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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Atil Kutoglu

 <Atil Kutoglu Spring 2007
Photo Credit: New York Magazine

Key Takeaways: Atil Kutoglu’s exotic Turkish background suggests a collection that hints at opulence, and this season is no exception as he delivers  comfortably rich pashima shawls tied around the neck and fitted pieces paired with loose tunic-inspired jackets and outerwear.

Color Palette: Spring’s fancy has arrived in the form of pastels and basics: dusty blue, pale canary yellow, beiges and greys are chased with a fresh breath of shimmery golds, sparkling turquoises and a striking orange-red.

Silhouettes: The three L’s are in order:  Long, Lean and Layered.  Each combination that walked down the runway featured one of these elements and eschewed traditional rules of a fit bottom and loose top or vice versa for pieces that accentuated the shape of the hips but that did not ignore other parts of the body.

Accessories Report: Can we say tassels? Almost all of the models were featured wearing a small tassel necklace on a delicate chain.  So chic!  We also spotted the scarves mentioned before and lace-up Roman flats.

What’s Wearable: Hello, Casual Friday.  Three cheers for the almost-carelessly rolled up sleeves that remind us of sitting at home relaxing with a delicious novel and a glass of iced tea.

What’s Not Wearable:  Avoid the chest-flattening tube-dresses that may induce cleavage overflow in more voluptuous women.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Reem Acra

Photo Credit:
Omiru: Style for All

Key Takeaways:  Reem Acra has decided to add a sheen to Spring.   Her romantic eveningwear maintains a consistant flirty and flowy feel with half of the collection featuring a sheen finish.  Classic chiffon, brocade, starburst embroidery and beading, and even dip-dye techniques take this collection from from lovely to luxurious. As in Fall 2006, Acra has included at least one piece in a blood red (see above) that is so striking, we can’t help but feature it.  We also loved a pale cream grecian inspired dress that featured a cape that flowed back into the dress.  Vraiment romantique!

Color Palette:  Warm beiges, golds and browns predominate with a range of additional colors including white, blue, grey, pink-lavender and, of course, blood red.  

Silhouettes:  Puff sleeves dominate the more casual chiffon-based pieces, and trapeze shapes also appear in very Mod-ern dresscoats.  However, most of the line drives home a very romantic, yet structured, feel with the stiffer fabrics.  Skirt and dress bottoms range from knee-length styles to long floor-sweeping A-lines that seem to glide across the floor to sheath dresses with small trailing trains. 

Accessories Report:  How does a designer encourage an audience to focus on only the clothes in the collection?  Simple.   Do away with all handbags and jewelry and retain the same neutral flesh-tone on the straps of  the models’ stiletto shoes.

What’s Wearable:  We adored the simple wide chiffon straps and the lovely delicateness of the full length dresses that barely swept the floor.

What’s Not Wearable:  If large chested, do avoid a very low V-neckline.  Only you can prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Tuleh

Tuleh Spring 2007
Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways: Volume was definitely in the picture again, but this time it was mainly in the sleeves. Tuleh paired blouses with loose sleeves with clean, A-line knee-length skirts; the juxtoposition of the airy tops and form-fitting skirts was a winner. Another key trend was cocktail dresses with bubble bottoms and tight bodices. Trousers were noticeably less prominent in this collection–it’s clear Tuleh wants to give women back their femininity.

Color Palette: Main colors were black and white, but beige, orange, and pink made an appearance.

Silhouettes: A-line skirts, chiffon blouses with voluminous sleeves, loose trousers, double-breasted  coats, crewnecked houndstooth suits with cap sleeves, boatnecked dresses with bubble bottoms, mini skirts, wrap jackets, loose shirtdresses, mini cardigans, and strapless dresses with frills. 

Accessories Report: Accessories were minimal, allowing viewers to focus on the clothes. One model was seen wearing a black feather hat with a square crown.  Slick black belts worn at the waist accompanied long dresses, skirts, and shirtdresses.

What’s Wearable: Almost all items were wearable, especially the A-line skirts, shirtdresses, and the cocktail dresses.

What’s Not Wearable: Some blouses were completely sheer, so if you’re not comfortable baring it all, try a tank top underneath.  Cocktail dresses with bubble skirts feel too flamboyant for many parties, unless you’re going to the Oscars.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey models
Photo Credit: Omiru: Style for All  

Key Takeaways: Rachel Comey is single-handedly bringing back the sun visor. Well, we’re not so sure the  accessory was ever really in style, but either way, it’s on our radar for Spring 2007. Another interesting trend in Comey’s collection was gigantic trouser cuffs, seen on Bermuda length shorts and short pants. If you can’t picture how big the cuffs really are, we’ll just say they’re large enough to double as safe havens for your cell phone. As for shoes, look out for chunky platform heels next Spring.

Color Palette:
Comey’s overall color scheme was rather muted, so imagine the following hues in the most toned down versions of themselves: purple, brown, red, light peach, black, army green, teal, navy blue, and white.

Silhouettes: If you haven’t noticed so far, volume is a BIG trend at Fashion Week, and naturally, Comey’s collection followed suit. Controlled volume appeared in everything from bermuda shorts, scoop-neck dresses, triangle bikini tops, tube tops, button down shirts, dresses with deep v’s, both in the front and back, trapeze jackets, tiered tank tops, crocheted vests, and cigarette pants. The most unique piece, however, was a navy blue jersey dress with a large bow protruding from the chest area.

Accessories Report:
Belts of all kinds–thick, thin, and medium-sized–appeared on the catwalk. Some were black, one dared to be hot pink. Shoes included studded flats with ankle straps, chunky wedge sandals, and round-toe pumps (a throwback to previous seasons). Along with the straw visors (black or tan), all models sported next-t0-black lipstick on their lips. Comey had an interesting take on the  thick-belt-at-the-waist trend, designing a black cinched belt with a tan front and a unique buckle.

What’s Wearable: As native Californians, we’re all over the easygoing jersey knits and the loose shapes.  And if you tend to gravitate towards darker hues, Comey’s collection is ideal.

What’s Not Wearable: Sure, visors are good for blocking the sun, but we’re not sure how realistically they will translate to the streets.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Ashleigh Verrier

Ashleigh Verrier Spring 2007
Photo Credit: Coutorture

Key Takeaways: Key trends from Fall 2006 continued to influence Ashleigh Verrier, a recent graduate of Parsons and a former apprentice at Proenza Schouler.  The idea of controlled volume permeated her collection, which featured fabric manipulations from ruffles to ruching.  Verrier also continued to work with higher waistlines and cropped jackets and capelets, all hallmarks of the Fall 2006 season.

Color Palette: Neutrals (black and white) were joined by gorgeously wearable shades of mustard, orange, dusky rose, sky blue, and ocean blue.

 Silhouettes: Form fitting silhouettes characterized Verrier’s collection: bustiers, pencil skirts, tailored tops, skinny shorts, and fitted dresses.  A sprinkle of A-line styles rounded out Verrier’s collection.  Of note are the sailor shorts (nautical’s still big), thick straps on tops and dresses, the extra-long placket, wide lapels, capelets, bows, and tops with peplums.

Accessories Report: Strappy platform sandals and espadrilles adorned the models’ feet.  Necklaces were either shown thoughtfully layered or with large dangling gems.

What’s Wearable: We loved a flapperesque navy and white beaded dress (pictured), a flutter sleeve belted striped dress, and a half-sleeve cream coat with oversized collar and pockets.

What’s Not Wearable: Steer clear of the horizontal striped skirt with hidden pleats, which we found unflattering even on the model.  We’d also avoid the fabric-blocked top with wide straps and a long peplum, which accentuates thick arms and thick middles.

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