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Q&A: Where to Find the Perfect Coat

Q:  I’m a schoolteacher, and I would like to find a nice coat that I can wear over my long skirts and dresses to work–but could also possibly be paired with pants during the cold, snowy days. Any suggestions on where to find the perfect coat?

 MICHAEL Michael Kors Belted Wool CoatA:  When coat shopping, fit is key, so we recommend going to department stores where you can try on coats from a variety of brands.  As for fit, you should be looking for a snug fit in the shoulders (and for the most flattering look, high armholes).

Given that the coat will be paired with long skirts and dresses, look for a long coat.  You can let your skirts and dresses show from under the coat, so long as the overall look is loose.  If you have a highly structured coat, over, say, a pencil skirt, you’re going to want to fully cover the skirt.  But if the shapes of the skirt/dress and coat are less severe, a bit of skirt peeking out never hurt anyone.

Here’s a few affordable coats you may want to start with:
Nick & Mo Audrey Tweed Coat | $98 at Nordstrom
Oversized buttons and a cinched waist give this coat some flair.

London Fog Double Breasted Wool Trench Coat | $188 at Nordstrom
You can’t go wrong with a classic trenchcoat.

Jessica Simpson Platter Collar Coat | $188 at Nordstrom
Love the belt and the oversized collar.

Pictured: MICHAEL Michael Kors Belted Wool Coat | $228 at Nordstrom
The standup collar and the metal dome buttons make this coat quietly dramatic.

Have a great tip about where to find the perfect coat?

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Flower Wall Sticker by Dvided

Flower Wall Sticker by Dvided How do you spruce up a tired room in 5 minutes flat?  With this cheery wall sticker from Dvided.

$45  at Dvided.

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Game on, 2008!

We asked you to share with us your New Year’s Resolutions for 2008, and the responses were truly inspiring:

Jessica deemed 2008 "the year that things will get done," and vowed to set realistic resolutions, including brushing up on cooking and baking skills (yum).  
Mimi’s going to be looking fabulous for everyday outings, not just for special occasions.  Step one?  Getting rid of that ratty old hoodie!
Glennie’s all about Quality over Quantity and is going to build a foundation wardrobe full of good quality clothes (instead of trendy pieces that fall apart after two washes).
Anne, after finishing her thesis, will beautify her house by painting her living room…and is vowing to not flake on going to the gym three times a week.
Taylor’s taking a leap, living life to the fullest and not caring what other people think.
Lise will be spending more quality time with the girls, mixing up her fitness routine, and wearing clothes better tailored for her body.
Deann will be transforming her wardrobe for more grown-up looks.  She’s also going to read before bed instead of watching TV!

After reading your resolutions,
it seems to me that though our specific goals may be
different, we all kind of want the same thing: to dress better, to feel
healthier, to spend more time with loved ones, to be creative,
to do more (and to do it better).  And these things are aligned pretty
well with the founding mission of Omiru: to make your life better
through the power of style.  So as we approach our 3rd birthday, we’ll continue to be there for you with style advice, fashion tips, and more articles that will help you on your life (and style) journey.

Gifts for all of you, a thank you for sharing your hopes and goals with us…and an encouragement to keep these goals in mind past January.  Here’s to a happy, healthy, and productive 2008.  Game on!

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