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Omiru Poll Results: Leggings are Out

Leggings Poll Result

We asked: Are Leggings In or Out?

You said: It seems that Leggings are Out of style.  Only 17% of you think they’re still in style, and a whopping 44% say they’re Out.  And another 39% say that they’re on the way out.

Omiru’s take: Though the throwback to the 80s was charming for a short while, it seems that the romance of the past (at least with these leggings) is over.  The problem we see with them is that they’re just not super flattering.  The short-skirt-over-leggings look that seems to be this year’s frilly-skirt-with-Uggs works for the uber-leggy, but what about the rest of us?  And given the wealth of other fashion choices out there, aren’t there more flattering options? Leggings were fun while they lasted, but it’s time to move on.

Next Question: What do you think about Skinny Jeans?  Are they In, or are they Out?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

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Rag & Bone Grey Swallow Tee

Rag & Bone Grey Swallow Tee Cool print, and it goes along with this whole Birds on Shirts trend.

$62 at Active Endeavors.

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Trendscape: Decorative Belts

It’s not news that belts are heading up north.  Whether you choose to wear the following styles on your hip or on your waist, one thing’s for sure: they are all a surefire way to spice up an ensemble.

If you have $$$ to burn:

NM belt


Embellished Wide Leather Belt | $475 at Neiman Marcus  



Anthropologie Elemental Belt


Elemental Belt | $169.95 (sale) at Anthropologie

 $$ instead of $$$:

bloomingdales studded belt

Floral Studded Leather Belt | $85 at Bloomingdales

Chic on the Cheap!

studded double wrap belt

Studded Double Wrap Belt | $34 at Urban Outfitters

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