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Fall 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis Fall 2007 Runway
Photo Credit: NewYork Magazine

Key Takeaways:  Creative director John Crocco  showed a group of clean looks featuring horizontal stripes and cozy wool, thermal and leather pieces that have us dreaming of hot cocoa by the ski lodge fire.  Thick knits featured chevrons and other geometric patterns.  Rugged models where snuggled under warm winter beanies and sported a "just-in-from-the-cold" makeup scheme of blushed faces and rosy red lips. Key trends included: neutral colors, patterned knit fabric (e.g. cable knit), horizontal stripes, plaid, the sweaterjacket, pocket detailing (on pants and jackets), and high waisted pants.

Color Palette: Classic shades: creamy winter whites, simple blacks and greys were complemented by several tones of steel blue-grey. 

Silhouettes: Thick cream cable knits were paired with slim (but not tapered) high-waisted dress pants in strong shades of blue.  Suits were cut slim, but not tight, and included vests in contrast fabric.  Detailing included leather strips, fur cuffs, and on pants–extra pockets.  Bare-chested muscular men in long white underwear reminded us that thermals can be both playful and practical. 

Accessories Report:  Scarves!  This friendly little neck warmer comes in many shapes and sizes, as Crocco cleared showed with several long and short loops of cashmere/wool warmth in oatmeal-type colors.  Several large totes in various wool and brown leather were carried down the runway–perfect for the man who has everything–-and needs to carry it on the go.  Feet were kept cozy in glossy styles and snug pale blue suede shoes.  Hands were covered in sleek black or dark brown leather gloves. 

What’s Wearable:  V-neck cardigans and tailored dress pants are stylishly safe for the elegant contemporary man.  We love the stylish 3/4 length coats–and the sweaterjackets–to keep you warm for Fall.  The pocket-as-embellishment detailing on pants and jackets is a quiet, but effective way to stand out in a crowd.

What’s Not Wearable:  We’re not a fan of the plaid pants–they’re more pajamas than real pants.

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Fall 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2007 Runway
Photo Credit: NewYork Magazine

Key Takeaways:  An extremely wearable collection of dresses and playfully elegant looks in simple shapes.  Key trends included: colorblocking, high-waisted looks, sweaterjackets, ruffles, bows (on blouses and dresses), and dots.

Color Palette: Black and red dominated the collection, along with grey and turquoise.

Silhouettes:  Dresses, dresses, dresses.  Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dresses were accompanied by sweaterdresses, tent dresses, kimono sleeved dresses, and bubble dresses.  Both big over small and small over big silhouettes were seen on the runway.  Loose, breezy jackets accompanied more form fitting dresses.

Accessories Report:  Pure elegance–heels with a high vamp, wrist-length gloves, long chain necklaces with jewels, and the oversized bag. 

What’s Wearable:  Sleeved dresses help camoflauge heavy upper arms, and Diane von Furstenberg’s signature wrap dresses perfectly complement curvy women.  We like the emphasis on print–both the dots and the black and white lacelike prints.  Though they might not be warm enough for Fall, we like the sweaterjacket and dress combination for Spring.

What’s Not Wearable:
The coat with horizonal ruffles, though shown in black, still manages to visually widen the torso. Big over big silhouettes work on the runway–but not on real people.

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Love Tape

Love Tape
Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with this sticky Love Tape!

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Fall 2007 Fashion Week Notebook | Duckie Brown

Duckie Brown Fall 2007 Runway
Photo Credit: NewYork Magazine

Key Takeaways: Steven Cox and Daniel Silver of Duckie Brown cheekily juxtaposed streetwear with suits for Fall 2007.  Key trends included: colorblocking, skinny pants, wide pants, plaid patterns, colored gloves, and the pointed beanie.

Color Palette: Dark; blacks and browns were accented by touches of bright orange, green, turquoise and yellow.  Plaid patterned tops were featured with dark colored trousers.

Silhouette: Blazers were cut exclusively with two buttons.  Loose fitting coats and jackets were paired with skinny pants for a big-over-small look.  Two other garment classifications of note: the vest and the shrunken blazer.

Accessories Report: Colorful gloves and bright (pointed) beanie hats.

What’s Wearable: We’re all over Duckie Brown’s brightly colored accessories, which make wearing bright colors more accessible to men.  For more adventurous types, we recommend Duckie Brown’s green overcoat, paired with grey and muted denim.  Style tip from Duckie Brown?  Push up the sleeves on a long sleeve shirt–but keep the cuffs showing.

What’s Not Wearable: As we noted at Buckler, underwear as outerwear is just not a good idea.  A turtleneck and beanie combo needs a pair of pants to make it complete.

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