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Friday Fashion Hotlist | 3.16.07

Issue No. 77 of the Friday Fashion Hotlist: a weekly compilation of the
cutest and coolest stuff Omiru’s Style Intelligence Report saw out there this

week, we’re spotlighting The Best in Green Eco-Fashion for a twist on St. Patrick’s Day.  We present to
you a set of colorful soft bowls and a entertaining-worthy wooden platter/chopping board.

Wobowl Soft Bowls

Wobowl SoftBowls | $39 at
Branch Home

The Plank by Bambu
The Plank by Bambu| $26 at Branch Home

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Plantorb The versatile Plantorb can act as a fruit bowl, hanging vase, or even a bird bath.

For both inside and outside use.

$96 at Viga Massi.

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Q&A: What Necklace to Wear with a Turtleneck Sweater

Theory \'Juliet\' Cashmere SweaterQ:  I just found a great bargain on a black cashmere turtleneck and love it.  But it seems a little plain to me - I’m just used to seeing my neckline and my favorite necklace sticking out.  I’ve been told by some girls I know that a turtleneck works well with something over it - but what?

A:  With high necked shirt styles, like turtlenecks, you want to counterbalance with a long necklace.  And the more substantial the turtleneck, the more visual weight the long necklace needs to hold.  A chunky turtleneck, for example, requires a heavier chain or larger, bolder stones.  A more lightweight turtleneck, however, can be paired with a more delicate necklace.

Junk Necklace by Erica AnenbergSince the turtleneck you’re accessorizing is a simple, elegant black, you may want to pair it with a necklace with more of an edge.  For an edgy elegant look, you may want to try a necklace like Erica Anenberg’s "Junk Necklace."  It features a 30" sterling silver chain and unusual found item charms  that should contrast nicely with the sophistication of the black turtleneck.

Pictured: Theory ‘Juliet’ Cashmere Sweater | $197.90 at Nordstrom.  Erica Anenberg ‘Junk’ Necklace | $156 at Erica Anenberg.

Style question?  We’ve got answers.  E-mail us at tips at omiru dot com, or leave us a comment with your question.

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Petra Gold Filled Chalcedony Necklace

Petra Gold Filled Chalcedony NecklaceOnce designer Sandra Mardini saw these green chalcedony stones, she instantly designed the Petra necklace in her head…and then created the necklace while listening to her favorite Bob Marley CD.

Fun fact about Sandra?  She’s absolutely obsessed with music and has over 1300 CDs.  Her taste in music, which ranges from techno to classic Springsteen to Arabic pop, is as eclectic as her jewelry collection.

$169 at Sandra Mardini.

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Ready Made Outfit [Men]: Work and Play

You work hard and you play hard.  But do you have an outfit that can take you from daytime to date time?  Start with a button-down shirt, tie, and loafers from your work wardrobe.  Then add a dash of off-hours casual with a hoodie and jeans.

"Work and Play" Fashion Formula = Hoodie + Button-Down Shirt + Tie + Jeans + Loafers.

Mike and Chris Bond Canvas and Fleece Hoodie
Mike and Chris Bond Canvas and Fleece Hoodie | $352 at Azalea SF

Fitted Graduated Stripe Dress Shirt
Fitted Graduated Stripe Dress Shirt | $78 at Banana Republic

Solid Satin Tie
Solid Satin Tie | $68 at J Crew

Levi\'s 527 Jade Denim
Levi’s 527 Jade Denim | $49 at Urban Outfitters

Kenneth Cole New York \'Keep Ur Cool\' Slip-On
Kenneth Cole New York ‘Keep Ur Cool’ Slip-On | $185 at Nordstrom

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Mossy Green Apatite Ring

Mossy Green Apatite RingFor a delicate, feminine look, wear the Mossy Green Apatite Ring alone, says designer Anne Maa.  But for a little more spark, you can stack this simple ring with another style.

Anne’s best jewelry tip?  Try jewelry that you like but that you think is "not you."  If you’re a silver person who likes the looks of a gold piece, or if you like a bold piece and only wear less showy items, go for it.  Jewelry shouldn’t be too serious–it should be fun.

For a 15% discount, enter the code "omiru" at checkout.

$148 at Anne Maa Designs.

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Designer Profile: Juliana Renz of Le Doux Swimwear

Mother-daughter team Marly and Juliana Renz are bringing sexy Brazilian style to the American market with Le Doux.  With daughter Juliana’s eye for design and mother Marly’s experience in the fashion industry, they created a high-end swimwear line featuring embellished styles fit for women of leisure.  Read on to learn more about the luxurious swimwear line, Juliana’s best swimsuit flattery tip, and what to expect next from Le Doux.

Flora Swimsuit Le Doux SwimwearOmiru:  How would you like people to describe Le Doux?

Juliana:  I hope people think of good quality, cute designs, and good fit.  

O:  Tell us about your design inspiration.

J: I get my inspiration mostly from materials.  I go shopping for stones, and I get ideas from colors, the stones, and fabrics.  Sure, time periods are interesting, but only as a reference.  I can’t design clothes that look like costume.

O:  You and your mother work together on Le Doux.  What’s it like working with family?

J: Difficult.  We tend to only talk about business.  Don’t get me wrong—we have and always had a good mother-daughter relationship.  But we end up talking about business instead personal stuff, and it’s easy to get frustrated with each other when talking about business.

O:  Le Doux swimsuits are actually made in Brazil.  Why?

J:  In Brazil, we have our own factory.  We did this for quality control. We want to make sure everything is as perfect as can be.  We’ve tried working with manufacturers before, but there was always something wrong.  Either the color was off, or the end product looked like it was low quality.  

O:  What’s your bestselling style?  

J:  Femme Fatale is a big hit.  Flora [pictured above left]  is also doing very well.

Rose Swimsuit Le Doux SwimwearO: How about your current favorite style?  

J:  I’m a fan of the Flora style.  Flora has volume and is embellished.  But it’s a bit hard to wear.  I also like the simpler styles.  Of those, I think Rose [pictured at right] is very good.  

O:  Your swimsuit designs tend to be fancy and embellished.  Who are you designing them for?  

J:  They’re for people who want to lounge around looking beautiful.  They’re for the style conscious who sit around by the pool or on the beach.  They’re not surfing suits, they’re not sports suits.  

O:  There aren’t a lot of people in that market.

J:  It’s a shame.  The materials we use are expensive, so we need to be at a higher price point.  Sadly, the market at the end of the day is all about price.  For 2008, we’re changing the line a little bit to create a sub-line.  We’ll have plainer suits at a lower price point.   

O: Le Doux combines Brazilian sexiness with California style.  What do you love about LA?

J:  I love the way people are just so stylish in LA.  People are ready for whatever they’re doing.  Brazil’s not that way at all.  I love the city—the weather, the way people socialize, the way that they’re constantly out.  There’s a certain energy there.  

O:  And what do you love about Brazil?

J:  I grew up in Brazil, where there’s a big big beach culture.  People love to have fun.  In Brazil, it’s all about having fun.  It’s different from United States.  There’s a freer spirit there.

O: Having grown up in Brazil, you’re a beach connoisseur.  What’s your favorite beach?

J:  The beach I grew up on.  I love Rio.  But I also love the South of France and Maui.

Shiva Cover-up Le Doux SwimwearO: Fashion Dos:

J:  Clothes that are sexy without revealing too much.  Clothes that are appropriate for one’s body type.  Clothes that aren’t just what everyone else is wearing.  Clothes that are appropriate for you.  

O: Fashion Don’ts:

J:  The 1980s.  The fashion was ugly then, and it’s uglier now.  People are so used to wearing whatever they’re told.

O:  Little known fact about you?

J:  I’m a surfer and a shopaholic.  But these aren’t little known facts.

O:  What can we expect next from Le Doux?

J:  We’ll be doing swimwear for girls in July.  We’re also launching a sleepwear/lingerie line in the next couple of months.

O:  Where can Omiru readers purchase Le Doux swimwear?

J:  We have stores in California, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida, Nevada, and overseas.  We’ll be selling online in a couple of months as well.  

O:  Last Words?

J:  The less fabric a suit has on the back, the smaller the butt looks.  Brazilians used to wearing small suits—now you know why.

Love Le Doux?  Check out Le Doux’s entire collection at: 

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Ellie Essential Bag by Retrodelic

Ellie Essential Bag by RetrodelicFor high-quality handbags that never go out of style, look to celebrity favorite Retrodelic, designed by Ken Williams.   Our favorite style?  The Ellie Essential, which features designer-styled pockets, large contoured handles and silver plated hardware.

Dimensions: 16” x 9” x 6”.

$229 at Retrodelic.

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Omiru Poll Results: Thick Frame Glasses are In!

Omiru Poll Result: Thick Frame Glasses are In!

Thick Frame Sunglasses at Forever 21We asked: Are Thick Frame Glasses In or Out?

You said:  Yes!  A 67% majority voted them In.

Omiru’s take: Style icons are unafraid to make a statement–so it’s no wonder that so many adorn themselves with Thick Frame Glasses (think Jackie O.).  And what better place to make a statement than on your face.  Style tip?  Match the boldness of your facial features with the thickness of your glasses.  Those with delicate facial features will look best in at most medium-thick glasses frames.  But those with bold facial features can up the drama with thicker frames.

Next Question: Now that we’re nearing shorts weather, we want to ask you about another variety of cropped pant (that was all over Copenhagen Fashion Week): the Capri Pant.  But what do You think?  
Tell us, are Capri Pants In, or are they Out?  Cast your vote on
the sidebar!

Pictured: Thick Frame Sunglasses| $4.80 at Forever 21.

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Una Coat by Laura Dawson

Una Coat by Laura DawsonThinsulate makes this avant garde coat warm, while the rain resistant oil cloth will keep you dry this Spring.

$325 at Stars and Infinite Darkness.

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