Clair de Lune hasn’t traded its shop permit for a liquor license, it does offer more than just fancy tops and designer jeans. The spacious store co-owned by two stylish sisters, Andrea Parks and Danielle Hicks, is also filled with antique candleholders, verdant wreaths, bath gels, couch pillows, studded belts and feminine undergarments. And if you happen to get motivated by the slogans on the wall (“Dance like no one is watching”; “Dreams do come true”), the inspiration doesn’t have to end when you exit the store because you can have it to hang on your own wall at home.

Price Point
: Tops and Tees, $30-60; Jeans, $120-270; Shirts, $80-200; Jackets, $150-400; Belts, $120-300; Evening purses, $60-80; Lingerie: $16-50.
Brands: True Religion, BCBG, Betsey Johnson, Charlotte Tarantola, French Connection, Kasil, Joe’s Jeans, Poleci, Red Engine, Felina, and more.
Sales: January and July.
Why San Carlos? “There was nowhere to shop in the area,” Parks said.  “We had to drive 15 minutes north to Burlingame, or 15 minutes south to Palo Alto.”

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