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Blogger Profile: Andy Knight of Denimology

Denimology What’s new in the world of denim?  Omiru got the scoop from Andy Knight of Denimology, a new UK-based site that brings you news and reviews of the best premium and vintage denim.

Omiru: What do you think about the future of the premium denim industry?  

Andy: I don’t think that the premium denim industry is going anywhere soon. I predict that more niche denim manufacturers will start producing products such as Cheap Monday’s budget premium denim collection priced at around $50 for punk looking skinny jeans or PRPS who produce super high end ($300+) highly distressed denim for men.

O: What’s up next for premium denim brands?

A: This year, women are going to see less faded, distressed, bootcut jeans and more super skinny dark jeans like those from J Brand. Men’s collections are also going to see more heavy dry unwashed selvage denim such as the Nudie Dry Denim range.

O: What’s your take on why premium denim skyrocketed in popularity over the last half decade?

A: Consumers were sick of being sold poor fitting jeans made of low quality denim that made everyone look like a grease monkey. Female consumers quickly realized, with the arrival of premium denim, that it was worth paying the extra money for a pair of jeans that made you look fantastic and that you could dress up or down. And men, of course, enjoyed looking at the women that were wearing those premium jeans.

O: What inspired you to start Denimology?

A: I was spending a lot of time searching for the perfect pair of jeans. I thought, "Surely I can’t be the only person like this," so I started a blog for all the other denim addicts out there.

O: Tell us about Denimology.

A: Denimology is dedicated to denim addicts everywhere.  It is updated a couple of times a week with the latest news and photos of premium and vintage denim.

O: Anything we forgot to ask?

A: What’s my current favourite pair of jeans? Nudie Regular Ralf Dry Selvage.

Read more about denim at

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Sunny Side Up Necklace

Sunny Side Up Necklace The handmade three-layer 16" necklace is made of sterling silver chain, citrine, peridot, and turquoise gemstones.

Part of designer Laurel Denise’s "Color Me Happy" collection.

$90 at Laurel Denise.

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Ready Made Outfit: Trying Not to Match

If you think trying to match clothes is hard, try trying to NOT match them. “How
does that make sense,” you’re thinking. “I thought the point of mismatching is that you don’t care enough about style to take the time to put together corresponding ensembles.” Although in the past matching clothing was synonymous with caring about fashion, today there’s a certain style to the I-look-like-I-just-threw-on-these-clothes-in-the-
dark-but-I-really-spent-quality-time-hand-picking-them look.

When mismatching your outfit, remember that it still has to look somewhat put-together. Yes, the point is to look like you threw on your outfit in the dark, but no, it’s not supposed to make you look like you could care less about what you’re sporting. Our favorite mismatched look? Don a big, colorful skirt and with a vintage rocker tee, a fashion formula courtesy of our fellow fashionista Agathe at Style Bytes.

Ramones tee

Ramones Modal Tee | $28 at Urban Outfitters

Nordstrom skirt

Nanette Lepore Big Pocket Skirt | $280 at Nordstrom

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