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Designer Profile: Peggy Li

A quick glance at designer Peggy Li’s work schedule, and you’ll (rightly) assume that she’s a superwoman.  Balancing a day job at notoriously hardcore technology company Electronic Arts and a second job running her own jewelry company, Peggy manages to create feminine, functional designs that are as unique as they are wearable.  Speaking of superwomen, you may have seen her designs adorning some of TV’s most popular vampire slayers–Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan.  Read on to learn about the ambitious designer, her thoughts on jewelry trends, and how she manages to balance work and life.

Jewelry Designer Peggy LiOmiru: How and when did you start making jewelry?

Peggy: I’ve been crafty and making jewelry all my life. But about 5 years ago I had started making jewelry again when I was living in Los Angeles—I was a poor journalist and wanted to have some pretty things for myself!

O: At what point did you realize that you were really on to something?   

P: After I sent in samples to my favorite TV show, "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" and the costume designer called me back and said, "We love it, please send more."

O:  In three adjectives, how would you describe the Peggy Li brand?

P: Feminine, elegant, and modern.

O:  Describe your design inspiration.

P: The beautiful natural materials I work with are an inspiration to themselves. I also look at current fashion trends for inspiration in my jewelry design. I don’t make anything that I wouldn’t wear myself.

Peggy Li Ringlet EarringsO: What has been your biggest challenge?

P: My biggest challenge has been running the business while still working full-time. While it meant missing out on a lot of opportunities, the slow growth has also let me continue to design when and what I like and keep the business personal.

O: What’s a typical day like for you?

P:  I wake up and check my email, answer customer questions and log in new orders. If it’s Monday-Wednesday, I then go to my day job and work and then come home and work on orders until midnight! If it’s Thursday or Friday, I spend the day working on orders, creating new designs, answering email, updating my website, and surfing the web for resources and ideas.

O: How do you balance your day job with your second job designing jewelry?

P: I recently went part-time with the day job and am living a much more balanced life now! I’ve also allowed myself a little breathing room, like not feeling guilty if I turn an order around in 48 hours instead of 24.

O: Little known fact about you?

P: I spent my first years in Los Angeles trying to make it as a screenwriter.

O: If your house was burning down, and you could only keep one thing in your closet, what would you keep?

P: I would keep my classic black leather Christian Louboutin pumps.

O: Thoughts on Silicon Valley style?

P: It is very very casual. Flip flops and t-shirts are a common sight at my job.

Peggy Li Lovely Leftovers BraceletO: Favorite piece from your collection?

P: My favorite piece is always my newest piece. Right now I love my Lovely Leftovers Bracelet!

O: Favorite designers?

P: My style has gotten so casual since moving back to the Bay Area! I’m wearing lots of jeans and Splendid t-shirts.  In terms of window shop designers, I love Balenciaga, Missoni, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Tom Nguyen.

O: What are the current trends in jewelry design?

P: Still lots of variation in chains, both in gold tones and silver. This fall I’m going for darks, with oxidized sterling chain and deep colors from red ruby, navy iolite, grey sapphires, smoky quartz and deep greens.

O: How about the next big jewelry trends?

P: Jewelry is great in that the trends get reinvented over and over again. The next big trend is taking the bohemian horns/tooth motifs from the past year and breaking them out into even broader nature themes. You’ll see insects of all sorts, branches, leaves, feathers, lots of critters in many interpretations.

Peggy Li Alphabet NecklaceO:  Jewelry-buying advice?

P: Buy only what you know you’ll wear! Don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver. Don’t be afraid to go big or dangly, even if that isn’t normally your style — anyone can pull off those looks.

O: What can we expect from your next collection?

P: Lots of luxe details like ruby accents and a move back to big stone necklaces.

O: What can we expect next from Peggy Li, the company?

P: Watch for my work to appear again this fall on ABC’s "What About Brian?"

O: Last words?

P: Everyone has a creative side — find it and express it, it will make you happy!

View and shop Peggy’s collection at!  Designs shown (from top): Alphabet Name Necklace, Ringlet Earrings, and Lovely Leftovers Bracelet.

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Braided Bead Charm

Bijou Boutique Braided Bead Charm
The Braided Bead Charm was originally designed by Lourdes Amador for a friend’s birthday.  But after seeing how many compliments it received, Lourdes decided to share the wealth and add it to her online store.

Lourdes recommends wearing this charm on a long chain–either alone or with other charms.  Wear it with this fall’s sweaterdress and leggings combo, or wear it to work under your Perfect blazer and a preppy shirt. 

Want more from Lourdes?  Bijou Boutique just launched a new line, "Rebellious," which unleashes Tough Love with beads and bangles.  Rebellious features street flavoured brass knuckles, antique keys, bad girl handcuffs, lucky dice, and sterling skulls.

$15 at Bijou Boutique.

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Ready Made Outfit: First Day of School

First impressions are everything, so put your best foot (and outfit) forward on your first day of classes this fall.  After all, you never know who you’ll bump into. 

But don’t get carried away–you are still going to school, meaning that comfort is key.  Our comfortably chic ensemble will help you feel confident…and who knows, it might snag you a new friend or two. 

Fashion Formula for "First Day of School" = Beaded Necklace + V-Neck Sweater +  Skinny Jeans + Slouchy Boots.

beaded necklace

Brown, green, white beaded necklace | $3 at Claire’s

v-neck sweater

Lightweight cotton v-neck | $33.99 (sale) at Banana Republic

Lux Stretch Slim Jean

Lux Stretch Slim Jean Grey Wash | $68 at Urban Outfitters

brown slouch boots

Matisse "Corsica" Boot | $124.95 at Nordstrom

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Peter Rabbit Charm

Peter Rabbit Charm There’s nothing more stylish than doing good while looking good.  You can do both if you pick up a Peter Rabbit (or other Rabbit) charm at Puppy Paws.  Charms are big for Fall, and 15% from every Bunny item sold benefits the House Rabbit Society.  Donations help pay for vet services for shelter bunnies.

So, go on, give the bunnies some love.

$29 at Puppy Paws.

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Fashiontribes Magazines Relaunched!

FashiontribesThe ever-awesome Lesley has just relaunched the Fashiontribes magazines for Fall, having recruited some of our favorite fashion bloggers as writers.  Look for the Manolo, Susan Scafidi from Counterfeit Chic, Pamela Pekerman from BagTrends, Casey from Teenfashionista, Karen Young from Clothes-Pin, and of course, yours truly.

Check us out under the Global Chic magazine, where we wrote the feature fashion article: "School of Fashion."

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Trendscape: Mad for Plaid

Think back to the early 90’s: upon hearing the word "plaid," one would envision Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain rocking out on his guitar, clad in his wrinkled plaid flannel button-down shirt. Flashback to now - plaid has undergone a major transformation and screams ruggedly elegant. Choose from one of our plaid picks, and you’ll be right on trend for fall. Nappy hair and tractor not required.

Lux Plaid Trapeze Jacket

Lux 3/4 Sleeve Trapeze Jacket | $68 at Urban Outfitters

plaid headband

Wide Plaid Headband | $16 at Urban Outfitters

plaid pants

Alicia & Olivia Sierra Plaid Skinny Pant | $264 at

Anthropologie Plaid Shoes

Paddington Peeptoes | $348 at Anthropologie 

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Sushi Candles

Sushi Candles at Femminastyle Deliciously cute candles for your kitchen or coffee table.

Free Shipping through August 31 if you enter the code "freeshipping" at checkout.

$12 at Femminastyle.

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Omiru Poll Results: Horizontal Stripes are In

Omiru Poll Result: Horizontal Stripes are In

Omiru Poll Result: Horizontal Stripes are InWe asked: Are Horizontal Stripes In or Out?

You said: They’re (barely) in.  56% of you are all for the horizontal stripes, but significant chunks of Omiru’s population think they’re Out (19%) and On the Way Out (25%).

Omiru’s take: While horizontal stripes are still In, they certainly aren’t universally popular.  Perhaps this hesitancy relates to the conventional fashion wisdom that declares that, like the camera that adds 10 pounds, "horizontal stripes make you look fat."  Our tip for suiting up in these stripes?  Opt for thin stripes, which appear more like an all-over fabric pattern, instead of the wide horizontal stripes that draw the eye from side to side.

Next Question: Colorful handbags in shades of sunflower, grass, and aqua are adorning the arms of fashion mavens.  But what do you think?  Should we beware of basic brown and black and have our handbags embrace these rainbow colors?  Tell us, are Colorful Handbags In, or are they Out?  Cast your
vote on
the sidebar!

Pictured: Vintage Print Peter Pan Top | $19.99 (sale) at Urban Outfitters.

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Color Rings Cutting Board

Color Rings Cutting Board at Satinbox
Make your next night of cooking loads more fun with this mesmerizing color rings cutting board (and trivet).  Both fashionable and functional, the stylish worktop saver is made from shatterproof toughened glass and can withstand temperatures up to 280 degrees. 

Special savings for Omiru readers: Enter OMIRU as your coupon code at checkout and receive 15% off your order!

$25 at Satinbox.

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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 8.18.06

Issue No. 54 of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a weekly compilation of the
cutest and coolest stuff Omiru’s Style Intelligence Report saw out there this

week, in honor of the back to school season, we bring to you bags that will effortlessly tote your books from dorm room to classroom.  And because we love you, we’re choosing ergonomically friendly (and unisex) styles–a fabulously functional backpack and a rolling bag. 

Going away to college and don’t know what to pack?  Enter Omiru’s Women’s and Men’s College Packing Hotlists, which will equip you to make the transition in style. 

  Incase Rip-Stop Backpack
Incase Rip-Stop Backpack | $99.95 at
Sleek, functional, and perfect for those who need gadgets on the go.

T-Tech Pulse West Broadway 20\" Wheeled Carry-On Convertible Backpack
T-Tech Pulse West Broadway 20" Wheeled Carry-On Convertible Backpack | $325 at
Roll your books instead of carrying them.  Your back will thank you.

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