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Halloween Ready Made Outfit: A Modern Marie Antoinette

Sofia Coppola’s flick "Marie Antoinette" is being released at the perfect time to inspire a fabulously rich and over-the-top Halloween costume. The Queen of France was, after all, one of the most stylish royal icons of her time.  In the interest of practicality, we decided to modernize Queen Antoinette’s look just a tad–the gigantic skirt poufed with yards of tulle probably isn’t the look you’re going for.  But if the Halloween look you’re after is sophisticated and of-the-moment, Queen Marie Antoinette is the way to go. 

"A Modern Marie Antoinette" Fashion Formula = Platinum Wig + Pearl Choker + Satin and Lace Corset + Bubble Skirt + White Leggings + Hand Fan.

Marie Antoinette wig
Marie Antoinette Platinum Wig | $40 at

pearl choker
Carolee Four Row Mixed Pearl Necklace | $100 at Nordstrom

Spoon Busk Satin and Lace Corset | $399.99 at

bubble skirt
Walter Natural Sparkle Pleated Bubble Skirt | $99.99 at Bluefly

LaRok Button Leggings | $98 at Shopbop

Arabella Shoes
Arabella Pumps | $298 at Anthropologie

hand fan
Mini Fan | $51 at A Cool Breeze

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Paul Frank Chuck Crewneck

Paul Frank Chuck Crewneck Not your ordinary sweater shirt.

$39.99 (sale) at Urban Outfitters.

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Omiru Poll Results: Layered Necklaces are In

Omiru Poll Results: Layered Necklaces are In

Lee Angel Oval Link NecklaceWe asked: Are Layered Necklaces In or Out?

You said: Layered Necklaces are still In.  58% are still all over this trend, while 14% think they’re Out.  The remaining 28% think this jewelry trend is On the Way Out.

Omiru’s take:
We love the drama that Layered Necklaces create for an outfit.  With the ability to take a simple outfit from vanilla to cookies & cream, Layered Necklaces are an essential in this era of mannered, ladylike dressing to give outfits a bit more flavor.  In order to take full advantage of this jewelry trend, we recommend pairing necklaces with compatible colors but wildly different textures. 

Next Question: Striped Tops are on one hand a figure flattery liability (the wrong sized or placed stripes can make you look like you took a few too many sweets from the cookie jar) and on the other hand a fashion trend that’s all over the stores.   But what do you
think?  Tell us, are Striped Tops In, or are they Out?  Cast your
vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Lee Angel Oval Link Necklace | $425 at Scoop NYC.

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Berry Stripey Boots

Berry Stripey Boots Karen from Plueys recommends pairing these adorable boots with dresses and leggings, or a sweater with jeans rolled up to just above the boots.  Add a matching umbrella, and you’ll be set for the rainy season.

Fun Puddle Fact: There’s a science and an art to jumping in puddles - if you hit that puddle sweet spot in the middle of the puddle you get this ’swhiip-sploosh’ and optimum splash that you don’t get if you stomp in other parts of the puddle. You’ve got to practice though to get the right spot!

$21 at Plueys.

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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 10.20.06

Issue No. 61 of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a weekly compilation of the
cutest and coolest stuff Omiru’s Style Intelligence Report saw out there this

week, we’re spotlighting Bomber Jackets to keep you warm for the winter.  We present to
you his-and-her bomber jackets, complete with our favorite winter coat detailing: toggle closures!

  Lux Fur Toggle Bomber Jacket
Lux Fur Toggle Bomber Jacket | $125 at
Urban Outfitters
Don’t miss the details: the toggles, the faux fur trim, and the red buttons adorning the navy flap pockets.

Triple Five Soul Wool Bomber
Triple Five Soul Wool Bomber | $279 at Urban Outfitters
If you’re not into the Fur look, you can zip the fur trim off.  Gotta love a coat that does double duty.

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JJ Winters Everyday Bag

JJ Winters Bag

Pair the bag with a darker colored top or dress to make the handbag the focal point of your outfit. 

Cessa Saval recommends going casual with the bag, pairing it with a plain white tank or long sleeve, jeans, a chunky belt, and a great pair of boots.

$320 at Cessa Saval.

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Ready Made Outfit: Out for a Drink

If you’re heading out to a chichi bar anytime soon, consider wearing this equally elegant ensemble. Looking long and svelte, you’ll be the most stylish girl in the room.  It’s all about the details: the pockets on the dress, the stirrups on the leggings, and the round toe on the pumps.  Don’t be surprised if both guys and girls complement your look. 

"Out for a Drink" Fashion Formula = Dress with Pockets + Gold Necklace + Stirrup Leggings + Round-toe Pumps.


pocket dress

Marie Marie Pocket Dress | $435 at Shopbop 



Scroll Medallion Necklace | $24 at Bebe


stirrup leggings

Stirrup Leggings |  $21.50 at Delia’s

roundtoe pumps

Steven ‘Lemore’ Pump  |  $99 (sale) at Macy’s

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Men’s Fall Puffer Vest

Fall Puffer Vest Perfect for layering over a tee or henley for a thoroughly urban look.

$98 at J Crew.

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Trendscape: Sweaterdresses

It’s a brisk October day, but you still feel like sporting a dress. What to do? You’re in luck because this fall, two fashion staples–dresses and sweaters–have mated to birth one luxuriously cozy trend: sweaterdresses.  Feast your eyes on three of our favorites.

Our $$$ Pick

Shopbop sweaterdress

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Sweater Dress | $405 at Shopbop

Our $$ Pick 

Nordstrom sweaterdress

Diesel ‘Blissi’ Sweater Dress | $240 at Nordstrom

Our $ Pick

Bebe sweaterdress

 Bebe Double V Tunic Dress | $98 at Bebe

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Hypershine Mini Cell Phone Lip Gloss Charms

Hypershine Mini Cell Phone Lip Gloss Charms

Even though there are more than enough makeup lines out there (have you been inside Sephora lately?), beauty lovers will be
happy to learn about one more, E.L.F -  Eyes, Lips, Face.

Though E.L.F’s products are meant to enhance
your exterior features, E.L.F’s philosophy is that beauty comes from
within. Their goal is to help all women to look and feel their
personal best through the fusion of both their inner and outer person.

The line features brightening eye liners, shimmering facial whip,
super glossy lip shine, and much more. But don’t think the other parts
of your body have been overlooked: E.L.F also has nail products, makeup
brushes, and cases.  Get your beauty face on at Eyes, Lips, Face!

$5  at Eyes, Lips, Face.

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