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Hip Hop Culture Couture

Hip Hop Fashion at Mamasan Fashion Show
Hip Hop Fashion as seen at the House of Mamasan Fashion Show

Hip-hop culture consists of four primary elements: MC’ing, turntablism, breakdancing and graffiti.  Some might say that basketball is the unspoken fifth element, but in our humble opinion, fashion is more relevant in the fabric of hip-hop culture.

Ever since the days of the retro rap of Run DMC, there has been a phenomenal impact of hip-hop culture in the world of fashion.  Think about it – the bling, the Adidas track suits, the fat laces, the hoop earrings – it’s all been a prominent force in urban street garb.

Now, the world of hip-hop takes up a reasonable chunk of the fashion industry.  Brands like Roca Wear, Sean John, Baby Phat, Fetish and Akademiks play a big role in hip-hop while other brands like Triple 5 Soul and Juicy Couture are more of an authoritative undercurrent.

Sure, there are the more obvious aesthetics involved in this realm (i.e. uberbaggy jeans, Kangol hats, throwback jerseys), but there is a less blatant spectrum to this edgy world of hip-hop.  And as cliché as it may sound, it’s a lot about the attitude when trying to pull off some of these hip-hop clothes.  Otherwise, you’ll just look like a big poser.


 ecko Connectivity Track Jacket | $68 at



Rocawear Men’s Aspen Jean | $75.99 at


 House of Dereon Cashmere Blend Swing Coat | $109.99 at


 Apple Bottoms Stitched Apple Jeans | $39.99 at

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Locket Necklace

Madley�s Locket NecklaceVintage pieces + Designer genius = A necklace that is One of a Kind.

$285 at Maneater Threads.

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House of Mamasan Fashion Event Better than Food

Local Bay Area designer Andrea Lamadora of House of Mamasan debuted her Spring collection at the Supper Club, where beds replace chairs as a means of lounging. Despite the hordes of stylish fans sprawled out as if in the comfort of their own home, the night was anything but sleepy. 

Lamadora’s creations are wise beyond her quarter some-odd years. Kimono tops with exaggerated sleeves and dresses made of rich fabrics dominated the room. Vibrant colors, a signature of the Oakland resident, reflected a streak of global influence from her worldly travels to Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cuba, the Yucatan, and Hawaii. Her unconventional styles are not only influencing northern California club hoppers and hipsters, but also celebrity clientele such as Bay Area natives Goapele, Jean Grae, Tekitha, Aceyalone and The Hieroglyphics. 

Designing isn’t Lamadora’s only forte: Her styling works have showed up in magazines such as Hype Hair, Essence, Vibe, Ebony, Savoy, Jane and Teen People. Check out


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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 3.17.06

Issue XXXII of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a weekly compilation of the
cutest and coolest stuff Style Intelligence Report saw out there this

week, we went animal happy and found a handstitched embellished tee for women and a unique iPod case for both men and women.

For women:


saltlick nyc \"angry kitty\" tee

Angry Kitty Shirt | $58 at Saltlick NYC

 The handstitched design (and, of course, the kitty) make this tee stand out.  But why is Kitty so angry?  Special deal for Omiru readers: 20% off until 5/1/06 with code OMIRU06!

And for Men and Women:

Fluffy Co. iPod case
Hummingbird iPod Case | $24 at Fluffy Co.

Birds really are making quite an appearance these days.

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