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How to Wear Flannel Stylishly

How to Wear Flannel, courtesy of the Sartorialist

Flannel is one of those things people seem to avoid because, I think, they are scared of looking like an early 90’s grunge rocker wannabe.  And it’s true: flannel can look very grungy when done sloppily.  It’s too bad, though, really.  Flannel button downs are great for locales with colder fall seasons such as the Northeast because of the heavier fabric.  Plus, the patterns, usually plaid, can make a bold statement.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd, wear flannel–but do it right.  Here’s how:

Find a Great Flannel Shirt:
First off, you need to find a flannel shirt.  Well-made flannel shirts aren’t the floppy and flimsy pieces that you probably saw in the 90’s.  No, they have lines and form a great shoulder.  And while I said they aren’t floppy; I didn’t say they aren’t soft.  Here are three of the best flannel shirts

Oak Slash Pocket Buffalo ShirtPictured: Oak “Slash Pocket Buffalo Plaid Shirt” | $130 at Oak
This is a great piece from a great store, Oak NYC.   The bold pattern goes well with anything, from jeans to a wool coat.  It looks boxy in the picture, but it’s not when you wear.  Notice the absence of a collar; it’s a ring collar, similar to that of a t-shirt.  The pocket detail, Oak’s signature, is another sleek feature. 

Steven Alan “SA Work Shirt” | $178 at Steven Alan
I really like this shirt in Red/Green (use the "choose a style" dropdown to view).  Bold and colorful, it’s slim fitting and has a great shoulder.  It also has a hint of rugged outdoorsman sex appeal.  The picture doesn’t quite do it justice.  Also be sure to check it out in White/Navy.

Cassette Flannel Shirt | $253 at Revolve Clothing
A little pricey, to be sure, but very stylish.  It has a hint of West Coast/Southern California fashion, but it doesn’t obnoxiously scream “Los Angeles” like those Ed Hardy graphic Ts do.  The slightly faded pattern gives it a worn-in (in a good way, like a pair of jeans) vibe. 

 Craft an Outfit around the Flannel Shirt
As always, fit is going to be key here.  If the shirt is big on you, it will look very sloppy.  Too small, and you’ll give off an emo rocker vibe.

Since these patterns are so bold, you want to let it be the focus of your outfit.  Whatever else you wear, make sure it’s subtle and, preferably, patternless.  Wear your flannel shirt with some dark denim with no fade (or a subtle one at the most).  Well-fitted khakis would also work—and they’d look especially good with the Steven Alan shirt.  The tan from the khaki complements the green and red, which immediately stand out, but it’s the subtle brownish base that really makes it work.  If it’s cold enough to wear a jacket, pick one that isn’t too busy and one that picks up or complements the base color of the flannel shirt.  As for shoes, sneakers should (as always) be low tops.  Shoes other than sneakers can also work, but this look is harder to pull off.

How you wear your hair is actually important here too.  Having medium or longer hair will give off kind of an indie rocker vibe.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear flannel with longer hair, but I’m not saying you should either.  I think shorter, more styled hair gives it a refreshingly sleek look.

Last tip?  Don’t bother wearing an undershirt with these flannel shirts; wear just that shirt and button it, but not all the way.

Photo of man wearing flannel courtesy of The Sartorialist.

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Archimedes Owl Necklace

Archimedes Owl Necklace Your new good luck charm, in the form of a wise, feathered friend.

$82 at Windowsill at Etsy.

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Q&A: Where to Find Designer Faux Fur

Q:  My gorgeous fur coat (purchased before I came to my senses) was stolen. I don’t want to replace it with real fur, but I miss it’s beautiful feel, glamorous look and fabulous to wear over nice clothes. I am looking for a high end designer faux fur substitute. Is there such a thing?

Faux Broadtail ShrugBy Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

Sorry to hear that your coat was stolen.  Any department store such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks, or Bloomingdales would have a large selection of designer faux fur. We recommend finding a coat that doesn’t look exactly like fur–wearing faux fur also encourages others to prevent cruelty to animals by raising consciousness, and it’s tougher to do that with coats that are too lifelike.

We looked all over for the perfect designer faux fur coat–from Nordstrom to Net-a-Porter, but we couldn’t find a high-end faux fur coat that we could recommend.  We did, however, find a cute shrug at Ann Taylor that would be a fun piece for the upcoming holiday season.  Enjoy!

Pictured: Faux Broadtail Shrug | $128 at Ann Taylor.

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Artefacture Lesson One Concept Tee

Artefacture Lesson One Concept Tee Superlux t-shirt that’s both form fitting and soft.  The geometric design is perfect for the adorable math genius in your life.

$21 (sale) at Artefacture.

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Omiru Poll Result: Pleated Trousers are Out!

Omiru Poll Result: Pleated Pants are Out

 Nordstrom Pleated Gabardine Wool Trousers

We asked: Are Pleated Trousers In or Out?

You said:  Out, with 54% of the vote casting the ballot towards Out and another 11% voting them On the Way Out.

Omiru’s take: Pleated Pants get a bad rep for their unflattering silhouette–they tend to visually add 5 pounds with their extra folds of fabric around the waistline.  For this reason, flat front pants are gaining in popularity for both men and women.

Style tip?  For women, if you do decide to don the pleated pants, make them part of a menswear-as-womenswear look.  As for men, pleated pants do actually have their place.  Traditional Italian suits feature pleated pants–and if you’re going for that look, pleats are actually preferred.

Next question: After seasons of tailored skirts and body-hugging pencil skirts, Full Skirts are making a fashion comeback.  But what
do you think?  Tell us, is The Full Skirt In,
or is it Out? Cast your
vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:   Nordstrom Pleated Gabardine Wool Trousers | $95 at Nordstrom.

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Faux Fur Bomber Vest

Faux Fur Bomber Vest Add a shot of color to your winter wardrobe with this bright yellow faux fur bomber vest.  Looks especially fetching paired with deep blue jeans.

$24.80 at Forever 21.

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Q&A: Can I Wear a White Blazer during Fall or Winter?

Q: Is it possible to wear a white blazer casually in the fall and winter months? 

Armani Exchange Sleek Blazer
A:  As far as I know, there aren’t any “rules” associated with the white blazer; there aren’t any “rules” in general on when to wear clothes, the famous exception being the old-fashioned “Don’t wear white after Labor day rule,” which I tend to ignore.  That said, there are plenty on rules associated with what to wear in certain circumstances.  So, if you really wanted to, you’re free to wear the whitest white blazer you can find. 

To me, though, it seems a bit “off” to wear a white blazer in the fall and especially in the winter even though white has become a year-round color.  White blazers feel like summer wear; I’m even willing to bet that you can’t find a ready to wear white blazer made in a winter fabric (i.e. a heavier wool) for that reason.  I personally stick to shades of navy and gray for my fall/winter blazers.

If you feel confident and savvy enough to wear the white blazer, be careful not to dress like Don Johnson.  Check out Omiru’s feature on how to not give off the Miami Vice vibe and check the great photo in the comments section.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend buying a white blazer– instead, choose a cream or off-white colored white.  And, in fact, the best (i.e. highest quality) white blazers are more of a cream color than paper white, since wool itself isn’t bright white.  As GQ’s resident sartorialist Glenn O’Brien says, “If the jacket is really white, it’s probably polyester, a fabric that doesn’t breathe well and thus isn’t the best warm-weather option.”

Pictured: Sleek Blazer | $195 at Armani Exchange.

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Puella Printed Smock Tank Dress

Puella Printed Smock Tank Dress Searching for easy-to-wear dresses in fresh, one-of-a-kind prints?  Look no further than Puella, a high-quality line of dresses and separates.

For 30% off the entire Puella site, enter discount code "puellagirl" at checkout.  Offer expires 12/9/07.

$172 at Puella.

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Q&A: How to Dress Down Trousers

Q:  Would it look weird to dress down dress trousers with a t-shirt and flats (a la Rachel Bilson)? Do you have any other ideas to dress them down?

Martin lightweight wool cuffed trouserBy Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A:  Rachel Bilson always looks stylish and age appropriately youthful.  Sure, you can imitate her look and wear trousers with a t-shirt and flats.  How to do it?  Trousers have a wider leg width than jeans or cigarette pants, so you want to be sure to have long legs–or a heel to balance out the width.

Here’s another couple of looks you might try:
(1) Dress down your trousers with a casual boot and a slouchy long sweater for a comfy, relaxed look. 
(2) Layer two t-shirts of different colors over your trousers.  Accessorize the casual look with some fun long necklaces.  Be playful, but also be careful with proportions.

Pictured: Martin Lightweight Wool Cuffed Trouser | $69.99 (sale) at Banana Republic.

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Button Hooded Sweater

Gap Button Hooded Sweater Not your ordinary sweater hoodie, thanks to the button-and-loop detailing at the front neckline.

$54.50 at Gap.

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