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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2007
Photo Credit: NY Metro 

Key Takeaways: Finally…Spring! With beautiful prints (Omiru hearts Marimekko), Oscar de la Renta’s collection truly embodies the season its being designed for. As with so many other collections, volume was a key trend.  In keeping with the bubble silhouette of the season, Oscar directed the volume to move down south to  skirts and bottoms of dresses.

Color Palette: White, red, blue (bright and light), yellow, fuchsia, and brown.

Silhouettes: Most of the skirts were voluminous, a throwback to the heyday of 1950s couture. Skirt volume alternated between over-the-top and kept at a minimum, as Oscar showed both fitted styles and bubble silhouettes. Silhouettes of note included cap-sleeve dresses, bubble skirts, trapeze jackets, an 80’s inspired prom-style sweetheart dress with a poof skirt, a bandeau bikini, a Jackie-O-style boatneck dress, the classic shift dress, and a slightly oversized unstructured skirt suit set.

Accessories Report: Square black glasses, white-rimmed glasses, a briefcase-style satchel handbag, many clear bags, and of course, the classic black patent leather belt at the waist.

What’s Wearable: Most of the dresses are wearable, especially the ones will clean details. An evening gown that will translate wonderfully for a formal event is the midnight blue silk sleeveless long dress with a simple scoop neck.  Bravo Oscar!

What’s Not Wearable: The intense bubble skirts are too dramatic for a non-celebrity, and we fear that they might make a gal look like she takes herself too seriously. 

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Spring 2007
Photo Credit: Coutorture

Key Takeaways: Bear with us because Marc Jacobs’ Spring collection is chock full of directional elements, the first being a flashback to the flapper era. As seen above in the photo, Jacobs modernized the traditional flapper girl by layering articles such as bubble pants and lace camis. Once again, volume took center stage, especially when it came to the trousers. Metallics also made a comeback, though not in full force (but look out for Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton Mirror Collection in December; it has lots of metallic handbags!). In true Marc Jacobs’ spirit, the collection also featured lots of layering, providing inspiration to stylists and fashionistas everywhere.

Color Palette: Neutral colors (white, khaki, and goregeous greys) dominated, but we spotted purple, orange, peachy-pink, and yellow.

Silhouettes: Baggy men’s trousers (both long and capris), loose men’s-style button-down shirts, tiered mini dresses, bubble dresses with triangle arms and bow details at one shoulder, short sleeved cardigans, and lots of layering.

Accessories Report: Jacobs is all about the head gear.  Seems Jacobs’ is not only trying to bring back the flapper style (via a headband with a flower at one side), but he is also trying to replace the big bugged-eyed glasses with square futuristic ones. Metallic handbags (messenger and satchel style) were also spotted, along with caps that look like they’re from Paris 2015.

What’s Wearable: Some pieces can be worn on the streets if they are toned down.  Like in so many of the other collections this season, we find exquisitely wearable pieces in Jacobs’ show–but not full outfits.  Especially wearable is the outerwear–swing coats, pea-coats, and cardigans.

What’s Not Wearable: We appreciate the over-the-top directionality of this
collection–had it been tamer, it would not have carried the intended
effect.  However, tone it down for the streets.
All of the cocktail dresses have too much going on for a simple gal. The baggy trousers threaten to make women look like their boyfriends, and the metallic outerwear is quite space-y.  Though bubble silhouettes are back in full force for Spring 07, we reiterate our PSA: Wear with caution.  We appreciate the novelty of the shape, but the smaller the pouf, the more flattering it will be.

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Backstage: Cynthia Steffe Interview with Omiru

Omiru’s own Melody Nazarian goes backstage at the Cynthia Steffe show to bring you a few words from the designer herself.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Kai Kühne

  Kai Kuhne Spring 2007
Photo Credit:
Omiru: Style for All

Key Takeaways: Kai Kühne describes his collection in one word as "sharp".  We’ll agree that the wide bottoms with cuffs, sash ties and flowy shirts do call us to attention with a nautical-inspired collection. 

Color Palette:  We imagine a stylish SoHo (NY) / Potrero Hill (CA) flat filled with all of these colors: neutrals in pure white, charcoal grey, brown and beige, with hints of a light army green, silvers and a delightfully sheeny black. 

Silhouettes: Draping creates figures and lines that manage to appear both loose and fitted along various lengths (natural waist and hips), while structure influences the sharp lapels and finishing touches. 

Accessories Report:  See last winter’s trend: necklaces with large knit ball-shapes.  We also saw silver chain necklaces and Christina Aguilera-esque open (and closed) peep-toe shoes. 
What’s Wearable:  Even though it is after Labor Day, the fitted white pants are very wearable option (pair with leather peep-toe shoes for a vamp look).

What’s Not Wearable
Avoid any detailing that is gathered at the rear, especially if you are particularly blessed in that area.  Also, gauchos.  Enough said.  

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Costello Tagliapietra

 Costello Tagliapietra Spring 2007
Photo Credit:
Omiru: Style for All

Key Takeaways: Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra’s Spring 2007 line reminds us of the classic cuts used in their Fall 2006 collection.  Both seasons share the duo’s passion for detail and tailoring, while the new Spring line brings us to another level of delicate elegance with a focus on excellently draped silks and sweetly simple dresses.  Fluttering and fit sleeves perfectly matched the fun tie-at-chest level detailing.  Beading also adding a sparkly extra for our viewing pleasure.  Our favorite moment, however, was when both designers appeared in matching lumberjack-esque outfits.  What a sharp contrast to their light and fancy dresses!

Color Palette: There’s something to be said for dusty understated colors of grey, pink, lavender, peach, salmon and orange.  Especially when they come together to add to the charm of a classic spring date dress.

Silhouettes: Each of the dresses sported gently fitted tops and bottoms with loose draping.  Shoulders are de-emphasized with a conscious lack of shoulder padding/structure.  Dresses feature flutter sleeves or bandeau-tie tops with ruching.

Accessories Report:  Costello and Tagliapietra are bringing "sexy back" (quick pop reference to Justin Timberlake’s summer hit) by keeping it simple with delicate stilletos that match the feminine flow of the dresses.
What’s Wearable:  Most of the collection had a great warm spring evening wearability.  With the right accessories, the 3/4 sleeve length with pencil skirt bottom dresses could also be work appropriate.

What’s Not Wearable:  Avoid the fluttery high waisted tops without any structure — they”ll give you an odd rectangle body shape if worn incorrectly.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Duckie Brown

Duckie Brown Spring 2007
Photo Credit: Coutorture

Key Takeaways:  Designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver maintain a fashionable sense of humor with spring apparel that is both uber-baggy and uniquely tailored.  All in all, it’s casual clothing for the lazy model.

Color Palette: Soft blues and earthy tones are combined with solid grays and blacks to create a simple, yet eye catching palette.

Silhouettes: We see a clear journey in the silhouettes as the garments progressed – first gangsta baggy, then loose-fit, and then fitted.

Accessories Report: A couple of strategically placed beanies are the only accessories in sight in this collection.

What’s Wearable: Although the sweaters are two sizes too big on all the models, they look very comfortable –same goes with some of the pants.  We also appreciated a brown plaid hooded suit, which was both enjoyable and innovative.  As for other forms of outerwear, most of the blazers are doable for the fashion savvy man – especially the black and white print ones.

What’s Not Wearable: The holey deconstructed piece seemed more suitable for a stylish hobo in a back alley drinking a 40 oz. out of a paper bag.  Also, he ballooning pants looked like scrub bottoms for the big and tall. They would not only make pre-bankrupt M.C. Hammer happy, but they would also fit a family of four comfortably.  Very funny, guys!

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