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Fall 2008 Fashion: 5 Questions with Constance White, eBay Style Director

by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

Constance WhiteWhat was your favorite show at Fashion Week?
Constance White: Proenza Schouler.  It was well thought out, has great use of color, and the shapes are creative yet wearable.  And the fabrics drape beautifully.  Proenza Schouler was a mix of intelligent, beautiful design and wearability.

What are your top trends for 2008?

CW: (1) The play of hard against soft.  For example, a pretty, silky dress in a beautiful color with a menswear inspired reefer coat in tweed or plaid.  Lighter fabrics are prevalent in part because of global warming but also because women travel so much today.
(2) A peep toe shoe or bootie with a high vamp–classic 1940s influence.
(3) Again, a 40s trend.  Grown up clothes for a more mature look.  Baby boomers want to be fashionable but also realistic.

How has fashion evolved since 2007?

CW: In 2007 the look was much more masculine and menswear inspired, with styles like the oxford heel.  2008 is much softer and feminine, though menswear is still trending in fabric such as tweeds and plaids.  The masculine influence is just not as hard as it was in 2007.  You’re going to see feminine influence in shoes, and in embellishments such as fur trimmed collars on coats or fur vests and feathers on hems and necklines. Statement bags (i.e. Marc Jacobs) are still on the runway, since women in business need them.

If Hilary becomes our first woman President, what would you recommend that she wear at her inauguration?
CW: A dress in a beautiful color such as peacock blue.  Add a classic reefer coat, perhaps with a fur trim collar, incorporating the essential fall trend of the play of hard against soft–qualities Hillary will need herself. No hat is needed–her hair and make-up are beautiful as they are today.

What are your personal must-have purchases?

CW: A very pretty colorful dress and a peep-toe bootie.

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Bee House Teapot in Spearmint

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