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Marimekko Baby Sling

Marimekko Baby Sling

Carry your baby in style with this Marimekko print fabric sling.

$95  at Bronwen Handcrafted.

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Q&A: The Best Necklines for a Short Neck

Q:  If you are not born with a long swan like neck, can you wear boatneck and/or funnel necklines? Obviously these necklines don’t visually elongate the neck as V necklines do, right?

Long Sleeve Cowlneck SweaterA:  If your neck is on the short side (as mine is), V necklines and deep scoop necklines are the most figure flattering.  Boatneck necklines also work pretty well, but funnel necklines and turtlenecks aren’t your friend.  The one exception to the rule: you can wear turtlenecks with oversized, drapey necklines–the verticality of the oversized drape tricks the eye into thinking your neck is longer than it actually is.

Pictured: Long Sleeve Cowlneck Sweater | $88 at Banana Republic.

Have a great tip about great necklines for a short neck?

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Tree Hugger Vinyl Wall Art

Tree Hugger Vinyl Wall Art
Even though you’re inside, you can feel like you’re outside again.  No patio furniture required.

$38  at Supermarket.

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Q&A: Where to Find Affordable Skinny Suits

Q:  I want a skinny suit, but I’m trying not to spend over $1000.  Ideally I want cream since I’m very dark brown. I have a beautiful orange on dark orange Dolce tie and I was thinking of going with a gray shirt. Any ideas for me?

 Ben Sherman \'Kensington\' Seersucker SuitA: 
You’re right that dark brown skin looks great in light colors–so cream is a good choice for you.  We found a narrow-cut, lightweight suit that you may like from Ben Sherman, known for "Carnaby" style fitted shirts and suits.

If it’s not available online in your size, you might want to contact Nordstrom (or other department stores) to see if they have it in stock.  Also ask for discounts–you might be able to snag a 10%+ discount from an in-store sale.

As for what to wear with the suit, the tie should complement the color of the shirt and/or suit.  We like the cream suit with white shirt look, and with this, we’d recommend finishing off the outfit with a metallic silver patterned tie for a classic look. 

Ben Sherman ‘Kensington’ Seersucker Suit | $595 at Nordstrom.  Note: This suit is currently only available in brown.

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Domo Mimobot 1 GB USB Drive

Domo Mimobot USB Drive Why use a boring flash drive when you could tote around a Domo USB drive?  Rawr.

$49.95  at Mimoco.

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Q&A: How to Stay Warm at Work

Q:  I work in an office where the temperature is always cold, so I’m looking for a fleece or heavy cardigan. I am leaning towards a North Face fleece for comfort, but I think this will look ugly right? Can you recommend something?

Luxe Poncho at GapA:  Skip the North Face fleece.  Sure, it’s comfortable and warm, but you sacrifice style.  Fleece jackets are fine for outdoorsy activities, but they don’t belong in the office (unless the jacket bears a company logo–but still, tsk tsk).

Layering is a practical way to keep warm without pulling out the fleece jacket.  You’d be amazed how warm you can keep by simply combining multiple thin layers.  The canonical combo is the v-neck sweater over the blouse over the thin t-shirt. But you can mix things up–try, for example, doubling up on the tees and layering a wrap sweater over them.

Worse comes to worse, try bundling up with a sweater or cozy poncho.  Chunky knits are big this season, and they’re the perfect solution for those of us who sit directly underneath a drafty air vent. 

Pictured: Luxe Poncho | $78 at Gap.

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Hello Conversational Paperclips

Hello Conversational Paperclips
Start a conversation with these chatty paperclips–a great office gift.

$8  at MOMA Store.

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Omiru Poll Result: Plaid is IN!

Omiru Poll Result: Plaid is In!

John Varvatos Cotton Plaid Sportshirt

We asked: Is Plaid In or Out?

You said:  In, with 60% of the popular vote.

Omiru’s take: Like we’ve said, we’ve had our qualms about plaid, but we’re really warming up to it this season.  There’s something so rich about the bold pattern and the great shirts that are in stores this season.

Style tip?  For women, look for feminine detailing (e.g. ruffles, pleating) to soften the look.  For men, create an outfit around the plaid pattern, pairing it with simple pieces–such as dark denim.  Want more tips?  Check out John’s article about How to Wear Flannel Stylishly and Trisha’s How to Wear a Plaid Shirt Without Looking Like a Man.

Next question: The Handbag: Just as hemlines rise and fall, it goes from big to small, small to big.  But what’s your preference?  Tell us, are Oversized Handbags In,
or are they Out? Cast your
vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  John Varvatos Cotton Plaid Sportshirt | $134.90 (sale) at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Vintage Bingo Chip Cuff Links

Vintage Bingo Chip Cuff Links Kitschy cool cufflinks for the quirkily stylish man.

$14  at Shana Logic.

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Q&A: The Perfect Jeans for Thick Thighs

Q:  I recently bought a pair of trouser jeans. I have a pear-shaped body (slim upper body and heavier bottom), so where should the flare of the jeans start? What looks the best on a thick-thighed girl like me?

Baby Phat Original 5-Pocket JeanA: 
The perfect pair of jeans fits you both at the waist and at the hips.  Furthermore, this perfect pair of jeans:
(1) Doesn’t gap at the waist (so when you lean over, you don’t reveal your underwear),
(2) Contours your bottom so that the seat of your pants doesn’t sag, and
(3) Avoids unflattering whiskering around the crotch area.

If you have thick thighs, camouflage them with looser fitting jeans. These jeans should still fit snugly at the waist and through the hip (and contour your behind), but the flare should start at the top of the thigh for optimal figure flattery.  What to wear with these trouser jeans?  Pair them with a looser-fitting top for a big-over-small look.

Pictured: Baby Phat Original 5-Pocket Jean | $59 at Macys.

Have a great tip about jeans that fit thick thighs?

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