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Loeffler Randall Rosette Ballet Flats

Loeffler Randall Rosette Ballet Flats Chic patent leather ballet flats with an elastic back for comfort.

$29.99  at Target.

2 comments February 25th, 2008

5 Immediate Improvements to Omiru

Hi everybody,

You guys are awesome–100 of you responded to the reader survey in a record two days!  Here’s a quick summary of what you like best about Omiru–and what you think we can improve on:

You love Omiru for our…

  • Style Q&As
  • Trend Articles
  • Ready Made Outfits
  • Shopping Finds

And here’s where we have room for improvement…

  • Organization: Useful articles are buried, and they’re really hard to find.
  • Pictures:  In particular, more pictures are needed to illustrate answers to the Q&As.
  • Shopping Finds: Our shopping picks aren’t cheap enough overall, and the ones that are come from the same few places. 
  • Men’s Articles: Omiru has plenty of women’s articles, but there’s not enough here for the guys.  Plus, the guys don’t know when the men’s articles will be posted.
  • Polls (and Runway Reviews): They aren’t as useful as the Style Q&As, Trend Articles, and Ready Made Outfits.  Polls, in particular, could be better if they focused on emerging trends or trends that aren’t obviously In.

While our long-term improvement plan for Omiru is still in the works, we’ve identified a few changes we can make immediately.  Here’s five ways we can make Omiru better for you right away:

  • More Pictures: They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll be adding more illustrations to our Q&As, trend articles, and of course, the ready made outfits.
  • More Men’s Articles: We’ll dedicate one day a week (Wednesday) to men’s articles.  We know this isn’t a lot, but on our priority list is expanding our men’s coverage further in the future. 
  • Refocused Poll: Instead of asking if something’s In or Out, we’ll ask whether you’d wear it or not.  Identifying which trends you actually want to wear (whether they’re in or not) is more relevant to "real style for real people" than figuring out which trends are In or Out.
  • More Reasonable Shopping Options: We’ll work on diversifying our shopping picks so they come from more stores–and where possible, we’ll lower the price point on the items that we do feature.
  • More How to Wear a Trend and Ready Made Outfit Articles: We’ll diversify our regular article selection beyond Style Q&As and the Polls.

The one caveat: in order to support our
new-and-improved article lineup, we’re going to have to throttle back
on our answers to your reader questions.  The team here will still be
answering as many questions as humanly possible, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to answer all of them.  If you already asked your question, though, we promise you an answer. 

As for longer term changes, the two most requested features are (1) a lookbook, and (2) a forum where you can ask and answer reader questions (especially since our question queue is super long right now, and a lot of you are waiting on answers from us!).  Consider both to be on our will-be-added-to-Omiru list.

Even though we’ve got the short term plan ironed out, we’re still working out the rest of the longer term changes to Omiru–so stay tuned.  Thanks again for your feedback and ideas!

Trisha and the Omiru Team

4 comments February 24th, 2008

What do you love (and hate) about Omiru?

It’s been an exciting start of 2008 for us here at Omiru.  First, we were nominated for Best Fashion Blog in the 2008 Fabbies Awards (if you’re so inclined–and don’t mind registering to vote, please cast a ballot for Omiru!).  Then Real Simple magazine, which we read religiously, named us one of the three best fashion blogs on the Internet.  But even more meaningful to us is the fan mail we’re getting from you guys.  We love you too! 

In all of this excitement, we’re not forgetting about our New Year’s promise to you: to make Omiru an even better place for you.  To make Omiru better, we first want to learn from you what you like–and what you don’t.  So we put together a short survey (6 questions, takes no longer than 5 minutes, promise!) for you to voice your opinion on what should stay, what we should add, and what should go. 

Help us create a better Omiru for you and take the 6-question survey.

Thanks in advance–
Trisha and the Omiru Team

UPDATE 2/24/08: Survey is now closed.  Thanks a ton for your feedback (and the overwhelming response to the survey)!  We’re reading through each and every one of your comments and in the process of figuring out what changes we can make to make Omiru better for you.  Stay tuned for more on that.  If there’s something else that you’d like to add (or didn’t get to take the survey), feel free to email us with comments and ideas at hello at omiru dot com. 

4 comments February 21st, 2008

Antibes Amber Ring Banded Tank Swimsuit

Antibes Amber Ring Banded Tank Swimsuit Spring’s just around the corner, and it’s time to start swimsuit shopping for warmer days ahead. 

Style tip? This dramatically gorgeous suit from J Crew is perfect for women with a small bust and a bit of a tummy.  The plunging neckline flatters (and frankly, only works on) a small bust, and the one-piece silhouette and dark color camouflage a tummy.

$90  at J Crew.

3 comments February 21st, 2008

Q&A: How to Fit Jeans into Knee-High Boots

Q:  I always have trouble fitting my jeans into my black knee-high boots. How do I snugly fit them in?

Sooft Tyla Tall Wide Shaft Boot A:  What’s the trick to fitting jeans into knee-high boots?  It’s all about finding the right jeans and the right boots.

To be able to fit your jeans into your boots, the boots have to have enough room in the calf.  Structured styles of boots work best–form fitting, stretchy material doesn’t have enough room to accept the extra jeans material.

As for jeans that work well with boots, the less fabric you have to fit into the boots, the easier the fit. Skinny jeans styles are the best, since they have the least amount of fabric in the leg.  I’ve found that stretchy jeans (which tend to be more form fitting) work nicely with boots, as do jeans in relatively thin fabrics.

Have a great tip about how to fit jeans into knee-high boots?  Share it with us in the comments!

Sooft Tyla Tall Wide Shaft Boot | $174.95 at Nordstrom.

Style question?  We’ve got answers.  E-mail us at questions at omiru dot com.

13 comments February 20th, 2008

Hardwood Pushpins

Hardwood Pushpins It’s the little things that count, so outfit your office with these elegant, finely crafted hardwood pushpins. 

Package of 20, choose Oak or Walnut.

$2.99  at Container Store.

2 comments February 20th, 2008

Q&A: How to Fly in Style

Q:  I’m going to be flying to London to visit my boyfriend.  I’m hoping to wear something comfortable (and warm) yet pulled together since I’ll be going to his flat straight from the airport, and it’ll be the first time we see each other in weeks.  Any suggestions for a travel-enduring outfit?

  Wrinkle free fabrics are going to be your best bet for your straight airport-to-flat rendezvous.  And given the chilly temperatures in London, knits are going to be your friend.  For a style that’s equally comfortable and warm, try a chunky knit sweaterdress over tights and knee-high boots.  Top off the outfit with a 3/4 length or full length wool or cashmere coat (bonus points for bright colors or standout detailing). 

But looking great after a long trip isn’t all about what you’re wearing.  Remember to bring a beauty mask for the plane–it’ll make it infinitely easier to get your beauty rest on the plane.  Lotion can also help to relieve any skin dryness from the exposure to the dry airplane air.

Last to-do?  Before you hop in the cab to his flat, freshen up your hair and makeup in the airport bathroom.  Bon voyage!

Have a great tip about how to fly in style?

  Share it with us in the comments!

Style question?  We’ve got answers.  E-mail us at questions at omiru dot com.

7 comments February 19th, 2008

Pantone Mug

Pantone Mug Drink out of the most stylish mug in the office with this Pantone mug.

$18  at MOMA Store.

Add comment February 19th, 2008

Q&A: Cold Weather Shoes for Cropped Pants

Q:  What does one wear with (more formal) pants that hit mid-calf? During the summer, flats are a logical choice, but during fall and winter, what does one wear to keep out the cold?

If you’re feeling the love for this outfit, here’s more information about it.

  Trousers that hit at mid-calf are perfect for warm weather, but they’re not as good for colder temperatures and climates.  But if you choose to wear cropped trousers during the winter, we recommend trying tall boots to keep out the cold.  Knee-length boots work well, and they’ll fully cover pants that hit at mid-calf. 

You may also want to wear another layer underneath the cropped pants–tights or leggings.  Double layering your pants will do wonders to keep you warm.

Have a great tip about cold weather shoes for cropped pants?

  Share it with us in the comments!

Style question?  We’ve got answers.  E-mail us at questions at omiru dot com.

5 comments February 18th, 2008

Faux Wrap Sweater Dress

Faux Wrap Sweater Dress Simple, chic, and elegant–and less than $30!

$29.80  at Forever 21.

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