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Omiru Poll Result: Eco-Friendly Fashion is IN!

Omiru Poll Result: Eco-Friendly Fashion is In!

Myth and Ritual Tuxedo Blouse

We asked: Is Eco-Friendly Fashion In or Out?

You said:  In!  A whopping 79% of you voted Yes for Eco-Friendly Fashion.

Omiru’s take: It should go without saying that we’re glad to see that the fashion community is pro-environment.  But environmentally friendly fashion as a trend–that can be good or bad.  One of our readers, Kamo, said: "I think it’s a problem when [eco-friendly fashion] is reduced to a trend…it should be a way of life, like eating well, volunteering, recycling, etc. I would hope that eco-friendly isn’t “in,” because that would mean (as trendy cycles go) that it will soon be “out”!"  Dawn took the opposite view: "Be grateful for the trend while it lasts, and capitalize on it. If you capitalize on it while it’s hot, you can start up programs like recycling (from the 70’s) and saving whales and food gleaning ( from the 80’s), and make them everyday mainstream institutions."  Both excellent points–and we hope that this renewed interest in sustainable style does make a lasting impact on the industry.

Style tip?  You don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability.  Environmentally friendly fashion is just as chic as it’s less earth-friendly counterparts.  If you’re not convinced, check out Clothes-Pin for introductions to the most promising up-and-coming eco-friendly fashion and jewelry designers.  Or take a spin over at Beklina, an online boutique dedicated to surfacing the best in sustainable style. 

Next question: Having just gotten back from New York Fashion Week, runway trends are still on our minds.  One of the big detailing trends we noticed was, interestingly enough, Sequins.  Could be good…or could be bad.  So, we ask you, what do you
think about Sequins?  Tell us, are Sequins In,
or are they Out? Cast your
vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Myth and Ritual Tuxedo Blouse | $195 at Beklina.

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Teal Blue Pleated Minidress

Pleated Knit Dress at Forever 21 I’ve fallen in love with this rich teal blue color.  And even better, you don’t have to be rich to afford this dress!

$29.80 at Forever 21.

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