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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Y & Kei

Y & Kei Spring 2007
Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways: Y & Kei designers Hanii Yoon and Gene Kang (husband and wife) have summoned an angelic look to the Spring runways. As in previous seasons, the color white was widespread, and though most the cuts were simple, we noted hints of intricacy via ruffles, tulip shaped-skirts, and a sophisticated juxtaposition of textures.

Color Palette: White was definitely the most prevalent, but Y & Kei branched out into other neutrals and metallics: black, charcoal grey, light grey, nude, and metallic silver.  Purple, a huge color for fall, also made an appearance.

Silhouettes: Tulip skirts were of note, as were narrow-legged capris and trousers. Lines were clean and crisp, especially when it came to the trousers and outerwear. Tuxedo-like coats had tulip-shaped bottoms, and capelets featured ruffles.

Accessories Report: Due to the simplicity of this line, accessories were kept to a bare minimum. The only accessories we saw were a thin black belt, a thin white one, and a black satin scarf.

What’s Wearable: 99% of this line is wearable, especially if you love simplicity and the concept of "Less is More."

What’s Not Wearable: Some of the ruffled pieces are over-the-top for everyday wear.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Trovata

Trovata Spring 2007
Photo Credit: NY Metro

Key Takeaways: Get ready to go sailing in Trovata’s Spring collection. The underlying theme, for both men and women, was seafaring, and each piece reflected the cool, casual feel of an expedition to sea. Key Spring 2007 trends included shorts, trapeze styles, and cuffed styles.

Color Palette: Crisp white, green, blue, brown, light blue, black, and yellow.

Silhouettes: For men: Crew neck styles, short sleeved sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, cutoff khaki shorts, cuffed cargos, and cardigans. For women: mini shirtdresses, trapeze jackets, cuffed shorts, cropped trenchcoats, and triangle-shaped Bermuda pants.

Accessories Report: Both men and women sported long, layered charm necklaces. For men: floppy caps, fedora hats, frilly scarves, and bucket caps. For women: large canvas bags, charm bracelets, belts at waist, silk scarves on head,  and big floppy hats.

What’s Wearable: If you like the seaside look, everything is wearable.  We’re digging the navy blue strapless dress with nautical button detailing (pictured).

What’s Not Wearable: We’re a bit skeptical about charm necklaces for men. The look is too much for traditionally primped metrosexual men, and other men don’t usually like to sport jewels.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Sass & Bide

  Sass and Bide Spring 2007
Photo Credit:
New York Magazine

Key Takeaways: The darling Australian duo of Heidi Middleton (Bide) and Sarah-Jane Clarke (Sass) have reinforced their motto of "don’t look too pretty."  Instead of combining unusual fabric/leather/finishing choices, they used four basic colors to create contrast and strengthen a sense of uniqueness that they are known for.  High U-shaped or choker necklines dominate this collection along with an interesting Greece meets American 80s sensibility seen through such pieces as a high-necked mesh-fronted dress. 

Color Palette: In contrast to other collections, which generally feature two or more accent colors, Sass and & Bide showed strong neutrals of black, silver, white, matte gold and solo accents of mustard.

Silhouettes: For those of you who love the fitted and waist-centric silhouette of seasons before, Sass & Bide continue the trend.    Lean tanks are combined with large tulip skirts in graphic color combinations.  Low pockets on the dresses and thick straps accentuate the boldness of the structured shapes.

Accessories Report: We adored the sweet Roman-esque thin headbands that were combined with messy hair in buns, which added femininity to a slightly masculine  line.  Large obi-style belts with cording were also spotted (a return of the Japanese-influence?).
What’s Wearable: Comfort is found on the runway in the form of delicate slim knit tanks that can be worn under your everyday work blazers.

What’s Not Wearable:  Avoid the bubble skirt silhouette unless you have an extremely straight-hipped figure.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Carolina Herrera

 Carolina Herrera Spring 2007
Photo Credit: New York Magazine

Key Takeaways: We flit, we float, we want to fly away with the romantic gowns that are so exquisitely Carolina Herrera.  This season provides a strong balance between past seasons’ menswear-inspired cuts and details and the floaty femininity of Spring 2007.  While not a particularly directional collection, Herrera ’s spring line does impress with a number of attractive, wearable pieces, including a ruched jersey blouse and a black and ivory linen dress with oversized collar (pictured). 

Color Palette:  Have we seen some of these same dusty colors of greys, creams, pinks, reds and blacks in other spring lines?  Yes, but with less contrast than seen in other collections.

Silhouettes:  Herrera emphasized work-friendly shirts with pencil skirts and flutter-sleeved full-length outfits.  Dresses emphasized a natural waistline.  Oversized collars and off-the-shoulder sleeves gave classic shapes a bit of a twist.  Detailing included embroidery, eyelet, and piping.

Accessories Report:  Round Jackie-O meets swim goggle sunglasses in vibrant pinks and strange greys and blacks hid the eyes of the models toting the more work-appropriate outfits. We also spotted thin and thick belts, the odd bracelet, and T-strap sandals in various colors.
What’s Wearable:  We have to agree that Carolina Herrera’s signature elegantly flirty full-length dresses are always wearable at the elegant cocktail party in someone’s ritzy loft or a night out at the Met.

What’s Not Wearable:   Avoid the sunglasses, which make you look like you just exited out of a Mystic Tan booth and the unflattering horizontal striped palazzo pants. 

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Tocca

 Tocca Spring 2007
Photo Credit:
Omiru: Style for All

Key Takeaways: A visit to Tocca’s showroom in Chelsea feels almost like a tropical vacation with the very feminine and cotton-heavy collection inspired by the colorful island hues of the Cyclades, a part of the lovely Greek Islands.  Bold graphic prints dominated Tocca’s Spring/Summer collection, along with detailing ranging from eyelet to ruching to embroidery.  The dress-dominated collection was  made for comfort and embodied a definite casual chic.

Color Palette:  Tocca’s line of prints spans the rainbow of colors with a heavy emphasis on brights. 

Silhouettes: Dresses and skirts are constructed in classic shapes: fitted blouses with peplums, empire-waisted dresses, wrap dresses, shirt dresses, and bandeau-top dresses. 

Accessories Report:  We’re crushing on an oversized canvas satchel with a coconut disc bead handle, brass hardware and bamboo support structure.  We absolutely adored the bold geometric prints on the satchels, lending them a casually trendy air.
What’s Wearable:  Carry around the canvas satchels that are already popular in Tocca’s flagship store in Tokyo, and your groceries will never have felt so fashionable!  The Mona Dress ($150) had a gorgeous striped print with contrast fabric on the bottom of the dress and a flattering empire waist.  We also checked out the Michelle Dress ($120), whose geometric patchwork of navy and white–with a lime green neckline–embodied a mod 60s feel.

What’s Not Wearable:   The Tressa skirt, a short navy and white frilly-cut skirt tragically reminded us of Paris Hilton during the summer.  While we didn’t appreciate the frilly skirt silhouette (didn’t we let this one go in 2004?), the print was still lovely.

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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | BCBG

 BCBG Spring 2007
Photo Credit: Coutorture

 Key Takeaways: BCBG or "Bon Chic, Bon Genre" (Good Style, Good Attitude) started off fashion week with a wonderfully comfy chic collection that showcased trademark femininity and romantic detailing.  Max Azaria’s novel use of elements such as laser cut-outs allow dresses to be futuristic, while sash tie-waists, puff sleeves and the occasional peacock detailing bring them back toward delicate modern sensibilities.

Color Palette: Pale Easter egg-dipped colors such as blues, yellows, pinks and purples dominate this utterly female collection.

Silhouettes: The 60s mod-ballerina has finally arrived.  Dance and party in trapeze dresses and baby dolls with fitted waists that both feature gently ruffled skirt hems.  Conquistador shorts and skirts reach just above the knee for easy movement.

Accessories Report: Flat and discreet t-strap sandals in neutral colors complement the understated collection, and a lone medium brown satchel is toted down the runway.
What’s Wearable: Flutter sleeves are flattering on almost any arm shape and type.

What’s Not Wearable
Avoid the high tie-sash waist with gathering unless you’re waiting for a bundle of joy within the next several months.

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