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Omiru Poll Results: Ruffles are In!

Omiru Poll Result: Ruffles are In

Isaac Mizrahi Taffeta Ruffle Party DressWe asked: Are Ruffles In or Out?

You said:  Ruffles are In.  A 59% majority voted this feminine trend In.

Omiru’s take: We’re with you on ruffles–they’re a nice feminine counterpart to the menswear as womenswear trend.  And for a decorative trend, they’re rather functional.  You can soften up a work shirt with a row or two of ruffles.  And they’re great for adding volume to a flat chest.  Plus, they can turn an ordinary dress into something dramatic.

Style tip?  Match the size of the ruffle to your proportions.  If you’re petite, choose smaller ruffles.

Next Question:
We’re conflicted about suspenders as a fashion trend.  But what do you
think?   Tell us, are Suspenders In, or are they Out?  Cast your vote
on the sidebar!

Pictured: Isaac Mizrahi Taffeta Ruffle Party Dress  $49.99 at Target.

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Rubbish Pleated Linen Tunic

Rubbish Pleated Linen Tunic
Breezy colorful chic.

$38 at Nordstrom.

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Q&A: How to Find a Stylish Mother of the Bride Dress

Q:  I am getting married, and my mother keeps picking out dresses for herself that are beige and shapeless. How can I get her to see that she can look good in a little colour and a dress with some style to it?

 JS Collections Off Shoulder Shirred Taffeta Gown A:  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  The only hard and fast rules about Mother of the Bride dresses (and Mother of the Groom dresses, for that matter) is that they should:

(1) Be a noticeably different color from the bride’s dress, so steer clear of white, cream, and ivory.

(2) Not be too flashy.  Too  much exposed skin, or overly shiny fabric can upstage the bride.

Beyond that, the sky’s the limit, so your mom doesn’t have to limit herself to shapeless–or even beige–dresses.  Here’s three dress suggestions that will help your mom look her best on your wedding day:

JS Collections Off Shoulder Shirred Taffeta Gown | $218 at Nordstrom (Pictured)
Off-the-shoulder neckline for drama and a ruched bodice to minimize a tummy.

Niteline Strapless Bustier Gown with Bolero Jacket | $508 at Nordstrom
A criscrossed pintucked bodice with boning for support, plus a fitted bolero jacket.

Sean Collection Beaded Dress with Jacket | $278 at Nordstrom
V-necked floor length dress with bolero jacket, available in both regular and petite sizes. 

Style question?  We’ve got answers.  E-mail us at tips at omiru dot com, or leave us a comment with your question.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Drop Waist Canvas Dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs Drop Waist Canvas DressModernized 1920s charm by Marc Jacobs.

$368 at Nordstrom.

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Q&A: Where to Find Cute Shawls for Cocktail Dresses

Q:  Are there any cute and formal shawls for cocktail dresses? I’m looking for something easy to wear when it’s a little cold outside.

Kashmere Khaki Ombre Cashmere-Blend ShawlA:  Shawls are a great way to cover up an evening gown or cocktail dress without overdressing with a (stuffy) long wool coat.  Here are a few of our favorite shawls for evening:

Anne Klein Sequin Georgette Wrap | $48 at Nordstrom
Square sequins dress this wrap up.

Kashmere Khaki Ombre Cashmere-Blend Shawl | $79 at Bluefly (Pictured)
The ombre color gradations make this wrap a standout.

Nordstrom Tissue-Weight Cashmere Wrap | $99 at Nordstrom
Lightweight cashmere with a fringed, tasseled edge.

Giorgio Armani Border-Striped Linen Wrap | $215 at Saks
The border detail is classic, but we’re not as fond of the price.

Style question?  We’ve got answers.  E-mail us at tips at omiru dot com, or leave us a comment with your question.

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Crystal Butterfly Barrette

Crystal Butterfly BarretteAccording to our friends at Couture in the City, Butterflies are IN.

$32 at T&D Accessories.

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Q&A: Where to Buy Pants for Men with Thick Thighs

Q:  Where can I find khakis and jeans for guys who have very thick thighs?  My husband played football and has a 44-46" waist & 30" inseam, but his thighs can not fit into many brands.  Also, for some reason he thinks pleats look best on his body, but I have always heard pleats make you look bigger.  Help!

Dockers Premium Never-Ironâ�¢ Cotton Khaki - Flat FrontA:  Good instincts–pleated pants do make you look bigger.  Flat front pants are visually slimming, while pleated pants create more volume exactly where you don’t want it.

For men with thick thighs, we have 3 recommendations:

1. Look for "Relaxed Fit" styles, which have added room in the seat and the thigh.

2. For a slimming look, try dark colored pants, a wide leg, and a slightly lower rise.

3. As for where to buy the pants, try brands like Dockers, Eddie Bauer, and St. John’s Bay (at JC Penney).

Premium Never-Iron™ Cotton Khaki - Flat Front | $70 at Dockers.

Style question?  We’ve got answers.  E-mail us at tips at omiru dot com, or leave us a comment with your question.

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ZAUM Tetra Piccola Bag

ZAUM Tetra Piccola Bag We love the chocolate brown mixed with stripey shades of pink.

$20 at ZAUM.

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Q&A: What to Wear with Wide Trouser Jeans

Paige Premium Hillhurst Trouser in CelestialQ:  I love how my new Paige wide leg jeans fit, but is it strange if it looks like my pants gobbled up my feet? I’m a petite 5′2" and even with my pointiest of pointy toed shoes, my feet still disappear. What do I wear on top to complement my small frame and seemingly missing feet?

A:  Yes, it is a bit strange to have pant legs so long (and wide) that your feet seem to disappear.  Even though the model in the picture is wearing the pants at near-floor length, you don’t have to.  Pant legs that drag–or even appear to drag–on the ground are not only unattractive but are also just plain annoying for you.  We would recommend taking the pant hem up another notch to help the visual balance between the pants and your shoes.

BCBGirls 'Allyiah' Stretch Poplin ShirtAs for what to wear on top, balance once again provides the answer.  When you’re wearing something "big" on the bottom, your best bet is to wear something "small" (e.g. close-fitting) on top.  The resulting small over big silhouette is a fashion classic. 

Since you’re petite, we have an extra piece of advice: choose tops that aren’t overly long.  Why?  The illusion of height is created when your legs look long in proportion to your body.  You can make create this illusion by visually raising your waistline with shorter tops.

Paige Premium Hillhurst Trouser in Celestial | $198 at Revolve Clothing (at left) and BCBGirls ‘Allyiah’ Stretch Poplin Shirt | $68 at Nordstrom (at right).

Style question?  We’ve got answers.  E-mail us at tips at omiru dot com, or leave us a comment with your question.

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Custom Pencil Urchin

Custom Pencil Urchin The coolest paperweight ever…and a piece of art in itself.

Lovingly designed by Jennifer Maestre.

$125 at Etsy.

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