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Omiru Poll Results: Suspenders are Out!

Omiru Poll Result: Suspenders are Out

Norma Kamali for Everlast Racerback Dropped Waist Minidress We asked: Are Suspenders In or Out?

You said:  Suspenders are Out.  A 71% majority voted this questionable trend Out.

Omiru’s take: While suspenders are fine for old-school suit-wearing men, they’re less appealing elsewhere.  We’re glad to see that you’re unafraid to vote an unflattering trend Out.  No style tip this week–we’d prefer that you leave the suspenders back on the shelf where they belong.

Next Question: Dropped Waist Dresses (such as the dress pictured at left) played a key role at Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2007 fashion show.  But what do you think?   Tell us, are Dropped Waist Dresses In, or are they Out?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Norma Kamali for Everlast Racerback Dropped Waist Minidress | $210 at Shopbop.

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Denim Jumper Dress

Denim Jumper Dress at the Gap A square neckline and fitted empire waistline make this jumper uber-chic.

$49.99  (sale) at Gap.

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Q&A: How to Choose a Petite Prom Dress

Q:  I’m going to a prom, and I’m having so much trouble deciding what to wear. I am really short (4′7"), so I don’t want to wear a long dress as I think it will make me look really short. Also, I have average coloured Asian skin so I’d appreciate it if you could suggest what colour to wear.

Susana Monaco Hudson Peg DressA:  Long dresses do have the potential to make you look short–you might want to consider above-the-knee and knee-length dresses. 

What else might you want to look for in a dress to make you look taller?

(1) A high waistline, such as an empire waist, to shorten your torso and make your legs look longer. The longer your legs look, the taller you appear.

(2) Vertical detailing–through buttons, seamlines, or trimmings–or even an off center slit.

As for what color to wear, black is safe and slimming (which makes you look taller), but Asian skin looks amazing in bright colors.  A deep red, a cool blue, an emerald green–any of these colors will complement your skin. 

Hope this helps, and have fun at the prom!

Susana Monaco Hudson Peg Dress | $124 at Shopbop.

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Snap-a-Party Reusable Place Settings

Snap-a-Party Reusable Place SettingsInspiration for a picnic party, perhaps? Each setting includes a plate, silverware, chopsticks, napkin holder, and a tooth pick.

Set includes four place settings.

$14  at Fred Flare.

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Q&A: What Pants to Wear with Flats

Q:  I’m a closeted fashion fiend, and I’m dying to slip into some cute ballet or pointy toed flats.  However, I’m not sure what kind of pants I need to wear with them. I’d like to dress down the flats with jeans, but what kinds/colors/shapes of jeans are acceptable to wear with them? Do they all need to be tighter and tapered? Or can I wear slightly bagger jeans with it and not look ridiculous? Please help!

Wardrobe Wide Leg Stretch Denim PantsA:  You can definitely wear jeans with flats.  And no, the jeans don’t need to be skinny and tapered.  A wide trouser jean, in our opinion, looks just as good with flats–and it’s 10 times more figure flattering. 

If you want to play it safe, all you have to do is match the formality of the flat with the formality of the pant.

Wide trouser jeans (and work pants) look particularly sharp worn with a pair of pointy flats.  And, we might add, a pair of dark rinse wide trouser jeans and pointy flats are the foundation of a perfect Casual Friday look.  The more casual ballet flat is especially fetching with a pair of capri pants, a dress, or a skirt.  But it’s perfectly acceptable–even encouraged–to ballet flats them with full length pants as well.

Wardrobe Wide Leg Stretch Denim Pants | $68 at Nordstrom.

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Robot Onesie

Robot Onesie Cute zombie robots?  Not an oxymoron.

$24  at Elsewares.

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Q&A: Secrets for a Wrinkle Free Shirt

Q:  How do I keep my shirt wrinkle-free while driving to work?

Non-Iron Broadcloth Ground Stripe Forward Point Dress Shirt A:  We hate the look of a wrinkled shirt too–and have three suggestions for you:

Wear a wrinkle-resistant shirt.  Try wearing wrinkle-resistant shirts, which are chemically treated to keep wrinkles at bay.  We like Brooks Brothers’ non-iron broadcloth shirts (pictured at left).

Take it off.  Keep it on a hanger in the back of the car, and put on the shirt once you get to work.

Keep a hand steamer handy.  Duck into the bathroom and freshen up your look in a snap with a portable steamer, such as this handheld model from Conair.

Non-Iron Broadcloth Ground Stripe Forward Point Dress Shirt | $75 at Brooks Brothers.

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Colorful Striped Socks from Stroke Socks

Stroke SocksMake a fashion statement with your feet with these socks from Indiana-based Stroke Socks.

$14  at Elsewares.

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Your Help Needed: What to Wear to a Summer Design Internship

Design Office

A fellow Omiru reader, Christina, needs your help. 

Christina asks: What should I wear to a humid New York City summer internship in a design-related field?

Now we have our ideas about what Christina should wear, but the beauty about style is that there’s no one right answer.  And we believe that together, we can come up with a better answer for Christina than we at Omiru could by ourselves. 

So, tell us, what do you think Christina should wear this summer to her design internship?  You can leave your advice in the comments for this post.

Oh, and we’ll sweeten the deal and throw in a treat from Omiru’s giveaway closet for the person who gives Christina the best advice by Sunday, April 22. 

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Velvet Torch V-Neck Tie Back Dress

Velvet Torch V-Neck Tie Back Dress
Figure flattering, easy-to-wear silhouette in one of our favorite colors: cobalt blue.

$48 at Nordstrom.

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