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Begeren Moorea Tote

Moorea Tote
Love the gorgeous curves on the handles and the eyelet details.  Begeren bags are all about the details, right down to the Japanese-motif cotton print lining.

The Moorea was inspired by and named after one of designer Linda Ly’s favorite vacation destinations - Moorea, Tahiti.  They both share a clean, casual, laidback appeal and the bag’s summer colors were chosen from the same bright palette of the island’s gorgeous tropical blooms.

Linda created the Moorea tote to be an ultra-versatile bag that you can take to the beach or to everyday errands around town… whether it’s the market, the mall or lunch with friends.  It’s large enough to carry all your necessities but still small enough to be toted around by hand.  It also keeps you organized; there are cargo pockets on the outside that let you store spare change or receipts, plus several compartments inside for your sunglasses, cell phone and PDA (yes, ALL of them!).  You also don’t have to worry about rummaging around for your keys because the bag comes with a convenient key ring inside.

Pair it with all your summery dresses and espadrilles for a girly look or go for a more casual look with jeans and a tee.

$286 at Begeren.

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Trendscape: Masculine Overtones

There’s a difference between being a tomboy and dressing in chic outfits with a masculine touch. You can still maintain your girliness while rocking these rough pieces by accessorizing with feminine earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and handbags. Marc Jacobs’s Spring collection at Fashion Week (as seen in PaperMag) was an overly dramatic interpretation of masculine women’s gear. Style Bytes notes that the latest masculine look is sexier and more laid back, but don’t try stealing your boyfriend’s duds to pull off this look.


Pleated Pinstripe Bermuda Short

Pleated Pinstripe Bermuda Short| $22.80 at Forever 21  

racerback tank

Shameless Crochet Racerback Tank | $30 at Nordstrom

striped polo

Paul Frank Julius Stripe Polo | $38 at Nordstrom 


menswear vest

Caslon Menswear Vest | $58 at Nordstrom

Couture Candy Army Pants

 Eyelet Woven Pant | $194 at CoutureCandy


On Your Feet “Leola” Flat Sandal

On Your Feet “Leola” Flat Sandal | $49 at Macy’s

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Work and Play Cufflinks

Work Play Cufflinks Work != Play;

Lovingly designed by Valencia.

$100 at Trunkt.

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Gen Art San Francisco | Erica Tanov

Photo Credit: Drew Altizer

Key Takeaways: This season was about unusual pairings of color, patterns and texture: We spotted jersey on satin, burnt orange combined with plum, and prints mixed in with plaids.

Color Palette: Orange and blue, chocolate brown and lime green, plum, burgundy, orange, champagne.

Silhouettes: Wide-legged pants, boxy jackets, slimming jersey wrap dresses and long, flowy skirts.

Accessories Report: Scarvestied around the head, around the neck, around the waist–anywhere you can dream up.

What’s Wearable: Virtually everything, particularly the beautiful champagne evening gowns included in the collection, as well as slimming wrap dresses and cropped jackets.

What’s Not Wearable: A fringed poncho channeling the year 2004.

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Trendscape: Men’s Embellished Jackets

Embellishment once used to be reserved for womenswear, but men are now being let in on the fun (and the snazzy details), according to FashionTribes. But not every man can sport this ultra-stylish look. Confident men who aren’t afraid to don a jacket that may be a tad more feminine than that of their girlfriend can pull this look off. Men who fear being labeled a Metrosexual need not apply. 


men\'s blazer

Allen B. Herringbone 3-button ‘Scandal’ Blazer | $219.99  at Bluefly


men\'s blazer

Triple 5 Soul Floral Dressy Blazer | $156 at Urban Outfitters

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Marci Cheary “Baubles” Limited Edition Print

\"Baubles\" Limited Edition Print by Marci Cheary Dress up your walls for spring with this mesmerizing limited edition print!

$180 at Trunkt.

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Gen Art San Francisco | DEMA

DEMA Gen Art

Photo Credit: Drew Altizer

Key Takeaways:
Volume is key: puffed sleeves, bubble skirts, and wide legged pants.  Oversized collars, deep v-necks, 3/4 sleeves, and double breasted coats make us feel like we’re watching NY Fashion Week.

Color Palette: Neutral shades, with splashes of green, purple, maroon, and mustard.

Silhouettes: 3/4
length tops, high waisted styles, deep-v necklines, long sleeved
styles, hemlines at the knee, bubble skirts, and a lot of

Accessories Report: Boots, colorful scarves, sweater caps, and dare we say a poncho!

What’s Wearable: Most everything.  Love the slouchy cardigans!

What’s Not Wearable: We’re not fans of the dark stockings–they make the looks older than they have to be.

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Trendscape: Oversized Collars

When it comes to collars these days, it seems that Bigger is Better. Everything from sweater collars to blouse and jacket collars are expanding,  so use the look to make your outfits more dramatic.  Style Bytes predicts that the look will take us into fall, so if the weather gets cold, make like a snail and tuck your head into your colossal collar.


Our Blow the Bank Pick: 

marc jacobs jacket

Marc by Marc Jacobs Chintzed Poplin Plisse Jacket | $458 at

Our Splurge Pick:

crop jacket

Plenty Shawl Collar Crop Jacket | $296 at Nordstrom

Our Affordable Pick:


Rigby Sweater Jacket | $74.95 (sale) at Anthropologie

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Gen Art San Francisco | Gytha Mander

Photo Credit: Drew Altizer

Key Takeaways:  Gytha Mander (meaning “A Gift From Me”) brings us a collection that fuses Rasputin-like tendencies with a Dsquared mindset.  Even so, his pitch-perfect men’s apparel exude a dark elegance that echoes equestrian regality with warm tailor-made suits.  His style seems to find that form-fitting nuance that seems to get lost in Western menswear.

Color Palette:  A mix of ruby reds, oranges, blacks, whites, teals, camos, blues, browns, purples, and a whole landslide of shades provide a warm hodgepodge of colors that compliment this collection.  All of them blend smoothly without taking away from the designer’s vision – especially the iridescent blue lined blazers.

Silhouettes:  Fitting each model to a tee, the mildly sharp, broad-shouldered blazers are juxtaposed with the autumnal skinny-fit trousers.

Accessories Report:  Ties are whimsically paisley printed and fancy with bold stripes, while scarves make an occasional appearance.

What’s Wearable: Nearly all of the outerwear is something all fashion-minded men would want to get their hands on – even the professorial herringbone jacket with leather elbow patches.  He switches things up with an alternative to the traditional button down shirt via the banker shirt.  The use of unique color perspectives and prints excel with the linings and stitching in the topcoats and blazers, while the trousers (even the denim) fit handsomely.   The overall contrasting textures make a lot of the pieces appealing and wearable.

What’s Not Wearable:
There was a recurring bib present on many of the tops.  They seemed more infantile than fashionable – but they are useful for those butter-dripping lobster dinners.  The trousers may have been
endearing overall, but there was one particular pair that drew unnecessary attention to the crotch area.  The pants looked like Brokeback Bon Jovi. Gytha Mander also utilized gun holsters in the collection (à la John Bartlett Fall Collection ’06.)  They make look cool on the runway, but unless you’re a prominent law enforcer, let’s leave this one on the racks.

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Diesel Snap Collar Dress

Diesel Snap Collar Dress Can we say H-O-T? 

$70.20 (sale) at Bluefly.

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