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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Baby Phat

  Baby Phat Spring 2007
Photo Credit: Coutorture

 Key Takeaways: Funky layering with a liberal sprinkle of vamp.  We saw many separately wearable pieces but no sense of cohesion within the line. Detailing ranged from cowl to circle-cut necklines and tweeds mixed with opulent satins.  Swimsuits are featured as summer-wear with short kimono sleeve coverings.  Suit sets mirror the kimono detailing, while dresses feature short flowy tails.

Color Palette: Classic Indy 500 colors rev up this collection with diva reds, whites and blacks.  Neutrals such as beige and grey are accented by maroon.

Silhouettes: Top-heavy outfits feature more conservative pieces on top and risque bottom pieces such as swim suit bottoms and form-fitting cropped pants.

Accessories Report: As always, Kimora Lee Simmons (or just KLS) focuses heavily on accessories including the requisite large funky earrings with bright detailing, oversized structured bags, small fanny packs reminiscent of those of Gucci and the occasional-odd banana leaf shaped hair hat.
What’s Wearable: Delightful small pockets flank either side of skirts or jackets and create a balanced look on pieces that may lack a focal point.

What’s Not Wearable: The colored tights (purple, blue) featured in the show may cause those without model-thin legs to appear larger then they should.   We’d also recommend passing on the banana leaf  hats.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Alexandre Herchcovitch

Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2007
Photo Credit: Omiru: Style for All

 Key Takeaways: Halloween is not quite here, but it seems Herchcovitch drew some inspiration from his favorite costumes for his collection, which he described as inspired by Ndebele tribe of Zimbabwe. Don’t be spooked out, it’s nothing you can’t handle; we appreciated the skull adorned police cap, no doubt inspired by his fave necklace, which coincidentally features a skull.  True to form, we saw lots of color, lots of wackiness, and whole lotta attitude in this collection. And, if you thought every pattern in the world had been discovered, you’re wrong because Herchcovitch has come up with intricate patterns that rival the gorgeous stained glass windows of a European cathedral.

Color Palette: No colors in this collection are subtle: red, blue, yellow, white, green, black, pink, and lime green.

 Silhouettes: Much like its color, the silhouettes in this collection are not for the shy. We viewed tight overalls, loose off-the-shoulder dresses, boat-neck and cap-sleeve frocks, cropped trapeze jackets, flowy skirts, cuffed shorts, loose trousers, military-style jackets, pleated skirts, ultra-loose suits with cropped and cuffed pants.

Accessories Report: Aviator shades shielded the eyes of all the models, as did police caps marked with a skull emblem and Charlie Chaplin-style hats. Brooches held shawls in place, below-the-knee boots stomped the catwalk, and short leather gloves à la Michael Jackson graced the models’ hands. The rarest accessory, though, was a really thick and colorful bead-adorned necklace - if you can call it that, since its thickness rivaled that of a neck brace.  Doubt that these will really catch on with the masses, but they were visually interesting nevertheless.

What’s Wearable: Some pieces, if worn more modestly, can be pulled off in the streets. The cropped trapeze jacket was very chic, and a daring gal could definitely sport the military-like red jacket with buckles.

What’s Not Wearable: We’d recommend steering clear of the thick necklaces and hula-hoop-like belts, which we fear might make you look like a circus performer. Some of the patterns are too loud for the streets (we’d like them better in moderation), and we also spotted a pair of overalls that should be returned to its farmer owner immediately.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne Spring 2007
Photo Credit: Coutorture

 Key Takeaways: Designer Jenni Kayne apparently shares the same dilemma as most women when it comes to clothes: do we cover up in loose clothing, or do we put it all out with barely-there duds? Along with tiny bikinis, skin-tight one-piece bathing suits, short bubble skirts, and even shorter shorts, Kayne also stuck with what seems to be a theme for Spring Fashion Week 2007: volume. So while the designer wants you to participate in the latest loose trend, she also encourages you to bare it all. 

 Color Palette: Mellow yellow, bright yellow, maroon, navy blue, black, grey, and brown.

Silhouettes: Dresses took center stage with loose-fitting empire-waist minis, deep v-necks, Grecian off-the-shoulder styles, and v-necks with airy short sleeves. Mini-shorts, bubble skirts, bikinis, cropped blazers, and grandpa cardigans also made their way into the collection.

Accessories Report: Accessories at Kayne’s show were limited to wide leather belts worn at the natural waistline, silk fabric tied into a bow also at the waist, large square totes, and J-Lo-esque hats that come all the way down and bunch around your face.

What’s Wearable: Kayne made an effort to design each piece so that it could walk off the runway and into your closet. While we wouldn’t go sporting the tiny bikini to the mall, everything else translated really well to the streets (and ballrooms).

 What’s Not Wearable: The peach-colored cropped leather jackets are not necessarily unwearable, but they may make you feel like a character straight out of Grease!

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese Spring 2007
Photo Credit: Omiru: Style for All

Key takeaways: Can we say va-va-voluminous? Watching Reese’s show, one couldn’t help but notice that each piece in the collection - be it cargo shorts, trenchcoats, or turtlenecks - was loose and airy (even the toothpick-thin models looked a tad less famished). Reese also made full use of bangles and cuff bracelets, often piling them on in threes or fours. The designer also made it quite clear that bling (aka sequins) is here to stay.

 Color Palette: Initially, the collection was rather broody with black, white, and grey.  But midway, we felt a burst of color with fuchsia, hot orange, green, and red. Occasionally, loud sparkles glittered their way down the catwalk.

Silhouettes: It was all about volume for Reese. Sleeves, pant legs, bodices, and skirts were all characterized by a careful use of volume. We saw everything from flowy skirts to bubble dresses with equally bubbly sleeves, loose trousers, loose tunic dresses, strapless pantsuits, off-the-shoulder tops, and even a loose-fitting turtleneck.

 Accessories Report: The models were geared up in colorful bangles, chunky gold hoop earrings, skinny and wide belts (worn at–not below–the waist), and messenger and satchel handbags. The most creative accessory on the runway, however, was a bracelet made of silk and tied with a bow.

 What’s Wearable: Luckily, everything - although you may need to buy a few sizes smaller since the collection was so big on volume. We’re crushing on the loose-fitting turtleneck because they’re such a departure from the everpresent form-fitting versions.

 Celebrity Sightings: Andre Leon Talley (of Vogue) and Carmen Electra (she is so incredibly tiny in person!).

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Spotted: Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia
For all of you Project Runway Fans: Nina Garcia of Elle, spotted inside the tents before the Carolina Herrera show.

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