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Omiru Poll Results: Oversized Sunglasses are On the Way Out

Omiru Poll Result: Oversized Sunglasses are In...for now

Oversized SunglassesWe asked: Are Oversized Sunglasses In or Out?

You said:
They’re still sort-of in, but it seems that they’re reaching the tipping point towards On the Way Out.  While nearly half (48%) think they’re in style, 36% believe oversized sunglasses are on the way out.  And the remaining 16% have already deemed them Out.

Omiru’s take: The dramatic sunglasses silhouette, like all trends, will have its rise and fall–and it looks like this trend’s star is starting to burn out.  The innovators, early adopters, and much of the early majority have each burned through this trend, and it’s the late majority and the laggards who are left.  Going forward, wear this trend with caution!

Next Question:  Tell us, what do you
think about jackets with cropped sleeves?  Are they In, or are they Out?  Cast your vote on
the sidebar!

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What to Wear: Tara Jarmon Silk Bow Applique Camisole

purple tank

If you’re debating whether or not you should trek over to Target to check out Tara Jarmon’s French-inspired line, vacillate no more.  Go out and try on the Silk Bow Applique Camisole in Plum–the aforementioned feminine camisole is worth every penny of the $29.99.  I was thoroughly surprised at how nicely the top sat on my bodice, considering its price.


-    The cut is really nice and reveals a bit of cleavage,
-    The material is silky and comfortable,
-    It doesn’t look like you’re wearing a top from Target, and
-    It’s only $29.99.


-    The bow is made of a material that sheds like a hairy dog (be careful when wearing it with a long necklace because the material can get stuck to the chain), and
-    I haven’t washed mine yet but I am a bit scared to because I feel like it won’t look the same once I do.

Wear it With:

Cuffed brown short shorts, off-white open-toe pumps, and a long gold-chain necklace.

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Rubber Cufflinks

Rubber Cufflinks from Up to You Toronto Disposable rubber cufflinks: what a clever idea!

The pack of four pairs comes in either pink or black.

$25 at Up to You Toronto.

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