Q&A: Create Your Own Personal Style

July 25th, 2007

Q: I am a 24 year old guy who is going bald at a fairly rapid rate.  Can you give any suggestions as the styles of dress that look well on a bald guy?  I’ve tried to copy Bruce Willis, Sam Jackson and Vin Diesel, but those guys are all badasses and alas, I am not.

Mike & Chris Mercer Zip Up Hoodie for MenA:  Our best advice is to be yourself.  It’s difficult to copy a celebrity fashion style–it’s their look, not yours.  Do yourself a favor and focus on yourself. 

Ask yourself–what’s the best feature?  Then focus on that.  The key is to redefine yourself from the inside out.  Think of yourself as a guy with that great feature, not as a guy who’s going bald.  Then dress accordingly.

Do you have a lean physique?  Flaunt it with fitted clothes.  Great face?  Frame it with a great jacket collar.  Or draw attention upward with special detailing at the shoulderline. 

And take some (calculated) fashion risks.  Try a bunch of stuff on in the fitting room–items that you know you’ll love, and garments that you’re not so sure about.  Try new styles–and new colors.  Who knows?  You might find that, for you, turquoise is the new black.  Or that patterned shirts make you look better than the standard striped ones.

Have a great tip about how to find your personal style? Share it with us in the comments!

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