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Spring 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Tamara Pogosian

Tamara Pogosian Spring 2007 Runway
Photo Credit: Tamara Pogosian

Key Takeaways: Tamara Pogosian loves dresses. Every article for women was a feminine (and sometimes bold) frock. The men on the runway exuded classically modern style with blazers worn over fitted tees and polo shirts. 

Color Palette: For women: maroon, black, and olive green, with a punch of bright blue, lime green, light gold, teal, peach.  Basics for men: grey, light blue, black, white, and beige.

Silhouettes: For women: Strapless styles, cinched waists, voluminous skirts, controlled volume, halter styles, and off-the-shoulder tops. For men: fitted polo shirts and tees, tailored blazers and trousers.

Accessories Report: For women: 3-tiered gold necklace, dangly delicate earrings, beaded teal necklace, long gold necklace. For men: medium width belts.

What’s Wearable: All of the men’s items were ultra wearable. All the women’s frocks can be easily translated onto the streets as well. Especially wearable is a Marilyn Monroe-esque white halter minidress.

What’s Not Wearable: The only dress that may be hard to wear because of its sheer nature is black with a chiffon bodice and silk bottom.

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Omiru Poll Results: Capes and Capelets are both In and Out

Omiru Poll Result: Capes and Capelets are In and Out

Omiru Poll Results: Capes and Capelets are both In and OutWe asked: Are Capes and Capelets In or Out?

You said:We’re completely divided on this issue.  37% vote In, 39% vote Out, and the remaining 24% voted On the Way Out.  Paradoxically, capes and capelets appear to be both In and Out.

Omiru’s take:
Capes and capelets add a bit of drama to evening ensembles, and they can take a daytime getup from okay to outstanding.  However, we feel that the strong hesitation against wearing them stems from their presence in the shadow of their formerly popular cousin, the Poncho.  While the Poncho was wildly accepted for a couple of seasons, it fell from grace, and the fashion fallout from wearing the item as the trend waned was equally large.  Omiru says: forget the poncho, and for those who are so inclined, embrace the capelet, if only for its layering potential.  An added bonus?  If worn over a near monochromatic outfit (as pictured), capelets tend to visually shorten the torso and elongate the legs, making you look taller!

Next Question:
Here at Omiru, we’re all about fashion and function, which explains our love of the Dresses with Pockets trend.  But what do you
think?  Tell us, are Dresses with Pockets In, or are they Out?  Cast your
vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Theory Josefa W Interest Capelet | $335 at Shopbop.

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Holly Bag

Holly Bag Designer Kate Seavey conceived of her fabulous Holly bag while completing a last-minute addition to a series of sketches for a design class in college.  She created the bag late one night in preparation for a presentation the next morning, and it was a hit!  Kate’s good friend Holly placed the first order (of many!), and the Holly bag was born.

As versatile as it is stylish, the Holly bag can be worn casually, with a tee shirt and jeans to a Saturday afternoon matinee, or formally, with a cocktail dress while going out for drinks that same evening.  For added versatility, you can choose your own fabric colors for your Holly bag–making the bag truly one of a kind!

Quirky and fun, Kate’s the kind of person we would want to invite to a dinner party.  In her own words: "All of the other kids wanted to be doctors or firefighters when they grew up. I wanted to be a mermaid."

$65 at Stuff By Kate.

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