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Q&A: Can I Wear a Suit to a Black Tie Event?

Q: Can a man wear a simple black suit with formal shirt and bow to black tie event. I have a great well fitting black suit and it pains me to pay for a generic, well worn hired tuxedo. Does the button style matter? I have black plastic buttons, where most tuxedos have covered buttons.

 John Varvatos Star USA Tuxedo
A:  It’s better to wear your well-fitted black suit than a rented tuxedo that doesn’t fit.  If you’re looking to make a good impression, fit is of surpreme importance–an ill fitting suit or tuxedo looks obviously rented. 

A note on  color: Many men call charcoal and dark charcoal suits “black,” and it simply is not.  Put your dark charcoal suit next to a black suit and you will see the difference.
Ideally, you would have your own well fitted and tailored dinner jacket (which, combined with matching pants, comprises a tuxedo), but as the Stones said, you can’t always get what you want.  On the bright side, designers are making suits that aren’t that much different than tuxedos anyways.  Of course, with the suit, you will be missing the stripes on the sides of your pants and the satin on your lapels.
I would strongly advise wearing a shirt with a placket to cover the buttons, especially since you are wearing a bow tie.  If gives you a dressier feel, which you need especially because you’re wearing a suit and not a tux.  If you can’t, you can’t, but black tie and white tie events have rules that should be followed.
Lastly, your bow tie should be black silk.  Gloves are optional, but I would advise against them here because you’re wearing a suit.

Pictured: John Varvatos Star USA Tuxedo | $995 at Nordstrom.

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BP Long Knit Gloves

BP Long Knit Gloves Be a lady: pair these gloves with a cropped sleeve jacket.

$10  at Nordstrom.

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Q&A: Is All Cashmere Made Equal?

Q:  Is there a difference in cashmere quality across different brands? Or, is cashmere just cashmere?

Cashmere V-Neck SweaterBy Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A:  Not all cashmere is made equal. Cashmere can come in one, two, or four or more ply.  What’s the best?  Two-ply is preferable to one-ply.  But after two ply, any additional ply increases the weight of the garment but not the quality. 

The best cashmere comes from the long strands of hair on the underbelly of a cashmere goat.  Lesser quality cashmere comes from the goat’s back and legs.  Also of importance is the "hand" of the cashmere–or how it feels.  Look for a silky feel, smooth weave, and great softness. 

For reasonably priced cashmere, try Uniqlo, Land’s End, or Banana Republic.  For high quality, more expensive cashmere, check out Brora, who is known for classic Scottish cashmere with a contemporary twist.

Fun cashmere fact? It takes one goat four years to produce enough wool for one sweater.

Pictured: Cashmere V-Neck Sweater | $178 at Banana Republic.

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Grunge Chandelier Vinyl Wall Art

Grunge Chandelier Decal - Vinyl Wall Art
Glam (or Grunge) up your room with this decadent chandelier decal.

$23+ at Vinyl Wall Art.

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Omiru Poll Results: Hats are In!

Omiru Poll Result: Hats are In!

All Black Cloche Hat by Boring Sidney

We asked: Are Hats In or Out?

You said:  Overwhelmingly in, with 81% of the vote.

Omiru’s take: Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe advises wearing "high impact" accessories to glam up outfits, whether you’re going out for a cup of coffee or for a night on the town.  So skip the skimpy jewelry–and go for eye-catching, daring accessories like Hats and Gloves.  Ladylike–and perfect for covering up during the chilly fall months.

Style tip?  Hats are a great way to express your style personality.  So–we dare you to be daring. 

Next question: While wool coats are customary for the winter months, nylon puffer coats are making a statement in stores this fall.  But what
do you think about these puffy coats?  Tell us, is The Puffy Coat In,
or are they Out? Cast your
vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  All Black Cloche Hat by Boring Sidney | $95 at Etsy.

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Vest Style Belt

Vest Style Belt A menswear-inspired take on the thick-belt trend.

$18 at Forever 21.

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Friday Fashion Hotlist | Treats from the October Sampler

Welcome to a Special Sampler Edition of the Friday
Fashion Hotlist: a compilation of the cutest and coolest stuff Omiru’s
Style Intelligence Report saw out there on the web.

This week, we present to you Our Favorite Goodies from the Sampler to show you the best of the best from independent crafters and artists.

Miss Chief Magnet Sets
Set of 9 Mini Magnets | $6 at Miss Chief
Jessica Manack and Erin Wommack of Miss Chief Productions heart art–and you can buy a piece of their world with these crafty 1" magnets.

Vinyl Wall Art Elephant

Vinyl Elephant | $4+ at Vinyl Wall Art
Change the look of your room as much as you like with Vinyl Wall Art.

Flora and Fauna Letterpress Cards
Set of Six Flora and Fauna Letterpress Cards | $14 Flora and Fauna
Designer Christine Brant laboriously letterpresses these cards in her studio in downtown Los Angeles.

Are you a designer or crafter?  Spread the word about yourself by sending your goods to The Sampler today!

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Coffee Shop Melton Wool Blend Bomber

 Coffee Shop Melton Wool Blend Bomber Love the convertible stovepipe collar and the oversized buttons.  Style tip?  The short length makes this jacket ideal for long-waisted women.

$88 at Nordstrom.

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Q&A: What to Wear with Sexy Motorcycle Boots

Q:  I recently bought a pair of stiletto-heel motorcycle boots, and I have no idea what to wear with them. I am in my twenties and petite.  Any suggestions?

Carlos by Carlos Santana Women\'s Pistol BootBy Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A:  These are certainly sexy motorcycle boots!  With standout boots like these, you want to keep the rest of your look relatively simple.  Pair your boots with items that aren’t blatantly sexy–with provocative items, less is more.  Three outfit ideas for you:

(1) Classic Cool: A slim jean in a dark wash and a black turtleneck would complement the boots’ edginess without competing with it.
(2) Menswear Inspired: Wear a crisp, fitted white button down shirt, slim jeans, and a cropped, fitted black blazer. Bonus points for a skinny tie.
(3) Technicolor: Use color as a secondary focal point with a brightly colored overcoat or handbag.  Round out the rest of the look with layered sweaters and a pair of ultra-cool grey jeans.

Pictured: Carlos by Carlos Santana Women’s Pistol Boot | $149.99 at

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Wurkin Collar Stays

Wurkin Collar Stays How do well dressed men keep the tips of their collars so perfectly pointed?  Collar stays.

If you’ve been searching for top-of-the-line collar stays, look no further.  Wurkin Stiffs are made of magnetic high-tech alloy and come with super strong magnetic buttons. 

Set includes six 2.5 inch stays and buttons.  Thanks, Cary, for the tip!

$24.95  at Wurkin Stiffs.

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