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Omiru Poll Results: Layered Necklaces are In

Omiru Poll Results: Layered Necklaces are In

Lee Angel Oval Link NecklaceWe asked: Are Layered Necklaces In or Out?

You said: Layered Necklaces are still In.  58% are still all over this trend, while 14% think they’re Out.  The remaining 28% think this jewelry trend is On the Way Out.

Omiru’s take:
We love the drama that Layered Necklaces create for an outfit.  With the ability to take a simple outfit from vanilla to cookies & cream, Layered Necklaces are an essential in this era of mannered, ladylike dressing to give outfits a bit more flavor.  In order to take full advantage of this jewelry trend, we recommend pairing necklaces with compatible colors but wildly different textures. 

Next Question: Striped Tops are on one hand a figure flattery liability (the wrong sized or placed stripes can make you look like you took a few too many sweets from the cookie jar) and on the other hand a fashion trend that’s all over the stores.   But what do you
think?  Tell us, are Striped Tops In, or are they Out?  Cast your
vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Lee Angel Oval Link Necklace | $425 at Scoop NYC.

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Berry Stripey Boots

Berry Stripey Boots Karen from Plueys recommends pairing these adorable boots with dresses and leggings, or a sweater with jeans rolled up to just above the boots.  Add a matching umbrella, and you’ll be set for the rainy season.

Fun Puddle Fact: There’s a science and an art to jumping in puddles - if you hit that puddle sweet spot in the middle of the puddle you get this ’swhiip-sploosh’ and optimum splash that you don’t get if you stomp in other parts of the puddle. You’ve got to practice though to get the right spot!

$21 at Plueys.

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