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Canvas is the New Plastic Tote Bag

Canvas is the New Plastic Tote Bag Make a stylish (and green) statement with this eco-friendly canvas tote bag. 

$19.99  at Doane Paper.

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Q&A: How to Match Shoes to a Dress

Q:  I’m planning to wear an all red plain wrap dress with belt. What shoes do I match it with?

Ted Baker Baba HeelsA:  When matching shoes to a dress, the rule is to match the feel of the shoe with the feel of the dress.  Is your dress all about glamour?  Find a glamourous shoe to match.  Similarly, if you’re looking for shoes for a casual sundress, choose a pair of casual shoes.  With your red wrap dress, you’re looking for a shoe that’s as classically sophisticated as your dress is. 

What about color?  You have a few different choices:
(1) Match your red dress with a pair of red shoes.  But don’t match the shades exactly–it looks like you’re trying too hard.

(2) Add some sparkle with a pair of metallic shoes.  The beauty of metallic shoes is their versatility, since they pair with outfits of any color.  They’re also a smart answer to multicolored outfits without a dominant color.

(3) If you want to experiment, try pairing the wrap dress with a shoe with a shot of bright color, or a shoe with flashy details.  Some of the best dress-shoe pairings have been those that are unexpected.  Think: Carrie from Sex and the City.

Pictured: Ted Baker Baba Heels in Gunmetal | $150 at Zappos.

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Dado Cube Building Blocks

Dado Cube Building Blocks
Encourage the inner designer in your kid niece or nephew with these architectural Dado building blocks.

10 pieces per set.

$25  at Sparkability.

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Q&A: What’s the Purpose of the Lapel Hole on a Suit Jacket?

Q: What is the little hole in a man’s suit jacket for?  It’s right above the pocket, not very big, right on the flap part.

 HUGO \'Awe/Holl\' Two Button Suit
A:  There are a few common explanations out there.  Some will tell you it is simply a way to proudly display your college pin, back when going to college was really special.  Another explanation relates to a story from way back in 1840.  As the story goes, Queen Victoria gave Prince Albert a bouquet of flowers, and having no place to put it, he cleverly cut a hole in his jacket lapel and put the flowers through it.  From then on, the Prince had his tailor make a buttonhole in all his suits.

But as far as I know, the most historically accurate explanation is that the hole was used to tether a man’s top hat so that on windy days it wouldn’t blow off his head.

Nowadays, few men actually wear top hats, so the little hole has become almost functionless (although there are some designers that manufacture top hats that can be tethered).  However, some creative sartorialists have found a use for this otherwise pointless buttonhole.  My favorite has got to be the putting a pocket watch chain fob through it.  Scott Schumann, perhaps better known as “The Sartorialist,” ran a feature in GQ in which he put his iPod headphones through the hole.  I have great respect for Mr. Schumann and GQ, but I don’t think it looks all that great.

If you’re thinking of wearing a top hat just so you can use this buttonhole, I’d suggest against it.  Ancient is not the same as old school.  Leave the top hats to your grandfather and the Monopoly man.

Pictured:  HUGO ‘Awe/Holl’ Two Button Suit | $795 at Nordstrom.

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Good Dog Good Karma Collar

Good Dog Good Karma Collar Have a great dog?  Give him some good karma.

Every SOCOCO product purchased helps to provide shelter, healthcare and love to children orphaned by AIDS in South Africa.

$29.99  at Sococo.

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Q&A: What to Wear With a Puffer Vest

Q:  I want to wear my off-white puffer vest with my dark gray Earnest Sewn Jeans but I have no clue what to wear beneath the vest. Any suggestions, aside from black?

Gap Puffer VestA:  You’re on the right track–the key to wearing a puffer vest is layering.  Since the puffer vest is, in fact, puffy, you’re going to want a thin layer (or two) underneath.  Layering tees work well here, as do thin cable knit sweaters (for texture). 

As for the color of the undershirt, off-white and grey does naturally pair well with black, as you suggested.  But to spice up the look, combine the neutral off-white and grey with a bright color.  My first choice would be orange, which looks lovely with grey jeans and whose warm hue will pair well with the off-white vest.  Don’t like orange?  A warm shade of bright green will also bring out the best in both neutrals.

Pictured: Puffer Vest | $59.50 at Gap.

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Heavens to Betsy Tea Towel

Heavens to Betsy Tea Towel The vintage inspired print almost makes me want to do housework!

75 cm x 48 cm, machine washable.  

$16  at Supermarket.

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Omiru Poll Result: The Color White is IN!

Omiru Poll Result: The Color White is IN!

Stadium Cloth Trench Coat

We asked: Is The Color White In or Out?

You said:  Overwhelmingly in, with 79% of the popular vote.

Omiru’s take: It may not be the most slimming color, but The Color White is winning fans this season with its fresh, clean look.  We’re hooked too.

Style tip?  Go bold with white, and make it the dominant color in your outfit.  Pair it with a splash of color for interest.  And don’t forget to carry Shout! Wipes to help clean up stains.  Want more on White?  Here’s some more tips on How to Wear White.

Next question: We’ve always been a bit weary of plaid (the 90s grunge rocker look is still too fresh in our minds), but recently, we’ve changed our tune.  Case in Point: John’s article about How to Wear Flannel Stylishly and Trisha’s How to Wear a Plaid Shirt Without Looking Like a Man.    Tell us, is Plaid In,
or is it Out? Cast your
vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Stadium Cloth Trench Coat| $345 at J Crew.

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Mike and Chris Buffalo Check Tie

Mike and Chris Buffalo Check Tie

We don’t usually feature goods that aren’t sold online, but we made an exception for this stylish buffalo check tie (found by John).  Simply gorgeous.

$85  available at Scout, L.A., (323) 658-8684.

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Winter Fashion Advice from Omiru on SheZoom

What to Wear this Winter? As always, Omiru has you covered. Check us out on SheZoom, where we’re sharing our Top 5 Flattering Winter Trends for every body type.

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