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How To: Dress Ten Pounds Lighter

Theory Domina Above DressThe key to dressing ten pounds thinner has much to do with a good magic trick.  Like a magician that uses misdirection to compel his audience to look where he wants them to, you can visually create a slimming, elongated vertical line for the eye to follow.  However, you don’t need to be a magician to look like you’ve shed pounds.  To look like you’re ten pounds thinner without so much as a trip to the gym, try:

Wearing What Fits:
Fit is the #1 determinant of whether you look poor or polished.  For good fit that flatters, look for clothes that skim your body.  Body-hugging clothes, or those that pull at the buttons, only draw attention to problem spots.  Before you wear something out of the house, make sure that nothing is puckering or pulling. And when in doubt, go one size up.  The looser fitting clothing will encourage others to ask the golden question: “Have you lost weight?”

Monochromatic Outfits: The simplest way to create an elongated vertical line is to craft an outfit in one color.  However, you needn’t be so strict—dressing in light and dark variations of one color creates much of the same effect. 

Vertical Lines: Instead of wearing garments with strong horizontal detailing, try ones with vertical details.  What kinds of details are we talking about?  Zippers, buttons, stripes, piping, pockets, and other embellishments.

Dark Colors: It’s no secret that dark colors tend to recede, and light colors tend to come forward.  Though wearing dark colors visually minimizes problem spots, wearing head-to-toe dark colors can be dreary.  Play up your best features by strategically adding lighter colors in those places.

Wearing Something You Love: To truly look amazing, you also have to feel amazing about yourself.   And there’s no better way to feel good about yourself than to be wearing something that you love.  Draw attention to your best features with a favorite sweater that shows off your amazing collarbone or an eye-catching necklace that frames your gorgeous face.

Pictured: Theory Domina Above Dress | $275 at Shopbop.

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Peacock Earrings

Peacock Earrings Lovely cool hues add a touch of the exotic to any outfit. 

$12 at Fred Flare.

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Five Must-Have Fall 2006 Men’s Fashion Trends

Inspired by a Lloyd Boston story on Fashion Fundamentals for Men, we’re responding with Omiru’s own Top Five list of Fall Fundamentals.


Regal and glamourous for a classy sophistication.

Fitted Stretch Poplin Shirt
Fitted Stretch Poplin Shirt | $59.50 at Banana Republic

Best worn in limited amounts, such as on a pair of shorts, a belt, tie, or even a blazer.

Hugo Boss \'Enzox\' Classic Dress Shirt
Hugo Boss "Enzox" Classic Dress Shirt | $95 at Nordstrom

Velvet Blazer
Bleed luxury with a fitted velvet blazer.

Ben Sherman Velvet Blazer at Nordstrom
Ben Sherman Velvet Blazer | $395 at Nordstrom

Mysterious and alluring, the trenchcoat is at once classic and right on trend.

Double Breasted Belted Trench
Double Breasted Belted Trench | $250 at Banana Republic

The Cravat
Model fashion’s romanticism with a uniquely patterned tie.

Floral Regiment Tie at Naked & Angry
Floral Regiment Tie | $105 at Naked & Angry

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Avia Messenger Bag

Avia Messenger Bag from Zaum With a signature wave design, this mesenger bag is fresh as a day at the beach.

$150 at Zaum.

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Shopping Guide: Gym Bags for Men

It’s nearly September, and the start of a new school year is a good a reason as any to turn over a new leaf.  What to do?  Resurrect your months-old New Years Resolution to start working out.  Guys, we’ve got your new favorite athletic bag.  Now, all you need is a pass to the gym.

Timbuk2 Duffel Bag
Duffel Bag | $60 at Timbuk2

Puma Dazzle Grip Bag
Dazzle Grip Bag | $40 at Puma

Puma Originals Grip Bag
Puma Originals Grip Bag | $65 at Puma

Jack Spade Bag
Industrial Canvas Natural Reversible Coal Bag | $125 at Jack Spade

Velocity Wheelbag at Adidas
Velocity Wheelbag | $120 at Adidas

Girls, are you looking for a bag to fit your workout needs?  Omiru has you covered with the Cutest Gym Bags Around.

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Cascado Russeto Necklace

Cascado Russeto Necklace Inspired by trumpet flowers that spill from the tendrils of their vines, designer Susan Hardiman created the Cascado Russeto Necklace. 

Because the necklace looks best against bare skin, Susan recommends pairing it with an open neck blouse, sweater or dress.  "I like the way the necklace delicately cascades on the neckline and accentuates a woman’s natural beauty."

Something you didn’t know about Susan?  Her three terriers are her muses.

$60 at Adornamenti.

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Omiru Poll Results: Colorful Handbags are In!

Omiru Poll Result: Colorful Handbags are In

Manzano Handbag at AnthropologieWe asked: Are Colorful Handbags In or Out?

You said: They’re In!  A full 76% are all for these brightly colored bags, while only 5% consider them Out.  The remaining 19%, however, believe they’re On the Way Out.

Omiru’s take: Colorful handbags are a great way to punch up your outfit, especially in a season so enamored of neutrals.  We can’t think of a better way to add oomph to a fresh white summery dress, or even the standard jeans and tee combo.  But make sure to pick a color you love…and one that makes a Statement.

Next Question: According to Women’s Wear Daily, this fall is the season of the dress.  We’re particularly partial to the classic wrap dress.  But what do you think?  Tell us, are Wrap Dresses In, or are they Out?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Manzano Hobo| $548 at Anthropologie.

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Diana Necklace

Gwen Davis Diana Necklace Mother of Pearl leaves from pre-war Japan and a solid brass vintage chain combine to make the prettiest necklace we’ve seen in months!

Lovingly designed by Gwen Davis.

$129 at Gwendolyn Davis.

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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 7.25.06

Issue No. 55 of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a weekly compilation of the
cutest and coolest stuff Omiru’s Style Intelligence Report saw out there this

week, in honor of all those  sleepy students fighting to stay awake in class, we bring to you two deliciously militant styles: a motocross jacket for women and a Limited Edition Triple Five Soul jacket named after the infamous Fidel Castro.

  Lux Multi Zip Canvas Moto Jacket
Lux Multi Zip Canvas Moto Jacket | $78 at
Urban Outfitters
Speedy chic at its finest.

Triple Five Soul Castro Jacket
Triple Five Soul Castro Jacket | $149 at Urban Outfitters
Rugged and utilitarian, with two chest pockets.

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French Duck Canvas Tote

French Duck Canvas Tote
French ducks make this tote adorable, and the bright yellow color is uber-trendy for fall.

But most of all, talking animals are awesome.

$24 at Fred Flare.

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